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~FREE ⚇ Letters to Psyche ⚔ A Fantasy Short Story Of About , WordsWhen The Greek God Cupid Visits Verona, He Foresees No Problems Uniting The Montague And Capulet Families But When Elisabeth Capulet And Giovanni Montague S Love Ends In Tragedy, Elisabeth Places A Powerful Curse Not On Just The Families, But Cupid Himself Unable To Visit His Wife Psyche, He Sends Her Letters Detailing His Efforts To Undo The Curse Can The Two Of Them Save Another Generation Of Lovers, Or Will Cupid And Psyche Be Forever Parted Disclaimer A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review This engaging short story takes the form of Cupid s letters to Psyche, written while he was exiled to earth How did he come to be exiled, you ask Well, it had something to do with shooting arrows at the Montagues and Capulets when the first pair of lovers end tragically, Cupid is cursed to walk the earth until he can unite the two families in love As you can imagine, it isn t the easiest task he s had to face Letters to Psyche is a quick, enjoyable read I d recommend this to anyone who enjoys Greek mythology, Shakespeare, or a good story. When I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this First, I love the Cupid and Psyche myth It s such an amazing love story And all of the retellings I ve read were from Psyche s POV, so having Cupid tell this story was a refreshing change The letter format makes this a very quick and enjoyable read, and while you never see Psyche s responses, they aren t missed Cupid s struggles become the forefront of the story as he tries to break the curse that is destroying two households and possibly his own marriage.Bringing Romeo and Juliet into this was pure genius Why not combine the two greatest love stories of all time It made for such a romantic read, and considering we only see Cupid s response to the curse and not Psyche s that s saying a lot.This is definitely a story for anyone who loves Greek mythology or just a good romance.