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The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is there s nothing quite like magically delicious syphilis, if you ask me.P.S Why the books in this series aren t prescribed as antidepressants is and forever will be one of the greatest mysteries of the universe Until next time and stuff January 2018 The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 4, or How Kate Daniels Learned Being Naught but a Little Squirrel Doesn t Mean You Can t Beat the Fish Out of the Deliciously Villainous Villains And the moral of this rererererererereread is Also, if you see golden headlights coming right at you while you re playing with your deadly toothpick, beware Especially if there are rolling tumble weeds around June 2016 KD is the Cure to All of Life s Problems Buddy Read KDitCtAoLPBR with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap KSRT Original rating 5 stars Rating after xxxxxx rereads 100,000 stars More or less Kate Daniels is IT Kate Daniels cannot be rated And the moral of this particular rererereread is I want Ilona Andrews and Glen Cook to team up and write a series book cereal box blurb whatever anything with Kate Daniels and Lady as main characters Now that would be intergalactically EPIC And epically INTERGALACTIC I d read the story and never recover Well maybe I would If I rererererereread it over and over and over and over again Forever after And stuff It would be glorious Ilona, Gordon, Glen The End view spoiler until next time hide spoiler 9 30 17 ON SALE for 2.99 friggin , Louise Just in case you ve somehow missed my enthusiasm for Kate 3, MAGIC STRIKES, I ll say at least one time that it is my favorite installment in a UF series ever And it is But MAGIC BLEEDS gets 5 stars too It s maybe my second favorite installment in a Urban Fantasy series ever It s been too long since I ve read BITTEN by Kelley Armstrong best first installment in an UF series ever , to say for sure but it s a close thing, either way.And I love MAGIC STRIKES and MAGIC BLEEDS for similar, yet very different reasons.One of my favorite and simultaneously least favorite things about blogging is that it s made me think about why I like or dislike something in a book Sometimes I miss the simplicity of finishing a book, saying, I love it, it RAWKED, then moving on to the next thing, but on the whole, I think I get out of the books I read now.For example, this is probably the fifth time I ve read Kate 4, but it s the first time I ve realized that the one of these books touches on her family history, the I like it Same goes for how direct the link between the Bad Guy and that history Roland is In book 3, the Bad Guys were Roland s flunkies.In MAGIC BLEEDS well, I can t tell you who the Bad Guy is, but suffice it to say, NOT a flunkie And for those of you like me who devour every, single speck of Kate lore, you will be so ridiculously happy with this book Just after the mid way point, is History of Roland 101 Back to Bad Guy though, this one is both enthralling and terrifying Bad Guy is crazy No, really Total psychopath But at the same time Bad Guy is ruthlessly intelligentWhy call them half breeds It s a convenient term It drips with contempt Your re a soldier who faces a monstrosity It s stronger and faster than you, it looks like a nightmare, and when it takes a wound that would kill a normal man, its fellows push you back and fifteen minutes later the creature you wounded is back on its feet Where will your courage come from I leaned toward her But if you think the creature is an abomination, a half breed, who is less than you, you might reach deep inside and find a pair ExactlyMAGIC BLEEDS is full of these insightful, little life lessons, and for the first time, you begin to understand what Kate is up against Her enemy is THOUSANDS of years old, with THOUSANDS of years worth of not just knowledge, but application of that knowledge view spoiler I think the Andrews are particularly clever here when they make Kate an almost mirror image of her aunt It lends credulity to Kate living through the inevitable showdown with Roland yes, Kate is infinitely less experienced, but as Erra said, Blood ran true, and Kate has proven on numerous occasions that she is adaptable and quick on her feet hide spoiler Found footage of Curran keeping his alphas in line Reread 7 20184.5 starsI can t give you the white picket fence, and if I did, you d set it on fireI m a giant fan of urban fantasy I read all kinds of genres of books, but when I read urban fantasy I get a feeling of being at home The Ilona Andrews writing team created a universe where when I m having a bad day or want to have a good time, I can open a paperback, and escape there effortlessly and happily And that s exactly what I did with this book I recently had some crap come up in my personal life, and when I had the chance I transported myself into this world of mercenaries and werebeasts and didn t want