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~FREE DOWNLOAD ☼ Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) ☱ Ele Era O Nico Homem Que Ela N O Podia Evitar E O Nico Homem A Quem Ela N O Conseguia ResistirNikki Fairchild Tem Anos E Parte Do Texas Para Los Angeles Bela, Inteligent E Criativa, Ambiciona Montar O Seu Pr Prio Neg Cio Na Rea Da Tecnologia Damien Stark Tem Anos E Uma Antiga Estrela Do Mundo Do T Nis Atualmente Um Empres Rio Rico, Poderoso E Bem Sucedido, Com Neg Cios Em Todas As Reas Sensual, Ousado, E Controlador, Damien Desejado Por Todas As Mulheres Que O RodeiamOs Caminhos De Ambos Cruzam Se, Dando Lugar A Um Romance Arrebatador, Revestido De Uma Carga Emocional E Er Tica T O Poderosa Que Os Consome Mas Tanto Damien Como Nikki Possuem Segredos Que Temem Partilhar Poder O Os Fantasmas Do Passado For Ar A Sua Separa O A Hist Ria De Uma Paix O Obsessiva Entre Um Homem Que N O Conhece A Palavra N O , E De Uma Mulher Que Sabe Dizer Sim , Num Tom Excitante E Com Todos Os Detalhes DNF I made it 25% in, but nothing about this story was grabbing me It is clearly trying to be a knock off of the Fifty Shades and Crossfire series, and it was NOT working for me Damian is a bazillionaire hottie with an obsession for the sexy 24 y o Texas college graduate Nikki an obsession that apparently goes back many years They only met briefly once 6 years ago, then again at a swanky party in LA California They immediately start circling and sniffing each other like dogs in heat, spewing pithy and cliche comments at each and exchanging heated glares from across the room We get a few glimpses into their past, and you can see the groundwork being set up that tells us both Damian and Nikki have dark and damaged pasts And they are both jealous types, the claws are already coming out She provokes him to a jealous streak by talking walking with her BFF who happens to be a hot guy Nikki over thinks every bit of every word said between them this is excruciatingly told in first person , then after a bunch of hot cold I want you and I don t want you pithy comments, they confess how turned on they are for each other and start making out But wait that would be too straight forward Remember, this is a Fifty Shades knock off So Damian wants Nikki to call him sir and take commands from him He loves the fact that she wore painful shoes, cause it means she can handle some pain Nikki s inner dialogue reminded me so much of the Fifty series, with a lot of Oh, my Gasp and so forth So this is where I exit stage left I can t read any of this The dialogue was cheesy and the plot border lined on absurd I wasn t feeling any chemistry between the H h, their attraction felt contrived I didn t like Fifty Shades but I love the Crossfire series, so I gave it a chance Didn t work for me ARC copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley He s like an iceberg, Texas The deep parts are well hidden and what you do see is hard and a little bit coldWhat to say about this book Read this quote, you ll know enough DHis mouth is at my ear, his voice so carnal, so full of lust, it makes my clit throb I m going to f ck you, Nikki Pleasure We re going to blow the roof off pleasure I m going to make you beg for it I m going to claim you I m going to tease you I m going to torment you And you re going to come for me like you ve never come in your lifeWell enough to say that I really liked the book D I see these comparisons with 50 Shades, but I guess I m lucky because I haven t read those books and have nothing like them to compare this to Here are just my jumbled thoughts on the bookTHE STORY is pretty simple, not much of it, this book is mostly about the characters So, Nikki is at a party, something like an art exibition, with a goal of finding a business partner for her new boss Of course, the most desirable man for that position is Damien Stark, a gazillionaire, ex tennis player and a successful businessman The moment they see each other sparks fly all around, there is an attraction that Nikki wants to avoid, but Damien doesn t DAaaaaaaand here comes the real story Damien wants to have a painting done for his house, and he wants Nikki to be the model He offers her one million dollars for one week while the painting is being done, and in that time he will completely own her Sexually I m OK with that, as long as it doesn t spread to her personal life, dictating who she sees and what she does D So anyway, she accepts even though she d never done a kinky thing in her life, and doesn t date any, but I guess Damien s attraction is enormous D Or maybe it s something else that s enormous Hmm DMY THOUGHTS ON THE STORY well there is a thing that really bothered me She doesn t date very much bad experiences , isn t into kink, but jumps right into the ownership without knowing Damian at all I think it was the second or third day that they agreed on this I mean Seriously I don t know if I d accept a deal like that, but damn, I d sure have to know the guy VERY much if I d accept to be his sex slave for a week, and of course I d educate myself a bit on what that would entail, which she basically knows nothing about Ugh.That done, I have one thing that I really REALLY didn t like and found it freaky as all hell Don t read this if you plan to read the book, it s a big spoiler view spoiler Damien