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I think readers who enjoy supernatural fiction would enjoy this book.Besides the horror stories in this book, the book has an introduction by the editor Barbara Roden, and story notes by Simon Kurt Unsworth The story notes section is about how he came up with the ideas for these stories Some of these stories were inspired by incidents in real life, for example something that his son said or did All these stories are well worth reading these are the ones I thought highly of A Different MorecambeA creepy, Twilight zone style story A father is going back to his hometown with his son, but his son wants to go to a different Morecambe But is it really his son, and did they arrive in Morecambe Flappy The BatThis story was inspired by the author s son A children s television show has a deleterious effect on children who watch the show.The Baking of CakesNaturalistic horror The tone and style of the story reminded me of Kafka The narrator is a baker of cakes He describes how he makes certain cakes for certain occasions, one type for joyous occasions, another type for sad occasions, for example The ending of the story is an unexpected punch in the gut.The Station Waiting RoomI think one of the signs of a excellent horror writer is that they wrote a fine horror story involving trains Grabinski is one Mark Samuels is another In this story, the narrator is at a train stop, and is told a story by another person at the train stop about a supernatural being who sucks the life out of the surrounding area the people who live there are lethargic, and even the vegetation is not well This story has an unexpected and incredible plot point, which I m not going to reveal One of my favorite weird fiction stories.The Pennine Tower RestaurantThis story, written in a documentary style, with footnotes I fancy that Borges would like this story is a recounting of the supernatural events at the Pennine Tower Restaurant There is an actual Pennine Tower, now closed to the public.The Church on the IslandThis story was a 2008 World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Short Story A woman on a beach sees an island, with a church, in swimming distance When she arrives at the island, she learns of a secret religious order which keeps evil beings at bay. [Read Epub] ♂ Lost Places ⚕ Deceptively Amiable, But Creepy As Hell Unsworth S Horror Stories Are All The Powerful Because They Re Told About Characters Like You And Me, And The Evils That Are Hidden Just Out Of Sight Of Everyday There S A Humanity To This Work That Makes Its Macabre Twists All The Crueler Rob Shearman,World Fantasy Award Winner Vivid And Creepily Effective, These Are Gripping Tales Of The Relentlessly Pursued, Twisting Shadows, Half Seen Shapes, The Goodbye Kiss Of A Ghost, And The Terror Of Imaginary Beings With The Rustling Pungence Of M R James And The Claustrophobic Interiority Of Ramsey Campbell, Simon Kurt Unsworth Gear Shifts From Innocuous To Disturbing Deftly Enough To Give The Most Hardened Of Us Nightmares Stephen Vok, BAFTA Award Winning Author Of GHOSTWATCH Simon Unsworth Possesses That Elusive Gift They Call Storytelling His Main Strength Is That He Knows Intuitively How To Structure A Tale To Keep You Reading Right Till The End, Even When That End Is Less Than Happy For His Characters Here Is A Writer Who Knows The Value Of His Craft And He S Damn Well Going To Use It, No Matter Who Gets Hurt In The Process Gary McMahon Rather Than Providing Comfort, The Soul Rending Humanity And Beguiling Sense Of Nostalgia Which Permeate These Stories Ultimately Serve Only To Impenetrably Blacken Their Dark And Unforgiving Hearts An Emotionally Devastating Debut Collection From A Powerful New Voice In Horror Mark Morris The Most Impressive Debut From Any Horror Writer That I Have Seen In A Very Long Time From The Terrifying Old Man S Pantry To The Sublimely Chilling Church On The Island Which Was Rightly Nominated For The World Fantasy Award , Simon Kurt Unsworth S Debut Collection Delivers The Goods In Every Respect Frightening, Evocative, And Highly Recommended Lawrence C Connolly SIMON KURT UNSWORTH Was Born InAnd Lives In The North Of England, Somewhere Between Lancaster And Morecambe, With His Gorgeous Wife, Exuberant Son, And Two Dogs Rescued From The Local Dogs Home By Profession He Works For A Charity As A Trainer, Working Across The Whole Of The UK Which Gives Him Plenty Of Time On Trains To Write Stories His Work Has Previously Been Published By The BBC, By Ash Tree Press In Their Anthologies At Ease With The Dead And Shades Of