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I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review For Laura Bennet, studying in Madrid is about self improvement and exploring the beauty of Spain guided by her bucket list Everything is organized and planned until Rhys Maddox came in the picture He s a well known Football player who recently came back after an injury After their hook up, Rhys can t stay away and considered her as his lucky charm As they hang out , it progressed into a casual relationship Laura adjusts in his glamorous lifestyle but when she noticed he s gettingobsessed with fame, she decides to leave him She can t keep up and this time, she ll prioritize what she wants first before him I understand where Rhys is coming from and give him the benefit of the doubt His perseverance to reach the top of his career is admirable and it s kind of him to help his family on their burdens However, he really gets on my nerves for being selfish, immature, arrogant, inconsiderate, jerk and showy It took me a while to read this book for such reason When he gets a wake up call for his actions, he tries to win Laura back and he can t take her off his mind These two have a hot romance but their relationship is toxic They lacked communication which is unhealthy and I don t like Rhys s treament on Laura particularly near the last chapter and I hate him for that Laura has a better character development than Rhys The low moments in her life helped her to become stronger and braver Unfortunately, Rhys and Laura s story was a let down for me though they get a happy ending they deserved I just wish Rhys treated her withrespect Despite of my disappointment, I am still looking forward for the upcoming books for this series Getting a hint for the next book, oh man. I can t help gettingcurious about it. Original review The Daydreaming Bookworm I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI ve been eagerly awaiting Rhys and Laura s story after seeing snippets of them together in Lessons in Gravity and I needed to knowabout these two I also was excited because this is a sports romance and I m such a sucker for a good sports romance novel, I can never pass on them Hoping to reinvent herself, Laura Bennet starts her new semester in Madrid letting go of excess baggage from the past With her bucket list in hand, she s ready to experience everything Madrid has to offer But her plans get put on hold when she meets Rhys Maddox, a famous football player and the main lead in all of her daydreams Rhys has been stuck in a rut, but his luck starts to change after he meets Laura As they start spendingandtime together, Laura becomes wrapped up in Rhys extravagant lifestyle which causes her to revert to old habits in order to feel accepted But when it all becomes too much and Laura decides to walk away, will Rhys chase after his good luck charm, or will his own baggage force him to let her go Going into Lessons in Letting Go, I wasn t sure what to expect since we didn t really know much about our two main characters beforehand While this book starts off flirty and fun, with lots of steamy moments and cheesy pick up lines, there is also a bit heaviness to the story as both of our characters are dealing with their own separate issues Laura puts the needs of others before her own and this has unfortunately led to her feeling self conscious and not loving herself for who she is Rhys on the other hand is struggling to balance family obligations, football and fame While I liked the conflicts, my main issue with the plot was that there just wasn t enough depth to it I wanted to knowabout Rhys and his family and maybe even seen them interact with him Instead of just having Rhys tell us about his family issues, maybe we could ve actually seen him fighting with his family or even show his family putting pressure on him to succeed The same goes for Laura I would ve liked to knownabout her past and what made her so self conscious in the first place, besides just telling us that she is a people pleaser More showing, less telling would ve ultimately made this bookenjoyable for me.As for the characters, I had a hard time connecting with either of them in the beginning I actually found Rhys to be very unlikable and even selfish It takes him quite a long time before he realizes that the world doesn t revolve around him and even though he may have good intentions, the way he goes about doing things just didn t sit right with me As for Laura, while I couldn t connect with her, I did grow to like her in the end and I loved seeing her take a stand and do what was right for her instead of continuing to suffer in silence The lack of communication between these two also bothered me, especially since communication is key when it comes to relationships To be honest, Laura deserved better than Rhys, but I m happy that things worked out for them in the end Lessons in Letting Go was a steamy, fun read that fell short when it came to the plot and characters Javier Montoya still remains as my favorite guy in this series so far and I m excited to see what s in store for our next couple I m ready foradventures in Spain and maybe take a trip north to say London Oh gosh All the feels So many feels.I can tell you right now this review will be long and overly gushy, thus I m going to offer something different with this review I ll write a quick short one, nothan a paragraph, just so that you can get a general idea, and then I ll give you all the feels in the rest of the review Through this, you have the option to simply know what it is all about, or you can join me in the emotional rollercoaster as I try to organise my thoughts into something resembling coherence.THE SHORT REVIEW This is easily my favourite book in the series thus far With each book that is added, the stories become stronger and stronger This one isn t a simple romance, as this one has muchdepth It s about finding yourself, coming to love yourself Honestly, the depth to this one was amazing The characters were wonderful, the storyline beautiful I