sponsored a pagent way back when Nikki was only 18 I think, and they met for like a minute or two, but after that he basically stalked her life and decided he wants her the minute he saw her on the party hide spoiler You re mine, he says I know, I reply, and I mean it completely This is another one of those books that will inevitably be compared to Fifty Shades and the Crossfire books which is really going to deter as many readers as it attracts but, in my opinion at least, this is a really good one, even if it is very similar If you like a darkly brooding, domineering hero, a feisty yet troubled heroine and a kinky, sexy romance, you re going to want to check this one out This is deeply sensual and the story packs an emotional punch that I really hadn t expected.Our tortured bazillionaire is Damien Stark, a former professional tennis player who has invested his very successful career winnings into industry and made a not so small fortune The object of his obsessive desire is Nikki Fairchild, a former pageant queen and science graduate from Texas who is now trying to make her way in Los Angeles They meet at a party and their mutual attraction is instant and raw and primal.Damien is edgy, dangerous and intense, has odd eyes full of dark promise and is like a raven haired God and Nikki is instantly mesmerised by his self assured presence He is, of course, proprietary, demanding and attempts to micro manage Nikki s life She rails against him, fights her desire and their path is and was always going to be a tortured one.They ve both had difficult childhoods being forced into things they didn t really want to be involved in because of their talents by overly ambitious parents They both have some skeletons in their closets which cast lengthy shadows over their lives today Nikki eventually opens up and bares her soul to Damien, confessing everything that has hurt her but Damien is much of a closed book, keeping everything close to his chest.They share some pretty intensely sensual scenes and these are fabulously written with an anticipation that builds and certainly hits all the right buttons It s steamy and only slightly kinky BDSM lite at the most with just some light bondage and toys involved but it s very, very sexy There s no real cliffhanger here but much is left unresolved and I feel sure that there will be sequels and there s a host of interesting secondary characters to flesh out the story, some nice and some really unpleasant.So, if you enjoyed Fifty Shades, the Crossfire Books, Raine Miller s Blackstone books you re definitely going to enjoy this one It s compelling, engaging and I was thoroughly engrossed This is an early review the official release date is January 1st 2013 and I can t think of a better way to start a new year than to download this book and curl up with it.4 stars steamy romance ARC courtesy of Random House via NetGalleyFor reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews Yes, with DAMIEN STARK I know he s yours Nikki.but I really liked this book I know a lot of readers have commented on it being a lot like FSOG which I have read and loved and Bared to You which I haven t read but it s on my TBR list.I suppose there are a few similarities between this book and FSOG the controlling and sexy billionaire who becomes obsessed with gorgeous and damaged woman, etc but the one big difference is the writing So much better written The writing style just makes the story flow so well Also there s to the story than rich man gets poor woman Then there are the characters, which I found much real and endearing.Let s talk about Damien Stark In the beginning, I had a few doubts about him The way he manipulated and stalked Nikki was a bit off putting But then, I began to see that beneath all that was a man, filled with dark secrets and controlling issues, but still retaining a sense of caring Under that fa ade is a man with a heart He can destroy his enemies but he does help and give to those he cares about.Nikki hides a lot behind the face she shows the world She s damaged in a lot of ways, both psychologically and physically What I liked about her was the strength she displayed in dealing with her problems She s smart and sassy Although I wanted to slap her back each time she slapped Damien s face.what the hell girl It s trueI so loved and enjoyed reading about Damien s world of ultimate luxury fabulous homes all over the place, private jets, butlers, beautiful cars..I could get used to that kind of life There are some interesting secondary characters and I would love to know about Jenna and Ollie.perhaps their story sometime soon The sex scenes were very well written with sexy kinky bondage rather than heavy BDSM which I am not a great fan of I loved the chemistry between Damien Nikki Their story is filled with passion and sensuality But what I loved the most was that it was a love story about two people who fall in love and help each other with facing their demons and dealing with them together.I can t wait for. 1 2 Stark Trilogy, book 1 3.5 A debut by J Kenner The coming together of two lost souls as multi billionaire kinky lover Damien Stark sets out on a relentless seduction of Southern belle Nikki FairchildBecause I can Because I want you Because I don t want to court my way up to our first fuck And because I don t want to play gamesThe Stark