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Do not be fooled by the number of pages I received an advanced review copy of Living in Blue Sky Mind for purposes of endorsement and thought I could finish it in a few hours The density of concept in each chapter, the reflection questions at the end of each passage, the moral quandaries posed in Diedrichs s own childhood pulled the brakes on my intentions and compelled me frequently to put down the book and thinkdeeply about how Buddhist principles apply to my own life At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Living in Blue Sky Mind reveals greater truths about regrets that haunt us all without offering a simple resolution Instead, Diedrichs makes his reader work, just as Buddhism makes its practitioners do the work to achieve true serenity Reading this book had a direct influence on my own daily decision making, making me feel like a good person but also a lighter person Nothing can make the past go away, but Living in Blue Sky Mind can help reframe those haunting moments A good primer for someone me with little to no Buddhist education. I believe the most important attribute of this compact book is that it graciously lacks the formality and dense detail ofpedantic texts I have attempted to conquer in the past Practicing the Dharma is an eminently logical, meaningful, and beautiful way to conduct one s life, and the prescription for doing so is revealed in this most enjoyable, easily understood, and succinct review of basic Buddhist teachings and practice Illustrative stories help to explain the concepts, there is just the right amount of repetition to reinforce those ideas, and the appendices serve as a very helpful outline Living in Blue Sky Mind will doubtless serve as an excellent introduction to Buddhist thought for some, and a reacquaintance with the concepts for others Personally, I was reminded of why Buddhism is so appealing to me. I received an advanced copy of Living in Blue Sky Mind, by Richard Diedrichs for promotional purposes and have enjoyed every passage The way that Diedrichs incorporates autobiographical details of his life and childhood into the pages and relates them to the basic tenets of Buddhism gives it a very personal angle that makes it a breeze to read Only after reading the passage do you realize that the personal touch encouraged the concepts to sink in even deeper.Living in Blue Sky Mind is a terrific primer for the young or adult mind who is curious about Buddhism It also can function as review for someone who may have dabbled in Buddhism in the past and may have forgotten how important it was to them at some point The chapters are short, concise and entertaining They reinforce the ways in which a Buddhist, or really anyone who wants to bringawareness into their interactions, should live. Living in Blue Sky Mind is an inviting and engaging study of Basic Buddhist Teachings Diedrichs is passionate about his subject and is also deeply connected to it He embodies its knowledge and wisdom, and lovingly offers it to his readers.Each lesson is presented in a concise and simple manner This style allows for ease in reading and relating to the material The inclusion of stories from Diedrich s own experiences provide heartfelt examples of how to practice greater awareness and choosehonest and loving actions in everyday life situations The questions for reflection at the conclusion of each lesson are particularly thought provoking, offering the opportunity to explore personal beliefs.Living in Blue Sky Mind is a gem of a resource for anyone who is open to learning about Buddhism, mindfulness practice, and living a happier andcompassionate life. Richard Gentei Diedrichs is a Zen Priest and Dharma teacher living in Hawaii His new book, Living in Blue Sky Mind, is about the practice and teachings of Buddhism.Diedrichs infuses his writing with stories of his childhood to help explain the eightfold path to enlightenment The anecdotes let the reader know how the path manifests itself in everyday life He says, Life is exactly what it is, right in front of us, in every moment At the end of each chapter the author poses questions to make the reader reflect on what was just read and how it makes us feel.Living in Blue Sky Mind takes the reader on a spiritual journey to self understanding The book is written simply and honestly and serves as a perfect reference guide for living a good life. There is a misconception by many that Buddhism presents a pessimistic and negative view of life As the title of Richard Diedrichs s book, Living In Blue Sky Mind Basic Buddhist Teachings for a Happy Life, so appropriately points out, the culmination of Buddha s teaching is an end to suffering Certainly, to recognize the First Noble Truth of Buddhism, life is dukkha suffering, dissatisfaction, disappointment , is necessary, however, to stop there is to miss the point Living in Blue Sky Mind, offers a clear, concise explanation of the Buddha s important teaching, an end to suffering, with personal examples of application to life It is an excellent resource for those just setting out on an exploration of Buddhism, but it also provides a valuable reminder for long time practitioners, the importance of maintaining Beginners Mind. This book is a wonderfully readable and instructive book for anyone wanting to learnabout Buddhist teaching and practice The style, based on talks the author gave at a Zen temple, is conversational, much like talking to a friend Diedrichs years of experience do not make him sound haughty or condescending but, rather, humble I highly recommend the book to anyone who would like to begin their journey into The Zen Way or anyone who is already trying to follow such a path and would like a refresher. *EPUB ⇻ Living in Blue Sky Mind ☚ We Live With Minds As Open And Spacious As The Deep Blue Sky Living In Blue Sky Mind Presents Basic Buddhist Teachings That Keep Us On The Wholesome Path Of Self Realization Toward A Happy Life Zen Priest And Teacher Richard Gentei Diedrichs Offers Simple Lessons, Anecdotes Of Personal Transformation, And Reflective Questions To Guide Us Along Buddha S Enlightened Way, Such As Buddha Advised That We Not Speak With Malice If We Want To Create Connection And Happiness Around Us We Learn That To Be Happy, We Need To End Our Suffering And The Suffering Of Those Around Us And We Are Fortunate To Have A Way To Be Happy With What We Have And With Who We Are I found Living in Blue Sky Mind to be very enjoyable Diedrichs incorporates his life experiences and lessons to the eightfold path to enlightenment in genuine, engaging and relatable passages From children to adults, people with limited knowledge of Buddhism to those practicing for a lifetime, Diedrichs has a way of engaging everybody in guiding us to greater personal awareness and a happy life