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~EPUB ☳ Magic Dreams ☸ From New York Times Bestselling Author Ilona Andrews Comes A Tale Of Darkness, Desire, And WerecatsAlpha Pack Leader Jim Shrapshire Has Always Been The Strong, Silent Type But Something Has Come Over Him A Magic Force Currently Residing In One Of The Pack S Headquarters Were Tigress Dali Harimau Has Always Wished She Could Get Jim S Attention But Now He Needs Her Help Stricken With A Magic Sickness, Jim Needs Dali S Flair For Magic And To Save Him, She Must Challenge A Powerful, Dark Being To A Battle Of Wits Includes An Excerpt Of Ilona Andrews S Upcoming Novel In The World Of Kate Daniels, Gunmetal MagicMagic Dreams Originally Appeared In The Anthology Hexed Jim likes a girl The problem is that Jim is too Alpha to make the first move Moreover as the Pack Leader of the were cats and head of Security for Curran the Beast Lord, he can be easily accused of taking advantage of his position.Dali likes a boy The problem is that were tigress Dali is vegetarian, almost blind and too unattractive to make the first move A brain with glasses she describes herself.One day Jim is in trouble Being at the wrong place the wrong time, he has been infected with something hideous that is eating Jim s soul and magic Jim keeps falling asleep and as a final result he will die.Dali will not allow an evil spirit to steal Jim from her Jim is hers, nobody else could have him The living, breathing golden snail KEONG EMAS is the only thing that can help Jim Dali will not hesitate to risk her life to find it for him She has to visit the Underground, the most dangerous place in Atlanta for shifters and buy it.Then, Dali will have to fight JOROGUMO, the Biding Maiden, the whore spider and get Jim out from her spiderweb It is a good thing that Dali is a clever girl and very good in riddles.Jim s and Dali s future will look bright.There is also the addition of another interesting character in Kate Daniels world A SUANMI i.e the son of the dragon , from which Dali will save.I loved the book It features weird and wonderful creatures from Asian mythology especially from Japanese mythology I have a good knowledge of Greek mythology and I have noticed that the references and the descriptions in the previous books concerning the creatures from Greek mythology are perfectly accurate Thus, I am absolutely positive that all the descriptions of the Asian mythological creatures in this book must be also exactly right The author must have done a lot of homework for these books. The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Previous rating 5 stars New rating 3.5 stars Yes, this is a Despicably Low Rating DLR No, my account hasn t been hacked by the Fluffy Siberian Bunnies FSB Yet. And the moral of this reread is shamelessly downrating an IA story for the first time in the entirety of my entire life I am Because, although I love the Cool Japanese Stuff CJS and Awesome Indonesian Stuff AIS in this story, I have now read Kate Daniels 200 a few times and can now fearlessly ascertain that Notwithstanding her nifty Shodo magic tricks and funny vegetarian tiger antics, Dali Whiny Woe Is Me Harimau is a Premium Sick Love Puppy PSLP and First Rate Pity Party Queen FRPPQ Which I slightly dislike in female characters Jim Shrapshire is a Selfish Asshole of the First Order SAotFO who needs to be sacrificed to Roland in Magic Triumphs In a most excruciating way, if possible Original review from a couple of centuries ago Only a few days left before Magic Breaks is finally released and I m definitely getting restless As a desperate measure I ve decided to get my hands on anything Kate Daniels related hence Magic Dreams I didn t know this short story was about Dali Jim and I can t say I was very excited at first In the series Dali pretty much comes across as a clumsy nutcase and Jim is the very serious and paranoid head of security for the Pack I didn t expect to have much fun reading Magic Dreams Well I was very wrong, this is a very fun, entertaining read I actually loved Dali as a narrative voice and it was great to see things from her perspective Jim is definitely growing on me now and doesn t seem to be the boring, ever serious alpha I thought he was Nice I really liked the interaction between Dali him and it s fun to see how different they are from the other couples in the series Kate Curran, Andrea Raphael A very fast paced, entertaining read Now I would love to read about Dali Jim, who would have thought Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, Asya, and Monty Cupcake.One of the most powerful groups in post apocalyptic Atlanta is called Pack shape shifters ruled by iron hand of its leader, Curran One of his right hand people, also in charge of overall security is Jim who makes his appearance in practically every previous Kate Daniels book During one of his security related investigations he stumbles upon a magic related problem, so he has to ask his resident magician Dali for help.Dali is an unusual character She is a shape shifter her animal form is a white tiger She is also vegetarian, near sighted, and faints at the sight of blood I repeat she is a tiger A vegan tiger, if such a thing is possible A vegan tiger that is afraid of blood As a side note, we discussed her problems with my buddy readers and came to a conclusion most of them come from the fact that you cannot feed a cat no matter how large with only stuff which grows from soil cats are predators, and there is nothing can be done about it.Jim and Dali always seemed to me very flat characters Dali is stereotypical comic relief than flat I did not expect much from a story from Dali s POV and this is exactly what I got not much The story was OK, but the character did not have any additional dimensions for them The romance between them was hinted at before, now it is clearly shown The novella is short and a fast read, but nothing