Trilogy is the whirlwind romance between former youth tennis pro and self made multi billionaire Damien Stark and recent College graduate and former beauty queen Nikki Fairchild On the outside they are both strikingly beautiful, but on the inside they are two broken, flawed and tortured souls This is their story of secrets, painful pasts, revenge, lust, control and surrendering it all for love Book 1 Release MeBook 2 Claim Me Book 3 Complete MeBook 3.5 Take Me Release Me book 1 opens up with Southern belle Nichole Fairchild, Nikki attending a fundraiser with her new boss Also in attendance and the target for her boss new business venture is elusive billionaire entrepreneur and master of his universe, Damien Stark We quickly learn that Damien and Nikki have a past with Nikki, who has recently graduated with two degrees, having attended College on Scholarship from Stark s foundation Their attraction is intense and undeniable, but Nikki resists Damien, not easily deterred propositions her to pose nude for a painting for his new Malibu mansion Follow them as Damien sets out not only to seduce her, but to possess her Their story is plagued by secrets and villains, but also flecked with sinfully kinky moments and a chance at happiness as two lost souls learn to trustI m smart enough to know that you feel it, too This isn t just heat, it s a goddamned conflagration Not chemistry, but nuclear fissionDamien Stark is a combination of swoon worthy good looks and larger than life personality he s enigmatic, elusive intense, kinky, in control broken, flawed ruthless and unyielding, yet when it comes to Nikki he allows himself to be vulnerable and human Six words to describe Damien Captivating, intense, ruthless, enigmatic, commanding and unforgettablethe guy owns half the known universe I hardly think he d be all warm and fuzzy More like dark and dangerousI both connected with Nikki Fairchild and found her annoying, but no matter what I think of her she is who Damien wants Six words to describe Nikki Smart, vulnerable, broken, resilient, conflicted and determinedDamien Stark is like crack to me Seductive and very, very addictiveRelease Me moves along at a comfortable pace with some shockers towards ending, but no cliff hanger Instead story leads us right to, book 2, Claim Me for the continuation of their story.Interesting plot Compelling and captivating characters Sizzling sex scenes Great job Ms Kenner I am highly recommendingMaybe this man does have secrets and skeletons But right now, I m seeing his heart And I like what I seeHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 3.5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 4 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating N ABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 stars Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes. THIS REVIEW WAS POSTED AT ANGIE S DREAMY READSWARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS TONS OF SWOONTASTIC SWOONING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK 5 SCORCHING DAMIEN STARK STARSCalling all Fifty Shades Of Grey fans This.Is.It YESSSSSSSSSSSYou heard me A series that s similar to Fifty but NOT an exact replicaHallefreakinlujahThis is the book I have been seeking out since I first read the Fifty series I didn t want to read something exactly the same but craved something alike This book has a life of it s own and in my opinion was fanfreakintastic and almost beat out the Fifty seriesI said ALMOSTlolDamien was EXACTLY what this girl needed I wanted something sizzling and I GOT IT I wanted something where the guy swept the girl off her feet and I GOT IT I wanted something where it was love lust at first sight and I GOT IT I wanted a sexy steamy romance with characters that have some issues and I GOT IT Is there a ton of plot in this NO but that being said what there is I LOVED LOVED, LOVED, LOVEDOk, ok.I know at this point you re thinking SHUT UP Angie and review the darn book BUT I am giddy with excitement Seriously O.M.G Damien Stark is delicious, dreamy and decadent, smoking hot and vulnerably sweet, strong and commanding, dominant and gentle and the list NEVER ends This girl is on full on L.O.V.E mode image error BOOK 5 IS COMING OUT IN 2 DAYS In need of a fresh start, Nikki Fairchild moves from Texas to Los Angeles to live with her best friend and honor her degrees in electrical engineering and computer science And just four days after arriving at the city of angels, she is asked by her boss to attend a party to get Damien Stark s attention What her boss doesn t know is that they go way back to when they met at one of her pageantsYou re staring, I finally say You re beautifulDamien Stark is a retired tennis pro with a successful business in the tech world But that is just what the world knows about him because guess what There s so much to that manBecause Damien Stark is like crack to me Seductive and very, very addictiveHe remembers Nikki How could he forget the only woman he ever wanted But when he tries to seduce her, she plays hard to get, so proposing her a deal seems to be the only option And that deal would be a nude of her plus a week with her in exchange for a million dollars But, trust me on this, that s not all they will be getting out of this dealNever, baby Between us, the sun is never going downFull review