worked through it in no time at all, unable to put the book down, as I needed to find out what happened next It truly is a beautiful piece THE LONG GUSHY REVIEW As the inaugural member of Jessica Peterson s advance read team this isn t an empty boast, in case anyone is thinking such a thing, as I have the email to prove my claim to the title , I would like to start by saying a great big massive oh my word Jessica Peterson is one of the authors who has secured my status as a romance fan For the longest of times, I was someone who would only accept romance as a subplot in a story I would ship couples like nobody s business, and yet I found myself shying away from purely romance books After reading Spanish Lessons, I knew I wantedIt was such a cute story, with such a great group of characters, that I neededAfter reading Lessons in Gravity, I knew I was a goner I could no longer deny it I was a romance fan I am a romance fan I ll chant it loud and proud or, at least, I ll try to do such a thing I m really not the kind for crazy displays of my feelings but still, the fact remains, I was hooked Thus, an impatience grew within I wanted the next read I was super excited to see what comes next I hate reading series when they re not complete, even when the stories work as standalone, as I m nowhere near as patient as I let people believe I am when it comes to books It should come as no surprise, therefore, to find out there was a crazy amount of excitement when the advance read of Lessons in Letting Go appeared in my inbox I was on that thing like well, I m sure you can come up with your own analogies of jumping things I sat reading through a meeting I sat reading through dinner I sat reading until the early hours of the morning I simply could not put the book down It pulled me in eventhan the prior books and they both managed to grab me good I know, I know, you re probably questioning why this is only a four star rating I m really mean when it comes to my five star reviews I hold them closer to my heart than I should This book was a solid four point five read It was so close to reaching that five star rating I hold so close to my chest However, I m super mean when it comes to handing it out If nothing else, through being so close to receiving the five star rating, it shows Jessica Peterson has the potential to pull five stars out of me Such a thing translates to other people giving this book a five star rating, and me sitting to the side bouncing up and down with excitement due to the belief that the next book will pull that five star rating from me.Don t just take my word for it Jessica Peterson s editor seems to be of the same belief Whilst in touch with Jessica she mentioned how her editor is of the belief this is her best book by far and I wholeheartedly agree with the statement Can you not tell by the amount of gushing that I m doing I ve yet to mention why it s my favourite and we re already at a lengthy review It s just well, the feels So many damn feels for this book It s so wonderful, so close to perfection.In books one and two, we got to meet Laura Laura is the lucky devil who has managed to grab the heart of a celebrity, catching the attention of everyone s favourite football player I ll admit the whole British thing and playing football soccer, to those over the ocean never really did much for me I m from the UK myself, and I mthan a little bit bored of the football crazy fans Nevertheless, I know there s an allure there Moreover, even if I wasn t interested in Rhys due to the two aspects that make him so sexy to the characters in the books, I was interested in getting to know Laura s story How did such a thing happen Lessons in Letting Go takes us back to the very start We get to see this story from the first moment they meet, watching the interactions mentioned in the prior books play out From the very start, things are hot from the very start, you re pulled into their way of life It s quite different to the prior books in the series, something else despite how it manages to stay so in line with the prior books It s hard to explain exactly what I mean, but it s so wonderfully done It s not a carbon copy of the prior books, it is entirely unique, and yet it stays with the feel of the prior books You re pulled in You wantIt s cute It s hot It s everything you want it to be, all from the very first chapter.As with the second book in the series, this one is told from the two perspectives I loved getting inside of the minds of both of the characters I ll admit to some tentatively at first, as I m always worried when American authors write British characters I find,often than not, characters fall into one of two boxes Characters either fall into the stereotypically British box a box that really does not reflect our little island, leaving people to view us in the completely wrong way Alternatively, characters fall into the American box that is, they re written just like an American, and whilst we re not that far apart it is really strange to read a British character using American slang and doing something extremely non British It s something I notice far too much, something that bugs methan it should I just feel weird when characters fall into one of the two boxes Well, have no fear with Jessica Peterson Within a chapter, I had concluded this woman wasthan capable of depicting a British person without falling back on the clich s I admit that there were one or two slips regarding wording but outside of those slight slips, it was perfect It was honestly like listening to anyone I know Rhys really was wonderfully written.As wonderful as Rhys was, he had nothing on Laura I could go on and on about how great Rhys is as a character as the story grows he becomesandcomplex, we slowly get to seeof him and I came to love himthan I ever anticipated I think Javier is my biggest book crush of the series, but I would love to have Rhys as a friend He s such fun, so complex Nevertheless, Laura was just that little bit .In the first two books, I was surprised by how real Jessica Peterson s female