outstanding Well, not exactly For some reason I always expected for a Chinese dragon to make an appearance I like them and they are not common guest stars in modern fantasy in the series it finally happened which brought some explosive results.The final rating is unsurprisingly 3 stars a good but completely forgettable read This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one 4.5 Butterfly Kissed Stars Re read July 15, 2014 before the release of Magic Breaks Possible inflating rating because of my love for Dali, don t judge me She became one of my favorite characters during the midnight games Dali is a drag racing Indonesian white tiger, with magic, short term memory loss after shifting that curses on parchment and is a vegetarian.SOLD When Jim becomes the target of a supernatural force only Dali and her mystical family can help him She has had a crush on Jim for a long time but is sure that her Alpha will only ever see her as a quirky cat with some magic and never as a woman Sometimes being smart can get in the way The only thing you re proving is that the smartest woman I know has zero common sense You have powerful magic, you re smart, you re competent, but none of that matters I have a dozen Nadines, I only have one you What good would Nadene do me right now And I know you re female, I ve noticed.One of the best parts of this entire novella is the time spent with Dali s family Her mother is absolutely hilarious at times and the scenes in that house are pricelessA rolled up newspaper landed on my head and then on Jim s None of that in my house Oh my gods The alpha of Clan Cat just got smacked with a rolled up newspaper Mom She pointed at me with the newspaper Do not shame me I clamped my mouth shut When she pulled out the shame card, it was all over Unlike the other women of this series that are all kick butt and take names later, Dali is mostly smarts and cleverness It is a nice shift from some of the other women Her adversary is something out of Japanese demon lore and I totally loved the mythology shift as well Great beginning to another couples romance I can t wait to see what happens to these two down the road as well. 3.5 Kitty StarsLook, he isn t even concerned I poured the tea He s concerned, Mother He just doesn t panic, because he s in charge and if he panics, everybody else will panic I can jog around the room pretending to scream if you would like, Jim offeredThis novella centers around two of our favorite kitties in the series, Jim and Dali As usual with IA s characters, these two find themselves neck deep in trouble and have to find their way out of it.Writing and action wise the book is great Well structured and it actually delivers a good and complete story which is very important for a novella BUT while I love Jim and Dali as side characters, they don t excite me as protagonists They both lack the snark and awesomeness of Kate and Curran, or the smexy of Raphael That s not to say I didn t like them They just play in a completely different leagueA rolled up newspaper landed on my head and then on Jim s None of that in my house Oh my gods The alpha of Clan Cat just got smacked with a rolled up newspaper Mom She pointed at me with the newspaper Do not shame me I clamped my mouth shut When she pulled out the shame card, it was all overThis was the funniest scene in the book, which is saying much about the lack of the humor KD is so full of.The one titbit I did love was the thing about Kate and phones I never gave it much thought and it s kind of funny that Dali knows what the problem is but doesn t inform Kate P Buddy reread with the Ilona Andrews Addicts in preparation for Magic TriumphsOriginal rating 4 starsNew rating 3 starsYes, I know, lowering an IA rating should be punishable but between Jim and Dali and knowing what I now know of them I just couldn t look at this as sweet Now the only thing I saw was how whiny and pathetic Dali is and feel sad for all that wasted potential And Jim, well lets just say that I really want him to be a sacrifice of the war with Roland This reread also made me realize how much I sympathize with the spider demon So yeah, something s definitely wrong with me if the character I feel most sorry for is a giant man eating spider Original review This was so sweet Dali seemed like a great character in Magic Strikes and now I love the quirky, half blind, reckless weretiger Jim is also a character with great potential Sure there were moments in the previous books when I wanted to bash his head in so when I realized where this is headed a sinister smile curved my lips He already has one hell of a job and now he will never have a calm, boring day I hope we get some glimpses of him tearing his hair off in the future novels. To say that I m in love with Kate s world is an understatementAfter Kate and Andrea, it s Dali s turn to take the spotlight She is the famous white tiger and she s almost blind and a vegetarian.Yep That s Dali Oh And she has a huge crush on the big bad Cat Alpha, Jim And go figure he reciprocates Uhum Ilona Andrews writes fairy tales after all It doesn t matter there is ass kicking, people things loosing all kinds of bodily fluids all over the place In the end, it s all a fairy tale where the ugly duckling gets the hot stud.Anyway, I liked the Japanese horror element of the story I didn t think in such a dark series, I could still feel chills down my spine.So what do I have next Magic Slays backs away slowly 3.5 stars Jim the werejaguar, the shapeshifter Pack s chief of security, is in deep trouble from some mysterious sleeping sickness Dali the vegetarian white tiger is determined to help not least, because she has a mad crush on Jim It s an interesting and kind of amusing novella Review to come. That time when I told you it didn t matter what your mother thought about your looks Aha I meant it, he said Because I think you re beautiful Dali and Jim, oh I love this couple.