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I had been looking forward to this read since I had loved Hissy Fit also written by Andrews But this book fell very flat in my eyes with some of the most awkward cringe worthy literary moments In addition to just being an uncomfortable read, I pretty much hated every character this book had to offer If you weren t spiteful and bratty, you were weak and passive This book reminded me of the movie Hope Floats, such a great warning of those who want kids as to what can easily be your awful awful future But a horrible movie and an equally horrible book. What an odd book First, I thought it was going to be chick lit, but it wasn t Itlike Chick Limystery Or something It was very light and fluffy, and some of the characters Katherine, especially were over the top I did like Mary Bliss, though, and her adventures in taking care of herself were both upsetting and entertaining.I found it odd that some things were very Southern capital S , and other things seemed to miss the boat For example, the first time Erin used a swear word in front of her mother, I expected Mary Bliss to say something like we don t use that kind of language, young lady Didn t happen Of course there were lots of sweet tea references, and casseroles odd, I thought thatmidwest, but the descriptions certainly fit.I really thought the whole chicken salad thing was going to go somewhere else In thinking back on it, I think the author did, too, and am not sure why she didn t follow through with it Oh well I m copying the recipe before I send this off Erin sure did play the only child role well, and I kind of felt sorry for the family across the street Of course, the Matt character was fun, in a suspicious kind of way, as to be expected.This was an enjoyable, lite read, and once I got to about the halfway mark, I didn t want to put it down 2.5 stars Parts I enjoyed but the main character was a push over, she had a horrible daughter and mother in law but catered to them The best character was her best friend Katherine The premise of the book sounded so fun but in the end it just didn t work All the characters commented on how tough and strong Mary Bliss was but I just didn t get behind her as the heroine in the story. This may sound a little snobbish but as a general rule I don t read novels that have a cartoonish drawing on the cover I typically take that as a warning sign for being a trashy novel Please don t ask why I picked it up.Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews centers around Mary Bliss McGowan whose husband has left her and their 17 year old daughter Erin, leaving her only with the kitchen sink Parker McGowan has run into some business trouble and cleans out all of his family s assets i.e checking and savings, IRA, Erin s tuition, and a second mortgage, literally everything, leaving his girls broke I never really got why he would do this, especially to Erin who is supposedly a Daddy s Girl Desperate acts call for desperate measures as they say and so Mary Bliss and her BFF fly to Mexico in order to stage her husband s death in order to collect his life insurance policy This was a mindless read, but after the two friends are caught red handed the book takes a turn for the worst, the storyline gets a little to bizarre and too many things are thrown into the mix, havoc with the daughter, a midlife crises love affair for Mary Bliss and their so called fool proof plan coming to bite them in the ass I guess the best way to describe Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews is to compare it to a train wreck, it s a horrible thing but you can t avert your eyes from it. If you like chic lit, you will like this It is a fun rompy ride, nothing too heavy and characters that are relatable while being completely over the top.Mary Bliss finds out that her husband left her via a note he left in the closet He cleaned out all of their accounts and remortgaged their house and left her penniless He did pay up his cantankerous mother s nursing home bill and she does know where he is, but she is not saying So, with her best friend and partner in crime, Mary Bliss sets out to declare her husband dead It is ridiculous It is over the top It is funny Katherine the best friend and Charlie crack me up I love love love Katherine.Of course there are problems Erin the daughter is a pain in the ASS In fact, while I see the need for this sort of complication in the story, her entire subplot can just be thrown out I don t find much likeable about this character at all.Basically, this book takes a wife s worst nightmare and combines it with her best revenge fantasy. The writing itself was good and easy as is typical of Mary Kay Andrews However, I didn t like these people AT ALL well, except Charlie.Mary Bliss is at best a helpless, clueless type and at worst a criminal I meaninsurance fraud is not ok and it is definitely not funny yes, I work in insurance Katherine is a drunk only capable of rushing through all of her ex husband s money and giving crazy advice, and the daughterwell the daughter is a horribly spoiled brat.And Matt Did anyone believe him He is this supposedly hunky, financially stable if not better, genious criminal expert and he can t find anyone else in Atlanta to fall for except a clueless criminal The ending was good due to Eula The one character that actually seemed to get it by the end of the book At least she was always who she was, and you could trust her As for Mary Bliss and Matt I fully suspect that Matt will run off on Mary Bliss and dupe her again I mean, it s all a bunch of itty bitty lies, no Another Terrible Book Club book THIS BOOK IS AWFUL The plot is awful There are so many holes The characters are awful I didn t like any one of them And there was no connection between any of them On top of this, I found a lot of the attitudes in the book which were so prevalent that I think they came directly from the author and were NOT written to intentionally make these characters unlikeable offensive and infuriating. Ugh, I m giving this a two because the writing itself wasn t horrible It was nicely done and there wasn t anything writing wise that you had to stop and wonder what the author meant.But the plot was not very good at all If you re into those silly stupid crime romance crazy books then this is the one for you.The characters were for the most part just flat pieces that moved around a board for the fun of it, they made decisions on something huge without one thought if they could solve this problem another way.The teenage daughter was an over the top dramatic teenager, worse then I have ever met before, a few things about her story line in this seemed like it was put in the story just to give it evendrama then it already possessed.The main story about the mother and the husband was so overly dramatic as to make me put my head in my hands many times and I couldn t get over how much what she did about her husband leaving was the only thing she could think of to do Like, ya, that is the ONLY solution this here problem you re having.The romance between her and the guy that she meets at the beginning of the book seems like something to just get the main character into a makeover and then into bed.The swears were almost not needed at all, they seemed forced but that may have been who was reading it because I listened to this on CD All in all it was pretty hilarious to listen to, annoying and way overly dramatic at times and I would not read this again.If you need a laugh, try it, but keep in mind that you may be shaking your head at the stupid stuff most of the characters do in this bookthan you are laughing at them. After her husband empties their bank accounts and abandons her, Mary Bliss tells a small lie to avoid the humiliation Desperate and penniless she hatches a plan to fake her husbands death and claim on a life insurance policy But her lies are coming undone almost as fast as she tells them.The author leaves so many things in this book unfinished It s almost as if she got bored with the book and decided to wrap it up half way through.The premise is interesting, the characters are likeable and there are definitely some good moments, but it never quite gets out of first gear and she really needs to finish what she begins. ^Book ⇷ Little Bitty Lies ⇝ New York Times Bestselling Author Mary Kay Andrews Delivers Another Treasure Of A Comic Novel Little Bitty Lies Is A Tantalizing Tale About An Abandoned Atlanta Housewife And Mother Who Tells One Tiny White Lie That Sets Her World Spiraling Outrageously Out Of Control This Winning And Wonderful Romp Focuses On About All The Important Things In Life Marriage And Divorce, Mothers And Daughters, Friendship And Betrayal Throw In Small Town Secrets, One Woman S Lifelong Quest For Home, And The Perfect Chicken Salad Recipe, And You Have An Ideal Escape For Fans Of Fannie Flagg, Jennifer Crusie, Adriana Trigiani, Emily Giffin, And The Sweet Potato Queens No Lie