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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♨ Lost Lake ♟ From The Author Of The Beloved Bestseller Garden Spells Comes A Beautiful, Haunting Story Of Old Loves And New, And The Power Of The Connections That Bind Us ForeverThe First Time Eby Pim Saw Lost Lake, It Was On A Picture Postcard Just An Old Photo And A Few Words On A Small Square Of Heavy Stock, But When She Saw It, She Knew She Was Seeing Her FutureThat Was Half A Life Ago Now Lost Lake Is About To Slip Into Eby S Past Her Husband George Is Long Passed Most Of Her Demanding Extended Family Are Gone All That S Left Is A Once Charming Collection Of Lakeside Cabins Succumbing To The Southern Georgia Heat And Damp, And An Assortment Of Faithful Misfits Drawn Back To Lost Lake Year After Year By Their Own Unspoken Dreams And DesiresIt S A Lot, But Not Enough To Keep Eby From Relinquishing Lost Lake To A Developer With Cash In Hand, And Calling This Her Final Summer At The Lake Until One Last Chance At Family Knocks On Her DoorLost Lake Is Where Kate Pheris Spent Her Last Best Summer At The Age Of Twelve, Before She Learned Of Loneliness, And Heartbreak, And Loss Now She S All Too Familiar With Those Things, But She Knows About Hope Too, Thanks To Her Resilient Daughter Devin, And Her Own Willingness To Start Moving Forward Perhaps At Lost Lake Her Little Girl Can Cling To Her Own Childhood For Just A Little Longer And Maybe Kate Herself Can Rediscover Something That Slipped Through Her Fingers So Long AgoOne After Another, People Find Their Way To Lost Lake, Looking For Something That They Weren T Sure They Needed In The First Place Love, Closure, A Second Chance, Peace, A Mystery Solved, A Heart Mended Can They Find What They Need Before It S Too Late At Once Atmospheric And Enchanting, Lost Lake Shows Sarah Addison Allen At Her Finest, Illuminating The Secret Longings And The Everyday Magic That Wait To Be Discovered In The Unlikeliest Of Places You can t change where you come from, but you can change where you go from here Just like a book If you don t like the ending, you make up a new one Lost LakeI read so much heavy stuff that it was nice to escape into this lovely story about a woman trying to start a new life after her husband s death Kate and her daughter, Devin, find an old postcard from Lost Lake, Georgia, which is where Kate spent a wonderful summer when she was a girl On a whim, the pair drive down to see if her aunt is still renting out cabins there, and discover that the lake holds a bit of magic for them There s a colorful cast of characters at the lake that summer, including a woman who has special charms to seduce men, a French cook who can t speak but who has a persistent admirer, and a local handyman who fell in love with Kate when they were kids Ooh la la Your enjoyment of this book will probably depend on how much you like the Women s Fiction genre I hate the term Chick Lit This is the fourth Sarah Addison Allen novel I ve read, and it s filled with the same southern charm, magical realism, romance and family drama that are in her other stories My favorite book of hers is still The Peach Keeper, but Lost Lake is a delightful read.In the Acknowledgments, Allen says she was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer in 2011 and has now had two years in remission She wrote, The year of horrible change brought me to an amazing place in my life There wasgrief in this novel than in her previous books, and the writing was deeper Good for her for breaking through and finding the strength to write again.My rating 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Finally, I read it I ll try to post my review soon, but I ll just say now that I really loved it I really can t wait for it DAnd finally, there s a cover I cannot wait for this book I love Sarah Addison Allenher novels are like a great vacation at home for me On a second reading, I increased my star rating I really liked this book this time around In 2011 Sarah Addison Allen was shocked to hear that she had advanced stages of breast cancer In the acknowledgments she speaks about how that frightening diagnosis brought her to an amazing place in life She happily reports that she is in her second year of clear scans This books feels like her journey to healing The themes deal with overcoming insurmountable obstacles, healing emotional scars, and redemption There is a magical quality, not only in the actual story, but in the writing as well.Widow Kate and her 8 year old daughter need to heal Kate makes in impromptu decision to take her daughter to the Lost Lake in Suley, Georgia A place where Kate spent one very unforgettable childhood summer with her family when she was young It was a place where strangers were family, and where she almost had her first kiss Why do you keep coming back here, when everyone else stopped Because life is my books these days And every summer here is a new chapter Ever read a story that you simply can t imagine how it wail end This