Darkness, In Gaslight Grotesque Nightmare Tales Of Sherlock Holmes, And In Ellen Datlow S Anthology Lovecraft Unbound His Story From At Ease With The Dead, The Church On The Island , Was Reprinted In Stephen Jones S Mammoth Book Of Best New HorrorAnd Was AWorld Fantasy Award Nominee For Best Short Story It Has Also Been Selected For Inclusion In The Very Best Of Best New Horror This Is His First CollectionNTENTS Introduction By Barbara Roden A Different Morecambe Haunting Marley The Derwentwater Shark When The World Goes Quiet Old Man S Pantry Scucca Flappy The Bat A Meeting Of Gemmologists Where Cats Go The Baking Of Cakes The Lemon In The Pool Stevie S Duck Forest Lodge The Station Waiting Room The Animal Game An Afternoon With Danny The Pennine Tower Restaurant The Church On The Island Endword Story Notes A simply awesome book, published again by the good folks at Ash Tree Press, which deserves to be hailed as the best debut collection in the field of supernatural horror in quite some time His next collection from PS publishing is eagerly awaited by me because of his own fault, i.e since he wrote such high quality stories in the very first collection. This collection of short stories gave me the creeps, simple as that Simon Kurt Unsworth has an ability to take the mundane and twist it into something unreal, but hauntingly familiar He s an excellent storyteller with an eye for the macabre. Blimey It took me such a long time to track down a copy finally sourcing one from the author himself but it was definitely worth the wait This is one of the most satisfying collections of short stories I have read in quite a while.The Pennine Tower Restaurant is one of the most sublimely creepy pieces I have read in quite some time, and yes, I did end up Googling Highly recommended. A near perfect parcel of short story telling. Horror, at its best, takes the mundane and every day, and then corrupts it through a distorting lens beyond what it s built to withstand The safety of the normal world is left behind, replaced by a tangential, edgy unfamiliarity Allied, of course, to a heightened sense of skin crawling fear but not necessarily gore, although it has its place, but only in the right measure Each of the eighteen stories in Lost Places, Simon Kurt Unsworth s first collection from the excellent Ash Tree Press of Canada , carves moments out of life, and then stretches them out to beyond their and the character s natural endurance Note in this review not every story will be touched upon, but representative examples will be highlighted instead.At the heart of Simon Kurt Unsworth s writing is a temporal and spatial disruption, a dislocation of reality, inflicted on characters whose worlds and realities have been fractured The veils between this world and the one next door are often much thinner than we bargain for Lovecraft realised this too, and very effectively utilised the idea in his Cthulhu Mythos cycle Simon updates this device superbly, bringing home to us that it wouldn t take much, a twist in space here and a break in the flow of time there, and chaos would surely ensue This theme is emphatically emphasised by the opener, A Different Morecambe , where a simple day trip to a familiar haunt reveals how fragile reality is and The Station Waiting Room , where a village s unknown malaise is discovered to have an origin beyond our knowledge and understanding The disruptive influence in The Lemon in the Pool is the all too human fear of rejection and of not belonging, being out of place and time Old Man s Pantry is where the veil alluded to is at its thinnest a runner, practising his sport within a myth infused landscape, becomes entrapped in a frightening fusion of the two worlds, when a figure out of legend is given the flesh of a terrifying, relentless, unforgiving solidity and reality.Relational disruption figures prominently in this collection, too in the A Different Morecambe story mentioned above, for example also, that very real fear, mixed with the unholy prospect of losing someone precious who is essentially a link to a normal, grounded life , motivates the chilling An Afternoon with Danny a tale that ll make any parent empathise with the adult character s situation Flappy the Bat , as well as charting the breakdown of a couple s parental relationship with their young child, doubles as a cautionary tale what effect do the programmes our children watch have on their fragile psyches Forest Lodge , superficially a tale of a spectre threatening a young teenage boy, becomes a studied delineation of the fractured, fractious relationships between, principally, a