to come back out So massive kudos to the authors, you did your job right.In magic flare zone Atlanta, Kate Daniels is stood up That s right, she cooked the Beast Lord Curran dinner, and he never showed Flash forward about a month or so and the two are at each others throats On top of this, there s a strange shaman who keeps showing up in bars and casinos and trying to magic blast the place with plague and disease It s not long before Kate gets called onto the case, and when she does she finds she might be connected to it than she expected.This was the best book of this series for me so far The plot was thrilling, the banter was witty and humorous, and I couldn t put the darn book down even when my eyelids were slowly closing due to a need for sleep My favorite part of the book The pranks Kate and Curran were playing on each other When she covered his bed in catnip and he glued her ass to her office chair Priceless The addition of the attack poodle to Kate s daily life only made the story entertaining .I think a dog is a great idea I just never pictured you with a mutant poodle He isn t a poodle He s a Doberman mix Aha Keep telling yourself thatAlso, another reason why this book was awesome It s the hook up book Yes, the Kate and Curran relationship finally comes to a explosive collision in this book and it was all it was cracked up to beI miss you I worry about you I worry something stupid will happen and I won t be there and you ll be gone I worry we won t ever get a chance and it s driving me out of my skullThis was also the book where I finally stopped skimming when it came to the plot By this I mean the underlying issue or mystery As much as I love the other books and their stories, there were points when I skimmed That didn t really happen in this book All of Kate s investigations had me utterly enthralled, and the parts with Kate and Erra was like watching an interrogation between a smart ass and a sociopath it would make great television, just saying.And that ending view spoiler When they finally got to flip it and Kate took care of Curran when he was injured Heartwarming It gave the viewer a small glimpse of what Curran goes through when Kate was injured or sick hide spoiler Sale Alert Books 3 and 4 of this series were my absolute favorites which is saying something since this is one of my all time favorite UF series This book is currently on sale 9 30 17 1.99Yes I m reading the Kate Daniels Series AGAIN and guess what I love it a little every time 3rd read and this series is still so much fun and at the top of my short list for UF PRN Kate Curran and Saiman have all the best parts in this.Buddy Read Reread June 8 with the gang at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA Re readYAY I m finally to my favorite book in the series for my re read before Magic BreaksReview after Re read 7 15 14 This was my favorite in the series the first time through and I believe it safely retains that ranking this time as well In my first read through I remember hurrying through parts to get to what was going to happen between Kate and Curran This time I have the luxury of knowing what will become of them so I was able to focus on all the other great stuff happening as well.Some of the best parts are the great side characters The introduction of Kate s new best friend with four legs that looks like a mutant attack poodle was so much fun I love animal companions in novelsYou should name him Fezzik, Andrea said Inconceivable, I told her and took the canine traitor back to my office. Alas the dog s name does not end up being Fezzik but it is much cooler and l loved the reason Kate choose it for him Once again proving our girl has brains and brawn.But my absolute favorite side character in this is Aunt B I loved her the first time through as well but this time I really could appreciate just how smart and crafty that lady is Nothing gets past her and she does seem to have Kate s best interest at heart especially if it helps out the Bouda clan as wellDid he spend the night Putting claws to my throat was never a good idea I smiled None of your business So he did Did he use the word mate What happened between me and Curran is our own affair Aunt B raised her eyebrows Congratulations Then you are indeed, the mate Why me That would be news to me I wouldn t be surprised if you were the last to knowSaiman, I forgot how wonderfully charming that man quarter god could be when he wants to be He has some fantastic interactions with Kate and while he might have overestimated his position in a few things I love some of the scenes with him, especially when he was pulling on deaths whiskers this time around.KATE AND CURRAN Yes this is the book they finally get down to the nitty gritty It isn t all roses and sunshine they are both alpha material and totally clash while trying to maintain their dominance But my girl Kate once she decides what she wants she is ALL IN and nothing and no one will separate her from