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!DOWNLOAD BOOK ♬ Madison House: A Novel ♬ Peter Donahue S Debut Novel Madison House Chronicles Turn Of The Century Seattle S Explosive Transformation From Frontier Outpost To Major Metropolis Maddie Ingram, Owner Of Madison House, And Her Quirky And Endearing Boarders Find Their Lives Inextricably Linked When The City Decides To Re Grade Denny Hill And The Fate Of Madison House Hangs In The Balance Clyde Hunssler, Maddie S Albino Handyman And Furtive Love Interest James Colter, A Muckraking Black Journalist Who Owns And Publishes The Seattle Sentry Newspaper And Chiridah Simpson, An Aspiring Stage Actress Forced Into Prostitution And Morphine Addiction While Working In The City S Corrupt Vaudeville Theater, All Call Madison House Home Had EL Doctorow And Charles Dickens Met On The Streets Of Seattle, They Couldn T Have Created A Better Book I can t recommend this book to anyone except hardcore Seattle history buffs The only reason I didn t quit halfway through was because of an interest in Seattle history, but I could have sated that interest in a far efficient manner by choosing non fiction Mainly, the characters felt one dimensional Though the author imbued them with backstories and some inner motivation, I rarely felt moved by the progress of their lives I even skipped most of the Alaska gold rush back story as it didn t seem relevant and it slimmed a 500 page novel to about 440 pages I did learn about the regrading of Denny hill and other aspects of Seattle at the turn of the century, but there are surely better reads for that. Fascinatingly detailed description of turn of the century Seattle, In general, fictional books tend to attract because of the well drawn characters, engrossing plots, and excellent writing This book has lightly sketched characters, a mildly interesting plot, and workmanlike writing style But I could not put it down, and I think almost anyone who lives in or cares about Seattle will feel the same Beneath the book s superficial story, about a fictional boardinghouse, its landlady, and its occupants, is the real story the tale of the Denny Regrade, and the Alaska gold rush and smaller scale Seattle regrades that led to the Denny project This is not just an interesting story for engineering nerds the Denny regrade and its prologue are the story of how Seattle came to be what it is today Seattle s history obviously began long ago with the many Native American peoples who lived in this area, but the development of the city as a city began quite recently, sparked mostly by the Alaskan gold rush The regrades that followed in Seattle were part of a massive effort to improve the business prospects for the city, and they involved some profound re working of the basic landscape of the city, which laid the ground for the current version and for Seattle s ongoing willingness to continue to transform itself, most recently with the tunnel that will replace the viaduct, and the extension of light rail Anyway, if you have an interest in Seattle, you will love this meticulously researched novel the way I did, and for the same reason because you ll learn so much I also suggest trying to get your hands on a pictorial Seattle history like Seattle Then and Now most helpful context. I enjoyed this historical story of Seattle I think it could have been slightly condensed, but it gave an interesting picture of early Seattle. Residents of a Seattle Boarding house eventually destroyed by regrading Denney Hill The owner, a former Klondiker, albino handyman, aspiring photographer and black journalist. Fascinating history i ve lived near and loved Seattle all my life I knew little about the regrades and found that well documented in this book The characters were not fully realized and seriously annoying sometimes the worrying yikes but I did finish it and even though it was overlong I left wanting to look up history especially photos of the changes so I thank the author for that. Wow Peter Donahue likes research, and he made sure to include every single damn bit of trivia about Seattle life from 1890 to 1909 within the pages of this novel This title is historical fiction, but really edges on the outskirts of armchair historian There is a story involved in Madison House, and it clumsily focuses on the human dramas that play out between the various residents of a boarding house in the beautiful, but doomed, Denny Hill neighborhood in Seattle The ending to this story should be no surprise to anyone who lives or has lived in Seattle There is no Denny Hill but the Denny Hill you must climb to reach Capitol Hill, which can make it hard to want to read if you don t like anticipating unhappy endings that leave characters in utter destitution We start the novel finding one of our soon to be main characters getting arrested and abused by the police on suspicion of his involvement in a fatal incident at the Denny regrade project Then we jump to strong willed Maddie Ingram, fresh off the boat from a harrowing yet successful stint in the Klondike She uses her payout from the gold rush to purchase a boardinghouse with a fabulous view, and begins to collect an assortment of characters whom we get to know little by little after sifting through the dregs of Peter Donahue s research Eventually, Maddie learns that the city wants to tear down her hill in the name of progress and prosperity, and then we must go through several years and several chapters of Maddie feeling irate and not doing much of anything to make the situation better Much like the gold miners Donahue writes about, we readers have to really dig for those little moments where the story really moves forward Donahue certainly paints a wonderful picture of Seattle, especially in the context of mammoth engineering projects which frankly aren t discussed all that much today considering the cost to the individual, but he merely dabbled in telling a cohesive story that made me care about the numerous references to historic Seattle Personally, I would have like to have seen Maddie s Klondike experience developed , as well as the boarders stories There were so many moments that could have been a great asset to the overall story, but Donahue breezed over them, which frustrated me beyond belief when he spent so much time on minutiae. I love reading historical fiction about Seattle, my new hometown of the past 15 years Donahue clearly did a ton of research while writing this book And then felt compelled to cram every bit of that research into the book in a way that doesn t so much bring the era alive as make me feel like I m reading meticulous notes The overall plot, which focuses on the owner and inhabitants of a boarding house in the early 1900s that is likely to be demolished by the city s passion for regrading all its hills, was a good way to humanize an aspect of the city s history I hadn t given much thought to, and the different personalities and pursuits of the boarders really fleshed out how many different kinds of people lived their daily lives here But the writing style was not compelling, and the one sex scene near the end was so cliched I literally cringed while reading it And finally the number of typos and other errors increased the further into the book I got, which as an editor I found distracting. This sounds kinda cheezy but this book gets me Here is a historical fiction novel set in a period of time that I am very interested in beginning of 20th century , in my own city of Seattle, and where the characters are expressing anxieties that my friends and I have been expressing a lot in recent years The torment of Seattle changing beyond your control and not liking it, and not sure of your place in it is as real for the inhabitants of Madison House facing the regrade of Denny Hill as it is for those who are struggling with being priced out of Seattle and watching things we love about Seattle disappear to development Not only did the characters express my exact feelings 100 years removed but it also gave me some heavy existential perspective as the Seattle the characters are morning losing is a Seattle I would never know All that said, I thoroughly enjoyed all the time I spent in old Seattle reading this book The author had clearly done his research and firmly placed me there It was a fun read as someone who enjoys Seattle history, there were references to many things I knew, but it was also fun to look up some real characters mentioned and learn look at pictures There were many times that I d put my book down to pick up a tablet and see if a character was a real person or to see if a building described was a building I was thinking of that still stands My main criticism would be that, especially earlier in the novel, there is a bit of repetition but it wanes further in the novel, or rather, the author finds a fluid way to revisit scenes from another perspective in a way that feels less redundant The main criticism that I ve seen about the book has been about the amount of description showing off the author s research I would argue that for 90% of the book I appreciated that description and found that it really painted a picture and put me there To my friends who appreciate historical fiction, live or have lived in Seattle and especially those who have loved but also felt alienated by this city, this novel is a must read