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Meh Beany is obnoxious, Mary Fred is clueless, Johnny is abstracted, Dad is absent, the housekeeper is stupid, the cousin is stiff necked but multiply wronged, the advice columnist is a crusty old saint with a heart of gold, the old guy is a demented and pitiful thing except when he s being noble, the boyfriend is a dork, the girlfriend s mother is clueless, the plot is a cardboard cut out I knew exactly where we were going Hell, I even knew where the confounded bracelet was But still, I read the whole thing. I love these books It is so great how all the elements work together I also love how romance is making peppermint ice cream in the kitchen and accidentally brushing up against each other as you work You can t tell me that images of romance like that aren t better than today s middle grade YA. I thought Kay and her mother were moving to be with her father This one was hard to put down I really wanted to find what would happen with penniless and desperate It was almost a mystery angle A very fun read It s amusing and kind of sad how their dad is always leaving I disliked Mrs No Complaint, but maybe we re supposed to Johnny s sudden turnaround was a little too sudden as was Norbett s And how did Beany get the measles again if she already had them Poor, Beany Always trying to help people and working so hard She deserves credit for her sweat and tears Her heart is always in the right place. Kinda want to slap Beany for the way she treats Sheila, though I love how Emerson Worth steps in. Like all Beany Malone books it is slightly painful to read She gets into scrapes and doesn t get out until the end so I can t put it down until everything is right again Never liked her boyfriend, nor when she thinks she can take things into her own hands without advice Over all though it was another good Beany Malone book. reread from HS I m just starting this book, and have to say, the honesty of the characters is refreshing, and, considering the times, way ahead of the times This book was written in 1950 Imagine a distant cousin coming into one s life and living at your house, who dresses in garish clothes, and doesn t seem to want to fit in to the college scene, such as it was in those daysapparently peer pressure existed then, too Our book group decided to read Beany Malone books for our next get together Weber wrote 12 or so books about Beany and her family over a 25 year period. `Free ⇸ Leave It to Beany! ✖ The Malones Are Eager To Meet Their Irish Cousin, Sheila McBride, But Find That She Is Not As They Had Envisioned Her Beany S Attempts To Improve Sheila S Appearance And Personality Miserably Fail Beany Takes Her Do Gooder Instincts And Assists Eve Baxter, An Advice Columnist For The Call, In The Typing Of Her Column Beany Ignores Eve Baxter S Admonitions And Finds Herself In Trouble Also At Risk Is Beany S Relationship With The Contentious Norbett Rhodes Will Beany Be Able To Find Norbett S Lost Charm Bracelet And Save Their Relationship