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The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 3.5, or How Andrea Nash Learned Cat Corpses Make smelly Lovely Fashion Accessories Sometimes. And the moral of this rereread is hey, all you Andrea haters out there Die, die, die Are you sure you read this novella before erroneously deciding you couldn t stand warm up to my mostest favoritest beatskin ever Because if you did, that can only mean two things 1 you read the story very wrong or 2 you read the story very wrong Either way it doesn t bode particularly well for you.What Not scary enough for you Sigh Such a ridiculously demanding bunch you are Let me go get Junior for you, he just woke up from his siesta That better Good Oh, and by the way, bye bye, puny humans It was not nice knowing you and stuff P.S Fido Boom Baby badass boudas thethingice spiders hahahaha the werehyena Casanova Thanatos hahahaha squeamish honey badgers blood and gore and guts, yay Lion, King of Cats Exploring the Pride apples yes, yes and BLOODY SHRIMPING YES Original review from centuries ago I m getting very impatient as the release of Magic Breaks approaches only a few days left, tick tock tick tock and I m trying to get my hands on anything Kate Daniels related I wasn t too sure about a novella centered on Andrea s character but Magic Mourns is fantastic and gives great insight into the whole series Reading this made me realize how little we get to know Andrea as a character in the main series We know she is beatskin and that she suffered quite a lot as a child but little We know that she gets together with Raphael but have no idea about her inner struggles Some readers seem to think this novella is not that important in the grand scheme of things i.e the main series but I think it really is There is so much to learn here Now that I ve read Magic Mourns I almost almost I said love Andrea as much as I love Kate I wasn t really sure about her until now and didn t know what to make of her character but she really grew on me here She kicks butt, takes no crap and is snarky as hell maybe not as much as Kate is, but still What s not to love The part of the novella where she tells Raphael about her birth and childhood is absolutely heartbreaking Who would have guessed she had suffered so much Actually it does explain a lot about her character as it comes across in the rest of the series Before reading Magic Mourns I didn t think Raphael s character was that interesting but I m getting to like him quite a lot The Bouda sex magnet has become quite the love sick hyena I like the relationship he has with Andrea Like Kate Curran, they both have their flaws but complement each other very well As in the rest of the series, this novella is fast paced and action packed The mythology related mystery was entertaining and kept me guessing until the end The epilogue unsettled me a bit because of the change of narrator but it reveals an interesting piece of information about Kate Curran view spoiler they both are immune to Persephone s Apples Intriguing to say the least hide spoiler 4 Andrea Raphael StarsWould you say the shapeshifter was in distress Hell yeah, he was in distress His tail was on fire He ran like his tail was on fire No, his tail was on fire Like a big, furry candle on his assIn this novella the main protagonist isn t our beloved Kate Daniels since she is home recuperating after being impaled by sword in the Midnigh Games, but her best friend, Knight of the Order of Merciful Aid and beastkin werehyena, Andrea Nash Andrea is less impulsive and methodical in her investigations than Kate until you pair her up with Raphael and then all hell breaks lose and most of the times she finds herself in troubleWho is there with you Raphael Kate s voice snapped I ll be in Atlanta in three hours Where are you I said it s nothing major Bullshit You wouldn t work with Raphael unless the Apocalypse was imminent and that was the only way to prevent itIn this novella the trouble comes paired with a three headed dog that usually guards the gates to Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, a few apples that belong to either Hera or Persephone and give immortality, a crazy Master of the Dead, a missing dead body and a few vampires.Although I love seeing how Raphael and Andrea started out their relationship, I never really loved Andrea as much as I love Kate which is the only reason I give this 4 stars intead of 5 because compared to most books, this still is a favorite of mine Somehow though we have to separate our favorites in the series from the ones we liked less.Yeah, sweet is the first word in my mind P Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, and Asya Kate Daniels still recuperates from injuries she sustained during the last book and so nothing really exciting happens to her almost nothing, but I am not going to spoil it Enter Andrea Nash her friend and a colleague from the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid Where Kate is good with her sword Andrea is an expert at anything that shoots, including some really heavy weaponry The story is told from her POV.So Andrea was sitting in her office minding her own business when she received a phone call about a shape shifter being