husband and wife although she s only alluded to very briefly in the story , and secondarily, between the man and his son Unsworth builds up the mounting atmosphere of menace magnificently in this particular story a truly thrilling ride.Some of them are simply good solid, scary fun, in their own macabre, horrific way A Meeting of Gemmologists reminded me of a segment in an Amicus portmanteau film fabulous stuff Stevie s Duck preposterous as its premise might appear at first glance a giant, menacing duck terrorising a small boy , actually made me wonder what would happen if nature decided to get its own back on our wilful rapine of its bounty The Animal Game is a brutal meditation on how we see ourselves and how others see us and yet, there is something blackly humorous about its savage d nouement and the truth of its underlying subtext Scucca , a story of malign, ill intentioned forces just out of reach of the mundane world, is simply classic horror storytelling at its best, entirely and brilliantly reminiscent of MR James and EA Poe.However good these tales are, however, there are three stories which are absolutely outstanding, even in amongst what is already a marvellous set When the World Goes Quiet is a sideways glance at a zombie apocalypse, but without the hordes of shambling, shuffling decaying creatures to blunt its utter hopelessness and stasis inducing fear how would you cope in such circumstances The Baking of Cakes is, simply, one of THE best short stories this reviewer has read in a very long time the ending packspunch than many a book length novel, made all thepowerful because it inspires sadness and empathy in great measure, and is a tour de force of compact writing Finally, the deservedly World Fantasy Award nominated The Church on the Island , is a tale of, once again, temporal and spatial disruption, but makes muchobviously, chillingly and very weightily the consequences of rending that veil which protects us from the reign of chaos that would doom humanity Its brightly lit location only serves to highlight its chiaroscurotic nature, throwing into sharp relief just how fragile the dividing line really is, and the malignity of the forces ranged against the world.To reiterate, horror, at its best, takes the mundane and every day, and then corrupts it through a distorting lens beyond its prescribed limits Every story in this collection does that and , delivering darkly, deliciously condensed thrills and shivers Simon Kurt Unsworth manages to even make the daylight dangerous, giving it a sharp, steely edge In these days, where style over content is often the consensual measure of quality , it s reassuring that there are still those who swim against the tide, producing original, thought provoking and deeply satisfying stories Simon, hopefully, will one day go beyond the small press and make the jump into the mainstream he certainly deserves to. World Fantasy Award nominee Simon Kurt Unsworth releases Lost Places, his first collection of wide ranging, supernatural and fantastic tales Unsworth is a competent and confident writer who comfortably manages to immerse and captivate the reader in highly articulate prose and in a series of stories that maintain an unsettling and macabre charm throughout This collection is a veritable mixed bag of themes and tales exploring the darker side of the human and, perhaps, not so human psyche Highlights for this reviewer are A Different Morecombe, where a jaunt to a seaside town slips into the sinister as the safe and familiar is slowly eroded The Baking of Cakes is an exquisite study of analogy and loss that truly gives forum to Unsworth s melancholy narrative, and the taut When the World Goes Quiet, where the only true escape from the undead may require the ultimate sacrifice Plentylinger in the psyche, but this reviewer will leave the reader to decide which tale cuts deepest.The question one is left pondering at the end of this tome is will the sparkling prose and intelligent story telling transcend to the mass market Sadly, one does not necessarily lead to the other Yet, perhaps this is not its aim Perhaps the collection intends to appeal to the kind of audiences who relish the traditionalist ethos prevalent in the works of Edgar Alan Poe or HP Lovecraft since both influences can be seen here Ultimately time will tell Here at least it is hoped that, like Poe and Lovecraft before him, Unsworth s kind of storytelling permeates beyond the niche and into the mainstream It is certainly deserving of such an accolade.Highly Recommended.Simon Kurt Unsworth Website PLACES at ASH TREE PRESS