His FurrinessIf you come, you better come in force because I will kill every single one of you My hand won t shake, my aim won t falter My face will be the last thing you ll see before you die I jammed my knife into the table and walked outForward ho onto the next great installment of the series.If you are a fan of UF PRN at all this is a fantastically fun series READ IT Original Review 9 28 13Before I totally fangirl over the Kate Curran drama oh and I totally will.I ll attempt to talk about the rest of the book.One of the things I like about the Kate Daniels series is that the villain is always based in some sort of lore that I haven t been overexposed to I m not even sure if it is real or just made up In that I feel like I m learning a little bit but also I don t already have a bunch of preconceived notions of how the god mythical creature should act and it is like starting with a clean sheet.The villain in this installment is undoubtedly the most dangerous and complex that Kate has faced to date The bad guy carries seven plagues around with them and unleashes them at different times on Atlanta Each one is devastating and causes incredible havoc They also have some strange similarities in power to Kate and she doesn t know how to control her power nearly as well and needs to learn fast.Hugh is busy gathering information on Kate to make sure he knows everything about her before presenting her to Roland and is biding his time through this newest crisis Kate knows that soon she will have to face her father and is desperately struggling with either going it completely alone or letting people into her life But to do that she will have to come clean and tell the people closest to her who she really is You can t smelt happiness out of a lie The world doesn t work that way. The character I most enjoyed this book beside the new addition of the attack poodle and Kate and Curran or course was Aunt B She is sneaky, manipulative, intelligent an opportunist and at times even the voice of reason I really like the way she runs her clan of hyenas and how she interacts with Kate Aunt B is the alpha that you definitely do not want to get on the wrong side of The deal she makes with Kate is one that benefits Kate but also helps her I like how she is an example and a strong female character without being portrayed exclusively as a bitch The plot arc was one of the strongest of the series and delved into the magic of the world Kate lives in even This is probably the strongest book in the series to date Okay on to the fangirling of the romance aspect of this book There may be a few minor spoilers don t read on if you don t want to know.Cat courting practices are interesting to say the least and a little dangerous it seems to any that stand to close ehmm Saiman cough cough I was worried at the beginning of the story that the minor misunderstanding between Kate and Curran was going to derail them for an entire book I ve seen it done in other series and I m not a fan but no worries all is made well again before the end.Kate miserable without Curran in her life decides to try to play by his rules and it is about time I loved that she finally decided, this is what I want, and took charge Even if later she doubts herself and her choices I admire the initial push in the right direction There are some very good steamy scenes and I love that everything isn t roses for them right after They have distinctly different personalities and wants Curran is desperate to protect Kate and Kate is desperate to run into the face of danger and sacrifice herself if needed But tenderness and vulnerability are definitely there at the blooming of their relationshipPeople think I built the Pack, because I m the guy who has the welfare of all shapeshifters in mind They re wrong Everything I built, I did so that when I mate and have children, nobody can touch my family I built all this so I can protect youPlus being Mated to the Beast Lord isn t all glamorous You live in a glass house always surrounded by people watching looking for an edge something to give them the upper hand looking for any weakness to exploit I couldn t believe how fast some of the pack turned after the main battle I m ecstatic that Kate and Curran have finally made some progress on this front since the tension between them was killing me Like the end of other books in this series it really just made me want I can t wait to see what will happen to the main Alpha s next. 4.33 stars, and four down in my April 2018 Kate Daniels readathon While Magic Burns doesn t quite hit the heights of the third book, Magic Strikes, it s still a great, action packed book.As a mercenary peacekeeper, Kate gets called to investigate a strangely intense fight at a bar When she gets there, there s a body strung up on a utility pole, pinned to it with a crowbar The body is very dead but the deadly disease that infests him is NOT As magically virulent flesh colored fuzz starts creeping toward