hunted by a three headed dog she rushes to investigate only to realize the problem might be too big for her to solve alone.What I like about the book is the new POV It is interesting to get inside of Andrea s head and learn some of her background There were also some other interesting and amusing parts What I do not like is that the romantic part was a little bit too much I read about Andrea s feelings than I care to know about I would be the first one to admit her childhood was not exactly a happy one and that she has some issues as a result, but still this short book failed at something previous full length ones succeeded to keep the romance part in check.I would really like to mention one personal nitpick I really do not consider myself to be an expert on Greek mythology, but even with such limited knowledge as mine I would recognize what kind of a creature a three headed dog is, instantly Why the heck did heroes of the book spent practically half of it trying to find this out It took them a phone call to Kate who referred them to a book on mythical creatures I thought Cerberus was common knowledge.Even with the problems above this is a solid 3 star read It also contains a tiny, but very interesting POV at the end This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one Between 3 and 3.5 stars This novella, one of the interim stories in the Kate Daniels series, is told from the POV of Andrea, Kate s best friend Andrea finds out about a monstrous three headed dog and sets off to take care of the problem She finds a lot than she expected, including vampires, a shade ghost of a dead man, and Raphael, the werehyena who s been pursuing her romantically.This novella doesn t really stand on its own and the mystery has several weak points if you think much about it, but it slots in nicely with the overall series.Full review to come. [ KINDLE ] ⚕ Magic Mourns ♕ Andrea Nash Of The Order Of Knights Of Merciful Aid With An Assist From Her Friend, Kate Daniels Tries To Figure Out Why The Giant Three Headed Dog Who Guards The Gates Of Hades Is Sniffing Around AtlantaOriginally Published In The Anthology, Must Love Hellhounds A giant three headed dog as big as a house and burning spit is chasing Raphael Andrea is running to rescue him Apparently someone has stolen a precious dead body and Raphael is following the smell That does not stop him to take the opportunity to pursuit Andrea at the same time It is cool to be a hyena That is what I really love in these books Usually hyenas in shifters books are either mean, or stupid or the enemy In Kate Daniel s world are playful and lovable. 3.5 Boudalishious Stars Re read before the release of Magic BreaksMagic Mourns is set in the middle of the six week waiting period after the final showdown of Magic Strikes and Kate is off recuperating Andrea is trying to fill in for her, but Kate s shoes are hard to fill Raphael needs a little help with a certain situation involving a dead body, a three headed dog and the gates of the underworld I stared at the phone Forgot the number Raphael asked No Thinking of how to phrase this If I say the wrong thing, she ll be dashing down to the ley line in minutes Kate had never met a person she didn t want to protect, preferably by hacking at the hostile parties with her sword But Kate was also human and needed to rest.I love Kate and Curran s building love story but Raphael and Andreas courtship is a little fun That is just because Raphael gets to be much playful than the Beast Lord of Atlanta He has relentlessly pursued her for the last six months and she has been able to avoid him for the most part but spending this much time close to him might just break down any resistance to his intense charm she has left The sinful smile was back I always dreamt of being naked with you Couldn t pass up the chance I started the Jeep Could you get any full of yourself I m mostly interested in getting you full of me This is a quick read and while not totally necessary to the Kate Daniels storyline it was really fun and Teddy Jo was a surprise He does give a smidgen of insight into the power of Kate Daniels and the Beast Lord towards the end that I found particularly interesting Original Review October 20133.5 StarsThis is a fun read I always enjoy the world of Kate Daniels and in this we get to see how Andrea and Raphael actually get together after he chases her for months Also, Andrea tells some of her backstory which was totally interesting.The adventure was fun and haha I never would have guessed who Teddy Jo was.Great filler for in between books 3 and 4 not necessary to the main story line but fun none the less. 2016 June Re read I love this world I love the different mythologies that show up and become featured I love the characters And I ll be honest, I like the idea of Andrea and Raphael a lot here, initially They have a bit of a rough patch to put it mildly later on, which kind of sours things for me a bit Hopefully I can get over that a bit on this re read.2014 August Review Well, damn.How many of these did I skip reviewing last time Okay, here goes This is just a novella about Andrea and Raphael And after the intense flirting and thing that happened in Magic Strikes between them, it s about damn time I always liked Andrea She