available at Under the Pages. So, there s a new sexy billionaire in town,And his name is,Damien StarkHe s tall and so handsome that the word is almost an insult He is Jason and Hercules and Perseus a figure so strong and beautiful and heroic that the blood of the gods must flow through him, because how else could a being so fine exist in this worldOkay, enough with the cheesy descriptions let s just say he s a former well trained, athletic tennis player who now owns an entire empire of several businesses including hotels, clubs and restaurants etc , he s HOT, powerful, extremely rich and has a bit of a control freak problem You know the type, right He s the type of guy that ALWAYS gets what he wantsAnd what he wants now is no one other than the lovely Miss Nikki Fairchild,When they first meet there s an immediate attraction between them and they both know it, so I thought Oh this is going to be one of those stories, you know Right Turns out, Nikki has some dark secrets in her past and she s not quite ready for Damien to find out all the ugly scars she s been hidingSo there s a lot of touching and teasingAnd Damien sayingI m going to fuck you, Nikki Pleasure We re going to blow the roof off pleasure I m going to make you beg for it I m going to claim you I m going to tease you I m going to torment you And you re going to come for me like you ve never come in your lifeBut still, Nikki isn t prepared to let her world be turned upside down by this powerful, domineering man.And then, he makes her an offer you d think she can t refuseTake a chance, Nikki Let me show you how far I can take youWhat will she do Can she thrust this man and his overpowering words Or will she be let down by her expectations in life once againWell now, that is for you to find out If you re looking for a HOT read with an interesting storyline, I d definitely advise you to read Release Me I know it gets compared to FSoG and the Crossfire Series a lot, but I actually found it to be quite different from those series Release Me is not just another knock off, there s actually much to the story than just the sexy rich guy that tries to seduce some sweet, innocent girl and gets away with it The characters each have a very strong and fascinating personality and the writing style of J Kenner gives this story its own unique vibe There were a few inconsistencies in the storyline here and there, but they didn t really bother me that much after all As for the sex scenes well, they were VERY hot and a little bit kinky but there really wasn t that much BDSM involved as you might think, based on the genre it s categorized under Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story and I was also very relieved that there weren t any terrible cliffhangers at the end of this first partDefinitely looking forward to the rest of the Stark Trilogy And to Damien of course Possess Have Hold Enjoy Control Dominate Pick your verb Ms Fairchild I intend to explore so very many of them4.5 Steamy Stars Meet Damien StarkHe s intenseHot Sexy Surprising Disturbing.and Nikki Fairchild nNikki is fresh out of collage and ready for a clean slate She moves from Texas to LA to live with her best friend, Jamie New city New job New start She is at a party looking to hook a potential investor for her boss Damien Stark is that potential investor.Damien is a retired tennis pro, and a young, successful business man Damien and Nikki met briefly a few years ago at a pageant Nikki remembers Damien very well you can t forget a man like Damien Stark She thinks there is no way he remembers her but she is very wrong Damien is intrigued by Nikki He remembers her very well He is a man who knows what he wants, and he wants her.Nikki wants Damien too, but she is afraid She has scars figuratively and literally After being turned down, Damien offers Nikki a lot of money for an art proposition She can t refuse, and she doesn t want to They have a spark A definite connections but they both have dark and damaged pasts and secrets of their own Wow Nikki and Damien have chemistry There are some hot and steamy sex scenes, with some light bdsmI m going to fuck you, Nikki Pleasure We re going to blow the roof off pleasure I m going to make you beg for it I m going to claim you I m going to tease you I m going to torment you And you re going to come for me like you ve never come in your life Maybe you re not as smart as you think you are, Mr Stark Nonsense I m fucking brilliant Or haven t you heardDamien is possessive He is rich He is sexy He is young and successful I really loved this guy He is the best kind of alpha male He loved Nikki, scars and all, you could tell how much by his words and actionsEveryone breaks a little sometimes That doesn t make you weak It makes you wounded And I will always be there to help you healNikki is smart, strong, ambitious and feisty She has issues and she can be insecure, but she has a back bone She is trying to get through her issues and is fighting her demons I heard from the beginning that this book is comparable to FSOG and Bared to you It does have similarities, but it s not a copy cat story, which was nice.Enjoyable read, loved both of the main characters The ending was not a mega cliff hanger, but still left you wanting Can t wait to see Nikki and Damien s relationship progress and find out about their pasts