leads were You can truly relate to them Viv and her emotions, Maddie with her philosophy on life They were both very real people, people I could easily relate to Laura, however, was somethingI cannot begin to explain how deeply her story resonated with me Laura damn, I don t even know where to start The girl has serious layers There is so much to her Her trip to Spain is supposed to be a way to reinvent herself, a way to reinvent herself in the best way possible The poor girl is lost, unaware of who she is She has spent her whole life searching for perfection, putting other people above herself, that she has lost sight of herself It was heart wrenching, and yet it struck so many chords It is so easy to get lost in such a way of life, it s so easy to find yourself losing sight of who you are and what you want to be because you re unwilling to put yourself first Honestly, I cannot begin to explain the depth of her character Without a doubt, Laura has become my favourite of the females After Maddie, I did not expect such a thing to happen, and yet it did It isn t simply because of how easily I connected with her, it wasn t just because it felt like the author was trying to send me a message to remind myself to live, it was because she was so beautifully crafted She was so real, and watching her grow I honestly have no words The depth of this book blew my mind We see how the real world is, how finding yourself and where you belong in the world will be a bumpy ride Jessica Peterson doesn t try to hide the truth of the world from us, she shows us how brutal it can be and yet we re still left with hope Laura left me believing that anything is possible Hell, I want Jessica Peterson to write my future for me even with all the bumps in the road, despite everything Laura dealt with, I cannot imagine adeeply moving tale of finding your place in the world.For all those romance fans out there, don t worry, this is still one hot story We still have all the romance drama of the prior books it s just that this has that somethingas well Honestly, the rollercoaster I experienced Every few minutes I had a friend checking up on me, making sure I was okay My emotions were all over the place One minute I was laughing out loud The next I was curled into a ball chewing on my nails The next I was muttering away about characters Before long, I had shifted into another emotional state and the cycle continued It really did play me like a guitar, expertly playing my emotions so that I was left a mess by the end of it.Just the damn feels.Seriously, this review is ridiculously lengthy and yet I feel as though I ve said nothing at all There s just so much to the story, so many layers, and I fear mentioning any single specific will ruin it all It s a delicate house of cards, with one wrong move knocking it all down I have no wish to be the one to knock it down, to spoil the beautiful story before you ve had a chance to read it.Due to the length, I ll come to an end shortly You re probably still questioning about why this isn t that full five stars For me, it was the ending It was a great ending I wouldn t have accepted anything else in terms of where the story ended up and yet I felt as though it was a bit too quick compared to the rest of the story We d had such depth, and then a movie clich appeared It probably has something to do with the fact that I wouldn t accept such a movie clich if a guy was to do such a thing to me, but still I just felt as though the conclusion was slightly less wonderful than the rest of the book I loved it, and yet it felt as though it slipped ever so slightly Not enough to ruin the book oh no, I just wantedI have no idea what thisis, I cannot think of such a thing myself, but I felt as though it wasn t quite on par with the rest of the book.Overall, though, I adored this book It is easily my favourite in the series thus far It has left methan ready for what else is to come.Speaking of what else is to come we re getting a novella Honestly, it sounds so cute I cannot wait to read it Moreover, the next book is going to be slightly different our setting is changing, and I cannot wait for such a thing Seriously, I m so addicted to this series.As a final note, I d like to apologise for how lengthy this review ended up being I know you probably wanted , but as I said, I felt as though I needed to be careful so I didn t give anything away Jessica Peterson was wonderful enough to allow me to advance read this story I cannot thank her enough and I have no wish to spoil things for the other fans.Just know it s truly astounding. 5 Amazing Stars To say that I ve been dying to get my hands on this book is a bit of an understatement I fell completely in love with this series when my fellow sister Shannon gifted me Spanish Lessons Little did she know it was my first hit in my addiction I just love the whole concept of this series and adore it evenbecause the author is writing from her experience from her semester abroad I loved the connection that she put into the first two novels, but it s evenapparent in Lessons in Letting Go This book is different than the first two, and by far my favorite Not only do I see how this series is changing and evolving, but I m witnessing first hand Peterson grow as an author We first met Laura as one of the Madrilenas in both Spanish Lessons and Lessons in Gravity We learn mostly in Lessons In Gravity that Laura becomes involved with a very well know sexy Welsh football player that plays for Madrid When we get to see a glimpse of them in LIG I just had this gut feeling that Laura and Rhys story was going to get me Laura and Rhys have a lot of things in common They both have a lot on their shoulders, expectfrom themselves than what they would ever expect of anyone else, and feel like everyone is watching their every move just waiting for them to make a mistake I feel like every woman will be able to identify with Laura We are our own worst critics and often our own downfall I always felt less than Less than pretty Less than smart And because I wasn t pretty