place is like that The best things in life are like that It reminded me of Fried Green Tomatoes, the strong female companionships, the love, the bantering Bulahdeen put her notebook in her purse, then stood stiffly Selma, we re going to the store I need to getwine Selma was filing her nails at the next table Why do you need so much wine Doesn t alcohol interfere with your medication I don t take any medication That explains a lot, Selma said, blowing emery board dust off her fingertips It was Selma and Bulahdeen s stories that I enjoyed the most Selma with her 8 charms for 8 husbands, and Bulahdeen, wellher story is a surprise The story builds just like you imagined and wanted it to With a quaint sense of the past, of sitting on your front porch drinking lemonade with good friends True comfort food for the bibliophiles. It is impossible for me to give this book any lower than a four star rating Her characters are so interesting, have very poignant back stories and are always fully fleshed people brought to life among the pages Her books are quirky, magical, and comforting I finished this with a smile on my face and a big awwwwwww Love the cover, the title and the place itself Love the little girl Devon and all her amazing outfits This author s novels always have such a unique touch, something that makes them so alive and vibrant Heart warming and heartbreaking all at the same time Aaazing talent Had a summer cottage like this that I stayed at summers with my cousins Not quite as magical but enough for all of us to remember those times fondly ARC from publisher. A delightful story, beautifully told, about love and life and death The author knows how to write interesting characters who are all just a little quirky or original As a reader you care about them and need them to form relationships and live happily ever after.As usual in her books the author writes several magical scenes The most important of these take place on the dock where there may or may not be an alligator trying to communicate something urgent and important There is also a ghost sitting in a chair in the kitchen And why not This is a fairly light read and it is very enjoyable and entertaining Originally reviewed here Dear AuthorI am a huge fan There s just no use starting out with any other introduction than that A clever friend gifted me a copy of Garden Spells several years ago, and it was love at first sight I quickly devoured each of your successive books, and while I can never quite decide if The Peach Keeper is my favorite or if The Sugar Queen owns that spot, what I do know is I have loved each one of your beautiful stories So it was with great pleasure I sat down with this latest blend of magical realism and southern comfort As a child, I spent several formative years in Virginia My mother s sister and her family lived a few hours away in North Carolina, and every spring and summer we eagerly climbed in the car and drove south to spend a few weeks with them These trips were magical to me, and these novels, with their humid nights, slow roasting barbecue, and softly lilting drawl send me right back to night games with my cousins and catching fireflies in cupped hands.Eby Pim never expected to marry the man she did Coming as she does from a long line of women determined to marry money, Eby was always the sad exception to the rule Less lovely, less ambitious than her mother, sister, grandmother, she was perhaps the most surprised of all when she and George fell in love He was rich But the money was new and meant very little to either of them except as an escape from their interfering families And so Eby and George embarked on an indefinite honeymoon, spending months and months in Europe Paris, mostly, where they acquired a troubled young woman by the name of Lisette Lisette never speaks, preferring to write her thoughts and questions down on a notebook she keeps around her neck When word of a death in the family cuts their time in Europe short, Eby and George return home to Georgia with Lisette in tow And when the lure of their money proves too much for Eby s family, they decide to wash their hands of it, getting rid of it all and buying a stretch of land known as Lost Lake, where they set up a small summer resort amid the swamps and cypress knees Years later, Eby s widowed niece Kate finds her way back to Lost Lake She brings with her her free spirited 8 year old daughter Devin and a fledgling determination to take up and make some sense of the scattered threads of her life Lost Lake is very pleasant It is a very pleasant novel And there s the rub Pleasantness abounds, along with a very nice level of quirk and charm But it never crosses over into deeper waters, at least not for me Most of Ms Allen s novels trade point of view chapters back and forth between a couple or three main protagonists Sometimes I gravitatetoward one than the others, and sometimes I fall for them equally Either way the overall balance generally works for me But in Lost Lake, quite a few different characters