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~EBOOK ☩ Madam President ⚇ Devlyn Marlowe, The First Woman President Of The United States, Has Just Been Elected Breaking With The Tradition Of Hiring A Political Writer To Chronicle Her Administration, President Marlowe Selects Lauren Strayer, A Professional Biographer With A Reputation For Absolute Honesty Lauren, Her Incredibly Ugly Pug Dog And Her Computer Take Up Residence At Pennsylvania Avenue, Where She Begins To Understand And Eventually Love The Complex Woman Who Is Both The Leader Of A Great Nation And The Mother Of Three Children I ve read this story before but it was the online, Xena uber fan fiction version I was young in my lesfic reading career and pretty easily impressed I liked this story pretty well back then I read it a second time a few years ago and liked it less I still liked the humor and some of the situations the characters found themselves in and the relationships between the main and the most prominent secondary characters were fun and felt genuine.It was only a few months ago, I think, when the newest edition was released for sale on and I was happy when I was able to grab a copy on a free day I felt much less lucky as I got into the book and discovered it is absolutely riddled with typos, missing words, and other problems that should have been cleaned up before releasing it to the lesfic consumers Setting aside all the standard old fan fic issues of head hopping, identifying characters by their eye or hair color or profession, not taking the time to run spell check or hire a proofreader before charging money for the book put me in a bad place while reading If I had paid for it, I d be really pissed and likely would have returned it for a refund I already know that most of my friends would still rate this a 4 or 5 star book simply because they d read it before when fan fic was still going strong in the Xenaverse, and I wouldn t rate the free online version with only two stars But this is supposed to be a professionally produced product that readers are paying for Judging the book in that way, two stars, in my opinion, is fair. Head hopping is a huge problem So is calling the characters by their jobs and hair colors and not their names. Light hearted and very enjoyable romance between an openly lesbian President and her very straight biographer Witty and often hilarious dialogue and situations dominate the book Oh there is the occasional bombing, shooting and the hint of scandal but those are just minor distractions in what is mainly a funny, heartwarming, slow burn romance More kids, dogs and domesticity than world crises, congressional wranglings or even biography writing, this book is a perfect example of a lesfic genre romance.4.5 stars This book was decent, a pretty good romantic story I can see why a lot of people enjoyed it I had a few problems with it though, that kept it from being higher than 3 stars for me For one it was long The book easily could have lost 100 pages without losing content I found myself bored multiple times Scenes were just too drawn out and not enough action considering it s a book about the President That s another thing that bothered me, while I liked Dev as a character, she just did not seem very presidential to me And the amount of times the author had her wiggle her eyebrows was borderline ridiculous.When it came to the writing style, I sometimes had trouble figuring out who was talking as character POV jumped quickly and often I found myself having to re read certain passages numerous times to full understand who said what Heck it took me half the book to realized certain Dialog Tags the authors used Example, Grey eyes twinkled meant Lauren was speaking this one especially took me a while to realize which character the authors meant Anyway, was this a decent romance Yes Would I recommend it to romance fans Yes, its worth the read Will I read the next book in the series Maybe, this book was free to me using Kindle Unlimited, if the next book is free too, I ll probably give it a shot. I can always appreciate a wellrounded story, and this novel provided that But without a strong conflict, it felt a bit was left to be desired However, this is my own personal opinion, and the story was still quite enjoyable all the way through. Enjoyed this long book but you could tell there were two authors Lauren or The Writer depending on who was writing or that is my theory Good back characters but Book 2 at 8 on kindle seems a lot, so no thanks. DNF at 40%.I wouldn t have tried this book if I had known it was originally fan fiction It just isn t good.The perspective changes repeatedly It seems like the story is told from every characters point of view at least once Really confusing.Labels are frequently used instead of the characters actual names like, the taller woman, the blonde woman, brown eyes, etc It really annoys me when I read stuff written like that.Devlyn and Lauren don t seem believable at all They seem way too immature to be President and a critically acclaimed biographer How can you become President but not be able to handle a simple press conference when the pressure s on Their relationship up until the point I read is basically just middle school bullshit No communication and pointless angst.There were some pretty ignorant and insensitive parts as well I really doubt that the prince of the United Arab Alliance would greet a lady by kissing her hand That s just a European thing, I m pretty sure Also, I m not sure they d serve champagne there either The entire scene at the Korean restaurant seemed racist to me too Implying they would serve cat, mocking the accents, mocking the food, implying they were serving insects, etc Not that insects aren t potentially nutritious, but really It s also just way too long Probably because it was originally fan fiction and most likely released a chapter at a time, but reading one after the other it s just so long I was so bored waiting for everyone to either stop angsting or realize that this ENTIRE attraction relationship is a giant conflict of interest and maybe someone else should just write the damn biography Not sure if that ever gets addressed, but I think it should.Anyway, didn t like it, didn t finish it, maybe it got better by the end, but I doubt it. I really love this story even if it s not as steamy as others But it s the story and the characters I fell in love with It s funny, and sad, even funnier simply wonderful It would make such a wonderful series on TV I m ready for the first female and gay president Well When I started this, I was quite impressed The strong Xena vibe, the first gay president, setting the story in near future despite being written in 2001 I was all in.But then, while reading the book, I had some issues The characters sometimes behaved very, how to put this, childish even The way the main couple talked sometimes, it was as if 16 year old kids talked, not adults I was not impressed And the writer kept insisting on calling them friend in their thoughts even after dating officialy and sleeping together It was my biggest issue I think it was sometimes before their engagement which was near the very end that the author started using the word partner instead The funny thing was surely reading about the year 2020 And how the authors imagined it back in 2001 Clearly they didn t think the gay marriage would be legal in all states of USA I don t blame them Anyway It was a sweet, very vanilla story No angst No drama I think some drama was missing, since I was bored sometimes Last but not least, if you re into explicit sex scenes, you ll be disappointed The very few love scenes faded to black I didn t mind, not everything I read has to be explicit.