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~Download Kindle ⚐ Lords of an Empty Land ♦ In The Days Of Reconstruction After The Civil War, A Wild Strip Of Land In Northern Louisiana Remained Unconquered By Troops And Untamed By The Law This Is The Story Of The Fearless Veterans Union And Confederate Who Dared To Enter This Beautiful But Hellish Valleyd Finish What The War StartedLords Of An Empty LandRed River Valley, Hoardes Of Ex Confederate Soldiers Have Emerged From The Piney Hills And Mosquito Infested Swamps Of Lousiana Backcountry In A Final, Bloody Show Of Defiance After A Series Of Violent Raids On Carpetbaggers, Freed Slaves, And Northern Cargo Ships, Captain Douglas Owens Of The Th Calvary Is Given Orders To Reclaim This God Forsaken Land From Its Murderous Outlaw Gangs By Owens Side Is Huff, A Former Slave, And Basil Dubose, An Ex Rebel Gunslinger For Hire Who Answers To No Man But His Paymaster With Each Deadly Encounter, It Becomes Clear To Owens That Neither The Army Nor The Public Is Willing To Spill Blood For The Sake Of Freed Slaves With His Options Dwindling, The Captain Takes A Squad Of Soldiers Under His Command In A Last Desperate Bid For Freedom And Justice That Would Change The Course Of History A It s 1869 The war between the states is over Life in the south was, to say the least, a challenge For the landowners who had slaves to work their fields, they were now lucky if the freed men and women would stay to help.Chaos ruled the land Outlaws scared the towns Seeing the freed men and woman as equal was quite another story Of course some had difficulty than others.This book is brilliantly written It s written like a history book in motion How creative Randy is I smile thinking back at the hot air balloon ride A bit of joy between the hardships.This book is going up for sale at on March 31 You can pre order your copy today. I absolutely adored this book Set in post Civil War Louisiana, it delves deeply into the manner in which freed slaves were terrorized With one man trying to keep an undeclared war between the displaced people of both colors, Lords descends quickly and surely into suspense filled chaos Vivid characters, wonderful prose Beautifully done. Set in Reconstruction Louisiana following the American Civil War, Captain Douglas Owens is tasked with putting down thieves and a silent but violent resistance to Yankee law and rule Throw in the romance in the novel and you could have a Zane Grey novel.