share the limelight what there is of it , and I was never allowed to spend enough time with any one of them to develop genuine feelings for them and their fate I wanted to The chapters from Eby s past are heady and lovely I followed her through the streets and over the bridges of Paris and would have happily spent the rest of the novel unraveling the threads of Lisette s mysterious past Likewise, I was just as willing to accompany Kate on her journey to revive herself and her faltering relationship with her young daughter.Kate had been thirteen when her father died Noweekend road trips Nohours spent after school in her father s video store, watching movie after movie Her mother had gone a little crazy after that, like she d pulled the in the event of an emergency switch that the women in her family told her to pull if her husband ever died, and this was what happened.She wouldn t come out of her room for months Kate had lived on bagels, sandwich meat, and microwaved popcorn for most of eighth grade She had hidden when well meaning neighbors knocked on the door, after the first time she d let them in and they d worried why her mother wouldn t see them.There was still a place inside Kate that resented her mother s grief when her father died She still remembered what her mother had said to her on the day Kate and Matt went to the court house to get married I hope you never lose him It had felt like a portent Kate hadn t been as obvious about it as her mother, but, sure enough, she had still pulled that same switch And she should have known that Devin had caught on Children always know when their mothers are crazy they just never admit it, not out loud, to anyone.Goodness, it is lovely writing Strong enough to see you through to the end even when you re not as invested as you would have liked In theory, I liked the idea of Kate and Eby two women living under the same family curse coming together in this place apart from the rest of the world andfiguring things out In practice, its meaningfulness felt muffled Neither story was given enough page time to really land I didn t dislike any of the wispy and enticing peripheral characters In fact, I liked them all brazen Bulahdeen, shameless Selma, diffident Jack, imperious Cricket, and the heartbreaking trio Wes, Luc, and Billy I just didn t love any of them The painful part is that I could literally feel that potential love of mine ghosting out there on the horizon for the entire length of the book I knew it was possible It just never materialized Instead I felt distracted and removed, not disgruntled per se, but just gently fond when I wanted to be infatuated, like I was reading an abridged version of the full story. 5 Magical Stars I don t really know what this it with this author, but every book of her leaves me with a smile on my face and this book was no exception The stories have always some magical aspects, and backgrounds so sweet and perfect, that makes impossible not wanting to be a part of these book worlds This was a beautiful story about a mother and a daughter, about a small town, about friendship and loyalty About healing, and forgiving and romance and the magic that surrounds all of it I can t say anything else except that I loved it Rating 5 Stars Storyline Light and fluffy Magical, sweet and always with unexpected aspects.Writing Style Past tense, third person Amazing writing style If you ve never read a book by this author, shame on you Character Development Sweet and strong Kate is great and her daughter is sweet The supportive characters are also great Steam Nope HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler This book was okay, but didn t pull me in like I was hoping it would To me, Sarah Addison Allen s books always look good on the outside with their pretty covers and titles, I mean just look at The Girl Who Chased The Moon Pretty Sometimes my judging a book by it s cover pays off Other times, the old adage has it right I was hoping to get some of that prettiness and southern charm in Lost Lake but I didn t really feel connected to the characters There were quite a few who each neededtime to be developed to make me feel like I know them and like them Not only that but there were scenes in the book where I wished the author had doneshow and less tell I would like to see for myself how everyone had a good time and got along instead of just being told it happened and they did As for the plot, it was a little slow I was expectingand when stuff finally happened and the book ended, I was like, That was it I like neat and happy endings, but I guess I was set up foropposition Oh well Still glad that I won this in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway though, and if this book is ever made into a Hallmark movie, which her books remind me of, I ll probably tune in to see how it is Sometimes movies, even TV movies, turn out better than the book This is all just my opinion Others may love this book and good for them, but it didn t live up to my expectations of an enchanting read.