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This is a serial The installments are not novel length and are intended for readers over 18 MC Romance M F with M F M and holy hotness What a great start to this series If you are a fan of MC books, you need to grab this one asap Harley has just been released from a three year jail term and is making her way back to the only home she has ever known, the MC Club of Inferno Glory Upon her arrival she notices that some things have changed, and some not so much.One of those changes is in a new club member by the name of Colt Harley and Colt are charged with chemistry from the moment they see each other There are some twists and turns within this book that made the story interesting and kept the plot moving along The sex scenes HOT The characters are AWESOME This is a series so the book does end in a cliffhanger of sorts. An intriguing story that I would have liked to have given the extra stars to but it was just a too short and ended rather abruptly for my liking Just as I got into it it ended Will read from the author though as it was well written First instalment of a series Free on kindle Harley is released from prison and heads back to the only family she ever knew, he dad s old MC, but things have changed and when she isn t welcomed with open arms colt a member of the MC sweeps in to rescue her, but can he keep her Really good beginning, short read but absolutely loved Harley and colt together Can t wait to read sexybikers instalove familybetrayal Loved it Harley s been in jail for 3 long yrs She s been released she s on her way back to the club house While she was in jail her father died she didn t go to his funeral She s told to leave by the MC s president she s devastated She goes to the storage place to get her money Everything s gone Colt wants to help her offers her a room at his place She s one tough woman but he wants her A great read Thanks. This was a decent idea but it s a SERIAL and I hate serials They remind me of Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, just as things start to get good Tune in next week to see our intrepid hero battle the evil dr doom There was a lot of potential here, but it just failed to meet the mark. So not worth readingWish I would say I did DNF but even if the book is terrible I njave to finish just in case it picks up However this didn t started promising then nothing No real storyline boring Not worth reading for me. A great start to a new series by J.A Fredericks J.A does an amazing job of making you feel like you are right there with the characters If you don t like cliff hangers, wait until the rest of the series is done or you ll want to strangle her I can t wait for. *Free Kindle ⇦ Leather & Lace (Inferno Glory MC #1) ☛ The Day Harley Sonnick Is Released From A Three Year Prison Sentence For A Crime She Didn T Willingly Commit, She Returns To The Only Family She Has Left The Inferno Glory MC But The Club S President Isn T Ready To Forgive Her For Past Sins And Turns Her Away, Forcing Her To Trust In A New Club Member Who S Arguably The Sexiest Man She S Ever Laid Eyes On Colt Sawyer, A Young Military Veteran Like The Other MC Members, Is Elusive And Doesn T Have Much To Do With The Women Throwing Themselves At Him Until Harley Comes Riding Into His Life On Her Own Motorcycle Together With His Best Friend And Fellow MC Member Ranger, Colt Will Do Everything In His Power To Remind Harley What It S Like To Be Pleasured By A Man And Make Her Feel At Home Despite The Reluctance Of The MC Things Take An Unexpected Turn When Harley S Worldly Possessions Are Ripped Away, Forcing Her To Rethink Her Future But She Isn T A Pathetic Princess In Need Of Saving And Is Reluctant To Accept Help Prison Made Her Hard, Forcing Her To Guard Her Feelings At All Costs So When Blue Eyed Colt Does Inexplicable Things To Both Her Body And Heart, She S Forced Down A Dark Path Of Passion And Desire That Threatens All The Safeguards She S Set In Place It was ok, not Angie fan of serials and I didn t care for the heroine much unfortunately. Thank crap that s over This book is stupid That girl is trash This book could have been better if she wasn t in it That relationship isn t going to last.