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The action that unfolds and the storyline in this one is incredible You ll be taken from practically A to Z over a course of 4 to 5 years if my calculations are correct I might have lost count, but who cares I liked the characters, but was miffed with Trey on and off for a small time frameok every time he left Jonah for how ever long a period of time and it was great to see Jonah as a tough character that did just lay back and accept it all He was stubborn, strong willed, didn t give in so easily and that was refreshing in a character not to just roll over and take what was handed to him without choices He made choices and turned the Alpha dog Trey become the underdog It s brilliant.The writing is pristine, story memorizing and it s drastically different from all the other Were books I ve read It s superb [[ E-pub ]] ☠ Lynx (Northern Shifters #3) ⇲ The Only Way To Break Free Is To Let Go In Order To Protect His Shifter Kin, FBI Agent Trey Walters Hides His Ability From His Employers For Him, A Vacation Means A Whole Midwinter Month In The Canadian Wilderness, Free To Live In His Wolf Skin When He Happens Upon A Rare Lynx Shifter, He S Fascinated And His Protective Instincts Kick Into Overdrive The Young Man Needs To Be Shielded From Werewolves And Humans Alike, Whether He Likes It Or NotJonah Can Hardly Wrap His Head Around The Fact That Other Shifters Exist, Much Less Endure The Presence Of A Stranger In His Lonely Sanctuary Blaming Himself For His Brother S Death, He Lives In Self Imposed Isolation Trust Forget It Yet Trey S Patience Penetrates Jonah S Fear, And It Doesn T Take Long For Him To Fall Like A Rock For The WolfTrey Hadn T Planned To Embark On An Intense, Passionate Affair, But He Finds Himself Vowing To Return After His Next Undercover Mission Is Over As Months Stretch Into Years, However, Jonah Fears That Trey Has Broken Faith With Him Or Is Dead There S Only One Way To Find Out Leave The Safety Of His Lair And Venture Into A Dangerous, Deadly World Warning Violence, Explicit Sex It s been a while since I read the previous books in this series I wondered if that would affect my enjoyment of this installment Ultimately, though, I think it gave me a better perspective on whether it works on its own or not.Trey s main goal in life is to protect shifters and those he loves, all without letting anybody get close It s safer that way For him For them While on vacation, he follows rumors of a giant lynx and tracks the shifter to what looks to be a cave It s than that It s a home, hidden away from the world, and there he meets Jonah All of his life, Jonah has been taught to fear discovery His family dead, he lives alone but finds himself craving company That s why he takes to Trey s wolf, while Trey remains in animal form in an attempt not to scare him When Trey makes his identity known, Jonah is nervous and wary, but his curiosity and Trey s patience finally win Gradually, the two men get to know each other, their attraction growing the entire time The biggest problem, however, is that Trey needs to return to the world, to his job, to the family and shifters he protects In order to best protect Jonah, he needs to leave him behind.It s ironic that Jonah nicknames Trey Enigma when he s in wolf form at the beginning, because through the previous books in this series that I read, Trey has always been this rather enigmatic figure in the protagonists lives He comes and goes, helps when he can, but little is known about him This novel is the chance to see his other side, and in that regard, it succeeds We finally get to know the man behind the wolf, and the wait was worth it He s smart, loyal, patient, and ultimately kind Yes, he s emotionally closed off, but he does that out of fear of people dying Jonah coaxes him to open up, and it s a slow, careful process that mirrors the growth of their relationship I didn t completely buy the turnaround for Trey s interest in Jonah from platonic to sexual, but once it was there, I believed it.Then Trey leaves And this is where the book starts to fall apart The author s note explains a lot Trey moves in and out of people s lives in the previous books, and the cases he s involved with occur in the times when he is away from Jonah in this one While it works to describe the path of their relationship, from a storytelling perspective it ends up being very disjointed The story jerks along, stopping and starting, due to the limitations imposed by this set up It takes a solid half of the story for Trey to leave the first time, and then, we become privy to patches of plot and time jumps to encapsulate the events of the rest of their relationship s growth This doesn t make for smooth reading at all It s not helped that much of Trey s life is still left a mystery for Jonah for a great deal of the book, the events of the other books only briefly mentioned I d read the other books and still had to struggle fitting pieces and characters in where Trey might mention them This doesn t really work as a standalone very well at all.That being said, I still enjoyed it, but that s primarily because I was invested in Trey I wanted to see his story, and I was willing to sit through whatever it took to get it That helped to compensate for a lot of the other shortcomings that might have otherwise stopped me before I got to the ending Jonah is a sweet kid, but his innocence grated on me after a while, and I don t think I would have liked him as much if Trey hadn t been there to balance it out I also felt mildly shortchanged by the climax After so much time worrying about him, it felt like it was handled too cleanly and swiftly I thought, That s it That s all it took I expected much , and I was disappointed with what I got.But Trey got his happy ending For that, I m glad And for that, it was worth it. Of all the shapeshifter characters, Trey is the one that intrigue me the most He appears in three stories and I wonder about this enigmatic wolf So I m really happy to hear that he gets his own story in Lynx At first, I thought the story will take place after Feral but after heading to the chapters, I realized that this is the life of Trey in between all of his undercover operations I enjoy the story it portrays the relationship of Trey and Jonah, a hermit lynx shifter, beautifully From the beginning when Trey came across Jonah and his hidden cave, become friends, and lovers Though the story feels a bit rushed going to the end after Trey left for the third time after leaving Jonah for almost 4 years still I think the two of them belong to one another Several scenes just squeezed my heart tight due to the thick emotion between the two I m glad that the author says that Trey will still make an appearance in future shapeshifter books. I don t know if this is a spoiler or not so I marked it is This book should be read after the 3 Minders and the other 2 Shifters ones Then keep in mind that this one covers the time period of the other books it s just Trey s story I admit I was a bit confused at first cause Marked shifters 1 book dealt with someone he talks about, then I realized the time frame over laps all Overall I really liked Trey once I got to know him in this book, and Jonah we saw grow into a very strong determined stubborn at times young man I loved the confrontation at the end..Great book, wonderful read.. DNF I just couldn t get into it I found the writing to be overly simplistic at times, extremely repetative, and just kind of boring Sorry, I do see that a lot of people have enjoyed this book, but it just did nothing for me. 2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge Pretty good paranormal m m romance about Trey, a werewolf who hides his nature and works for a blacks ops group in the US government When running as a wolf in the Canadian Shield, he encounters a giant lynx shifter, and life will never be the same for either of them While I enjoyed this book, I had trouble with how large, critical parts of it occurred offsides and it distanced me from the story The author s note at the end of Lynx actually explains the offsides bit Trey has been in Skye s books Monster, Zombie, Minder, Marked, Feral, and The Strength of the Wolf and it was finally time for his story Since Lynx was occurring at the same time as those books, with much of the critical stuff happening in other books, it ends up being sort of an odd read. Ah, Skye A master of light and dark of romance and hurt She told a story of passion and mournful longing, of good and bitter evil Not a light read, but very rewarding. DNF Couldn t get into book May give it a try again another time.