Kate and others, it s all Kate can do to try to contain it within magical ward circles.This is just the start of troubles for Kate Two attacks occur, dead bodies pile up, magically mobile diseases attack Someone with a very long relationship think centuries, even millennia with Kate s magical father has Kate, the Pack, and Atlanta generally in their sights.Meanwhile, after things had started looking up for Kate s budding relationship with Curran, the Beast Lord aka shapeshifter leader at the end of book 3, it all comes crashing down at the beginning of this one Curran doesn t show up for an EXTREMELY significant dinner for two, with no explanation, and Kate gets blown off when she calls the Keep the shapeshifter s Atlanta compound to check on him Being Kate, she doesn t take it at all well The question is, who can out stubborn who A solid entry in the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series, with the familiar mixture of vampires, werewolves and other shapechangers, ancient and exotic gods this type we re dealing with Babylonian legends , sometimes unreliable magic, and a major helping of snark Magic Burns is noteworthy for some serious changes in Kate s life and some significant revelations about her past and her ancestry.You know those books that keep you up way too late at night because you just need to finish them since you just can t leave the characters hanging where they are Yeah, this is one of those And this second time I read it, instead of staying up all hours, I read it during the day while I should ve been doing other things But Curran and Kate kept calling to me Also Curran My current 1 book boyfriend. First reread January 2015Original rating 5New rating 8Post Shift Productions proudly present Yet Another Exciting Day in the Life of Kate Daniels 8.00 a.m investigate the death of a human barnacle Realize it s a case of magically delicious syphilis It s going to be a long day Again 8.30 a.m think about His Furiness Feel like punching His Furiness in the face Where did that thought come from 9.00 a.m fight a demonic, spawn of hellish beast Good doggy 9.30 a.m listen to your voice mail at workI curse your arms so they will wither and die and fall off your body I curse your eyeballs to explode I curse your feet to swell until blue I curse you I curse you I curse youOkay then 10.00 a.m still investigating A guy in a cloak did it Good to know Consider praying to Miss Marple 10.30 a.m find yourself doodling a horned lion with a pie on his pitchfork Now who could that be 11.00 a.m trade your teenage werewolf sidekick for a deadly, mutant attack poodle 11.30 a.m bubonic plague Dysentery Influenza Cholera on magic steroids What did you ever do to anybody 12.00 a.m wish that the furry bastard would stop intruding on your thoughts for five seconds Consider dancing a jig in celebration the minute it happens 12.30 a.m discuss vamp storage cavities with Ghastek Find out he prefers throats to anuses Thank the gods for small favors 1.00 p.m friendly visit to the Mercenary Guild Find a guy pinned to the elevator shaft by a spear through his throat Nifty 1.30 p.m Oh look, the Beast Lord Stay cool Zen No punching in the face Punching would not be Zen. 2.00 p.m be awed by His Fussiness ability to use big words A friendly conversation ensues Consider throwing in some whistling And rolling thumbleweed You re all set 2.30 p.m time for a well deserved break Go home, resurrect a head in the kitchen Your deadly attack poodle barfs a little 3.00 p.m have His Furry Majesty throw you around a little Things are looking up 3.30 p.m get Raphael Andrea out of jail Hot tub SIG Sauer P 226 Diving for clams That s boudas for you 4.00 p.m sneak into the Keep Weld the bimbo room shut Decorate with catnip Fun times 4.30 p.m go back to the office Have a short phone conversation with His Furiness Realize your butt is glued to your chair 5.00 p.m surprise visit from Auntie Erra She came all the way from Babylon too Coolest aunt ever This is one happy little squirrel 5.30 p.m Saiman suicidal Curran homicidal Oh My God The Universe just exploded BIG TIME 5.45 p.m relax in a hot tub Lose all senseIt s not the bathtub, babyOh boy 6.00 p.m decide to give your judgemental crocodile bodyguard a room at the Keep Think it might give Jim an aneurysm 6.30 p.m meet Auntie Erra again Realize she recently developed a fetish for spandex Why you 7.00 p.m bloodward No problem Meow 7.30 p.m pinned to the ground No biggie Got a toothpick 8.00 p.m relax after a long day s work Read The Princess Bride to a big sleeping cat 8.30 p.m attend a lovely family reunion at the Keep Feel very welcome Challenge a few shapeshifters just for kicks 9.00 p.m read The Princess Bride to a big sleeping cat Again Will this day never end 9.30 p.m meet a gay mongoose with an ambitious name Try to keep the creepy down a notch Fail miserably 10.00 p.m feline wake up time Attend yet another family reunion This is one pissed off little kitty RAWR