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|FREE EBOOK ♠ Lured ⚖ Theo Malone Was An Alpha, Not A Lone Rogue Who Needed To Fight For A Female Still, Something About Annie Cartwell Called To Him Unclaimed And Unaware That She Had Been Turned Into A Werewolf, She Was Vulnerable To Other Wolvesand Irresistibly Attractive To Theo His Wolf Had Never Reacted So Strongly To A Woman Before And Annie S New Inner Wolf Had The Same Hunger For Him His Scent Made Her Feel Safe, His Touch Soothed Herand The Thought Of Theo Awoke Fantasies Of Being Claimed By Him Like She S Never Had BeforeBut While They Both Longed To Fully Give In To Their Desire, Theo And Annie Must Struggle To Control These New Feelings For Someone Set Up Annie As Bait, And No Wolf Was Safe Until He Was Caught