s strong, competent, level headed, and willing to fight for what she believes She sticks to her promises, and her ground no matter what And I can trust her I know for a fact she will never, ever betray Kate What I learned in this book is that she s also scarred, and scared She needs Raphael just as much as he needs her.Raphael s been chasing Andrea, with no encouragement, for six months It s than obvious that he s smitten with her, and it s than just in Andrea s words TWT IHFB view spoiler That Weird Thing I Haven t Fucked Before hide spoiler 1st read July 2013 original rating 4 stars2nd read June 20153rd read June 2016 increased to 5 stars4th read December 20175th read July 20186th read June 2019Original ReviewMagic Mourns is available to purchase as an ebook novella but was also included in the Must Love Hellhounds anthology The story is set after Magic Strikes while Kate is still recovering from her injuries and taking a break from her duties for the Order of Knights so her friend Andrea is standing in for her When Andrea gets a call from a member of the public concerned that a shapeshifter is in danger she gets than she bargains for when she goes to investigate Not only does she come face to face with a giant hellhound but she is also forced to work closely with Raphael, the werehyena she has been trying to avoid ever since she realised he had feelings for her.I have been a fan of Andrea since she first appeared in the series, she always makes such brilliant snarky comments and her interactions with Kate never fail to make me smile I loved getting to see her take a leading role and this has me even excited to read the full length novel that is told from her point of view Gunmetal Magic Andrea is just as kick ass as Kate but in a different way, where Kate excels with a sword Andrea is comfortable with guns the bigger the better It s a good job she s a crack shot because her skills are certainly put to the test in this story This may only be a novella but it packs a lot in and I really enjoyed seeing Andrea start to come to terms with her past and accept herself and her abilities.I have to say I really started to fall for Raphael during this story, I ve always liked him and found him amusing but this was the first time I really felt the chemistry He is such a sweetie when it comes to Andrea, she has been pushing him away for a long time now because she is scared of getting hurt but now he finally has her full attention he goes all out to prove that she can trust him I love the way he acts towards her and think they make a great couple so I m all for seeing of them together in the future.I m not going to talk about the plot because it would be too easy to spoil this novella but I will tell you that it has everything you d expect from one of Ilona Andrew s full length books just wrapped in a shorter package There is plenty of action, a lot of humour and some fab banter between the main characters Don t expect to see much of Kate though, she only makes a very brief appearance as this is very much Andrea and Raphael s story A very worthy addition to the series and a story that fans aren t going to want to miss, my only complaint is that I wanted 2nd ReadI m loving this series just as much the second time around o 3rd ReadI love this novella every time I read it hence the upgrade to 5 stars Andrea and Raphael are great characters separately but together they re just brilliant Andrea had such a terrible childhood that it s no wonder she has trouble letting anyone get too close, especially boudas, but Raphael is persistent He s set his sights on her and will do whatever it takes to win her around.I d love to read stories about these two and I d quite like to revisit Teddy Jo I don t remember him appearing again later on in the series yet but I could be wrong too, I think he s a character with a lot of potential. Another year, another Kate Daniels re read.The Kate Daniels world has become a sanctuary for me I can hide in it from the pressure of everyday life and find inspiration to be better and stronger Andrea is one of the characters that makes a great role model for women at all ages She s flawed but that only makes her real and even worthier of admiration because she succeeds despite her flaws I wish I had her inner strength and her bravery, not only when it comes to life and death situations but also when it comes to letting someone in despite the pain and fear I hope that after countless re reads some of that might rub off on me Buddy reread in preparation for Magic Triumphs with the IAA.The first time I was impressed Impressed by the world and by how amazingly strong yet vulnerable Andrea is Now I mostly noticed how freaking hilarious this story is And I loved every second of it Original review Andrea plays a major role in this series but so far we knew very little about her and what makes her tick So this was a great opportunity to get to know her and Raphael a little bit better and let me say this woman deserves Respect Few people would have the strength to not only survive her childhood but also become such wonderful people Most would probably turn into complete psychos Add to this an angel of Death and some Greek mythology and you get the amazing blend that is the Kate Daniles world