Oh boy Original review June 2014 This series is killing me How much sleep do I have to lose over it Magic Bleeds is such an amazing read that by the time I finished the book I wasn t sure whether I wanted to read it again or jump right to the next one I could do this I just had to stay cool Zen No punching in the face Punching would not be Zen Well, to be honest, the first part of the book wasn t that fantastic but the second half simply blew me away Why Action, mystery, the usual Kate badassery, lots of emotion, some downright heart breaking moments and humour, lots of it A lion roar burst through the phone I held it away from my ear until he was done Very scary I feel it s my duty to remind you that threatening a member of law enforcement is punishable by law If you would like to file a petition regarding your break in, the Order will gladly look into the matter for you The phone fell silent Oh God, I gave him an aneurysm In this instalment we get details about Kate s blood and lineage lovely family and learn about the Pack rules regulations in detail such complexity, I love that Kate becoming Curran s mate is wreaking havoc in the Pack politics, with most of its members suffering from a collective panic attack This new situation is unsettling for most of the weres and gives a new edge to the series, with some unexpected twists developments Kate Daniels, deadly swordmaster Fear my twitching pinkie Kate Do I really have to go into this Okay Hall Hail the Queen of Snarky Badasses I rest my case The rabbis paled I d managed to terrify holy men Maybe I could beat up a nun for an encore The Kate Curran love story does take precedence over the action in this instalment, which apparently disappointed some readers I actually liked that the romance part of the series was only a subplot until now and was afraid this would turn into some boring paranormal romance thing Well, fear not for Ilona Andrews handles things very well I was annoyed at first because Kate Curran were both acting stubborn and very childish but it didn t last long Besides, things never get corny mushy between them With these two Oh no They d rather rip each other apart first This is no bunnies rainbows romance We get some very serious conversations between Kate His Fuzziness but mostly we get hilarious scenes The mating game is just hilarious view spoiler Kate shutting Curran out of the slut hut Curran gluing Kate s butt to her chair hide spoiler &EPUB ⇻ Magic Bleeds ⇹ Kate Daniels Works For The Order Of The Knights Of Merciful Aid, Officially As A Liaison With The Mercenary Guild Unofficially, She Cleans Up The Paranormal Problems No One Else Wants To Handle Especially If They Involve Atlanta S Shapeshifting CommunityWhen She S Called In To Investigate A Fight At The Steel Horse, A Bar Midway Between The Territories Of The Shapeshifters And The Necromancers, Kate Quickly Discovers There S A New Player In Town One Who S Been Around For Thousands Of Years And Rode To War At The Side Of Kate S FatherThis Foe May Be Too Much Even For Kate And Curran, The Lord Of The Beasts, To Handle Because This Time, Kate Will Be Taking On Family TRIGGER WARNING This review may make your eyes bleedremember me why is he a overprotective assbecause it s who he isi mean DUH DUH FACE oh okay i mean okay i suppose why notwhy drama tell me why dramahey i kinda liked the catnipOMFG ME TOO i mean talking is great toobut i guess catnip is okayoh you fightoh you have sex nowokayi mean that s not how I roll but okay i guessoh youempty yourself nicenotwhateverso there s this bitch who wants to kill y allyeah i wrote y all yeah i m french don t see the problem now let me talk okay anyway so let s fight no don t fight because i want to protect you no you won tyes i willno you won tyes i will no you won t looks at the number of pages left 200 yes she will, put it up your ass like right nowhey no need to be vulgari have protective issues just deal with it and sometimes i just want to kill peoplefor reasonslike breathingbreathing is like, so aggressive sometimes you know like the guy is just like 2 feet from youwhat am i supposed to dofor reali mean reallyor iclench you to melike that s a thingokayi am hot thoam i notam i notam i notokaylet s kill some assholes okaydiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiejust die alreadyyou too you tooyou tooit was fun tho Please accept my sincere apology and be assured that I will never remedy the error For reading well written reviews about Magic Bleeds, I strongly invite you to go there. MY REVIEWS FOR THIS SERIESclick on the pictures to goFor of my reviews, please visit Reread.Atlanta got a visit from Kate s relative and all hell break loose Shapeshifters going mad to town on the verge of epidemic, add Kate s dark mood over Curran standing her up for the dinner to the mix it was a rollercoaster ride So many moments where I laughed out loud, and bit my nails specially those final battle scenes An enjoyable read.