and perfect and bubbling with intelligent things to share with the world, I thought I didn t deserve a place at the table I didn t deserve anything I was nobody.Peterson is pretty much a genius when it comes to meet cutes In Lessons in Letting Go we get a first hand experience of Rhys s awful attempts of pick up lines Hey Girl Do you work at Starbucks Because I like you a latte He leans in Get it A latte I do, I manage Keep going The hey girl part is amazing It s completely adorable Another thing Peterson is a genius at well, you ll have to check out chapter 18 on that Just as we start to see this incredible connection form between Laura and Rhys we also start to unveil a lot of their flaws and self destructive behaviors Laura and Rhys were so carefully crafted to have us fall in love with them, accepting them for who they are and what they become through this journey There s points in this novel that I thought to myself that this wouldn t work in other books that I ve read, but with Laura and Rhys, it s perfection Rhys drive to drown himself in his success, playing against the ghost of his father s tainted reputation, starts to become incredibly overwhelming for Laura She finds herself reverting back into her past, putting her in a dark place.I m starting to get the feeling that Rhys is a man of many faces One he wears for his fans One he wears for me And one he keeps for himself Maybe the faces he shows to the world are just masks he hides behind I don t know why I want to dig deeper, and uncover what it is those masks hide Rhys slowly sees her slipping away This is my favorite part in the book, watching Laura reform herself into this confident woman that strives to reach her goals.The Laura who lives in the moment I admire her I want to belike her.When the downfall starts to spiral, I became furious with Rhys I wanted Laura to scream at him, stand up to him, pound on his chest to make him see clearly At one point I questioned how this could resolve What grand gesture could Rhys provide that would flip my emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other The last 10% was a perfect volley of perspectives I mean, honestly, it was perfection Rhys starts to recognize that you can t buy happiness, and when you are lucky enough to stumble upon it, you latch on to it, guarding it close to your heart Rhys gesture was a dork able and incredibly genuine I smiled, I laughed, I teared up a bit I m beyond happy that I was granted the ability to read this book early and I m just as ecstatic that Lessons in Letting Go was beyond my expectations Like I mentioned before, this book is different but still fits so well in the series It s deeper, it s stronger, it s the game changer That ending though 3 Review to come Like hot footballers the European kind and hotter sex scenes Then you ll love my Study Abroad sports romance, LESSONS IN LETTING GO Study Abroad 3 While this is the third book in my series, it can absolutely be read as a standalone Check out the first three chapters on my website here.Happy reading Can t wait to know what you think of Rhys and Laura s story. 3.5 stars This was my first book from this author and over all it was pretty good Rhys is a superstar soccer player and Laura is the regular girl next door that meets him while studying abroad I think there werethings that didn t work for me in this book that did and thats why I went with 3.5 Their chemistry was off the charts and their steam was right up my alley However there were a few things that bugged me Rhys is doing all of the fame and stuff for his family but he never visits or talks to them I would think if he was putting himself out there then at least they would have a relationship They kind of just existed in his head It just didn t make sense to me He was also an asshole most of the book He was pretty selfish and didn t take her feelings into consideration too long After he had his aha moment he was much better to read Laura has many insecurities and that gave me a bit of a whiplash sometimes Her inner thoughts took me on a roller coaster ride She as well never talked about her family I neededdepth Overall this was a quick and steamy read that lacked the depth I wanted The Review Lift arc provided by author for honest review I thoroughly enjoyed this book I felt connected to Laura because I m also a person pleaser and I felt how she felt.I felt her struggle to be herself, to love freely and to have fun I liked Rhys,too I know he did many things but emotions can be our best friends and the worst enemies I m so glad regarding what happened towards the end Nope I m not gonna tell you You need to read cute, amazing, sexy filled with weird pick up lines to know what I m talking about Highly recommended. {Free E-pub} ⚤ Lessons in Letting Go (Study Abroad, #3) ê Ten Minutes Ago, I Was Just An American Student Studying Abroad In Spain But Now Now I M A Professional Soccer Player S Good Luck CharmRHYSMy Recovery From A Football Injury Is Destroying My Career Until One Night With A Beautiful American And A Few Terrible Pick Up Lines Changes Everything With Laura By My Side, I Play Smarter, Run Faster, And Fight Harder Than I Ever Have On The Pitch She S Just The Muse I Need To Turn My Football Career AroundURAMy Semester Abroad In Madrid Is The Fresh Start I Need I Ve Got Plans To Ditch Bad Habits And Worse Boyfriends Then A One Night Stand With A Super Hot British Footballer Leads To An A List Entanglement I Wasn T Looking ForBut I Refuse To Be Just Arm Candy For Rhys I M Trying To Shake Off The Superficial Mindset I Ve Always Had Still, He Won T Let Me Go Without A Fight He S Just As Lethal In Bed As He Is On The Field And Now He S Pulling Out All The Stops, Trying To Convince Me He Wants Than Just A Good Luck CharmThis Sexy Footballer Plays Dirty LESSONS IN LETTING GO Is A STANDALONE Romance In The STUDY ABROAD Series The Books In This Series Are Complete Standalones With Interconnected Characters, And Can Be Read In Any Order A solid 3.75 I have mis problemas con la story pero it was still divertido to leer.