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First read July 2014, rating 4 starsSecond read May 2016, rating 3 starsI m having such a hard time reviewing this book Maybe the hardest.I m so sorry I have to lower my rating, but this book didn t make me feel good at all This reread made me dislike Curran than I already did Some things are just unacceptable Review contains spoilers and it is not recommended to Curran s fans If you think he s the ultimate Alpha male and perfect for Kate, please do not proceed reading this Since this is my second read, I ll be concentrated only in Curran and Kate s relationship.In all the previous reviews I ve written about KD series, I m always sceptical and doubtful about Curran s intentions toward Kate He has failed so far to convince me that his feelings are true and this book was the last nail in his coffin regarding my opinion on him I m sorry Curran I guess I ll never love you.I hated so much how the Lorelei issue was handled You tell me things could have been different if Kate wasn t on that trip Give Curran a carte Blanche Right If Kate wouldn t go I m so sure Curran would have acted in some kind of way It is totally the way Hugh describes it He may love Kate but he wouldn t mind dipping it in fresh honey from time to time, so he could feel like he was on game and wanted again I don t care for his reasons, he shouldn t have lied to Kate, they re a pair Kate would never EVER do that If you know your mate is being led to a trap and you know who s organising it, why not prevent it from the beginning It is your mate You ve always been so fast to act before, why use logic this time Because another female was involved, that s why You let her near you, let her touch you, feed her, take long walks with her and then blame Kate for fighting Hugh You re such a piece of shit, Curran You don t deserve her Double standards do not applyYou are being replaced, and you are so stupid, you don t even realize it When a shapeshifter loves a woman, he doesn t let another woman hunt next to him, nor does he let her finish his kills So far, he d let her stand naked next to him, he d let her hunt with him, he d let her finish his kills whatever the fuck that meant and in the past twenty four hours he d spent time listening to her than he had speaking to me She had literally taken my place and he allowed it HOW CAN I Love or Like Curran after all these If you can change my mind and show me any proves that Curran wasn t interested just a little in Lorelei, please DO TELL ME Why was Curran defending Lorelei when Kate asked about her Why was there a need for him to act as a big brother bwahahaha And the most important why didn t he let Kate kill her when Lorelei challenged her WHY Curran and his Lorelei bitch can go fuck or kill themselves I like some shapeshifters , but I agree with Hugh Sometimes they are just animals and they are led by their urges Kate is so much better that this The only person that saved this book for me was Hugh Usually I hate when the MC has changes of heart about their love interest, but I would have loved for that to have happened this time Hugh and Kate are so similar, they d have been such a spectacular coupleSo, Hugh said You never told me Did you like the flowers I sent Their fight was the best scene in all 6 books It amazes me The chemistry was so powerful That s how a team worksWe moved in perfect unison He tossed a body at me, I sliced it, drove one at him, and he finished it with a precise, brutal cut I backed away until my spine touched Hugh s I had no idea how, but I had known with one hundred percent certainty that his back would be there to brace me So, Kate and Hugh Who s with me DYou feel something for me, Kate Whether you want to admit it or not, something is there I can guarantee we would never grow tired of it This would have been so amazing I love how IA end their books, but this felt so empty Curran asking Kate marriage was so lame Really Curran It felt like an apology for being a jerk and an asshole There was nothing romantic about that I could only feel his guilt and nothing Despite everything there were new characters that I liked Christopher and Astamur were so interesting I am sure I ll never read this book again 3 stars only for Hugh and Kate teamHugh Far far away, somewhere in Europe, two of the biggest European Packs are in turmoil A wolf princess, Desandra is pregnant with twins by both packs One baby is from Volkodavi from Ukraine and one baby from Belve Ravennati from Italy Apparently this is something that can happen in shifters A female can be pregnant by two males and get twins The result is two families arguing about their rights over her children Moreover, Desandra s cruel father is waiting to see which baby will be born first and to give him as a heritage a profitable mountain pass at the Carpathian Mountains.Curran and Kate are brought into this mess in order to protect Desandra and to be the incorruptible judge They will gain the greatest award, if they manage to do their duty and not be murdered in the process Panacea, a substance needed desperately since this mix of herbs reduces loupism at birth Curran, Kate and their team will have a great adventure across the ocean and the Mediterranean Sea where they battle mythical creatures, storms and boredom The action will move to Europe.Unfortunately the whole trip seems to be a well orchestrated trap Not for Curran, but for Kate who meets again with old enemies.I never expected to say that, but I really disliked Curran in this book A beautiful shifter daughter of the ruler from Alaska Pack is basically offered to his feet the moment he steps his foot on the land, Kate is constantly verbally attacked by all the shifters who doubt her abilities and her suitability to be Curran s consort And Curran does not really do much Just accepts everything until they finish their assignment and go home.Did he tell her Don t worry baby, I know what I am doing I have a plan NO HE DIDN T Did he tell her Don t pay attention to what they say or to what I am doing, we are still good NO HE DIDN TDid he tell her I love you You are the only one Please, trust me NO HE DIDN TOn the contrary, he starts avoiding her, not explaining anything and behaving in a way mated shifters are not supposed to behave As a result, he is confusing Kate and he is a jerk for most of the bookGod, I seriously wanted to slap Curran..and then backslap him.and then kick him where it hurts the most.And Kate is just not herself When she fights in perfect unison with one of her worst enemies knowing that his back would be there to brace her, there is something wrong with the whole picture Especially when her apparently smitten enemy stakes his claim and starts provoking Curran No marriage, no division of property and no strings attached Well played, Lennart Well played In the end of the book we are saying our heartbreaking goodbyes to one of our favorite characters of the series, while new important characters are introduced to the pack.I cannot find words to describe how much I enjoyed this book It is the best book of the series so far.Great hand to hand combats, sword fighting, new mythical creatures and the realization that Roland is not the oldest player around. @KINDLE õ Magic Rises ï Atlanta Is A City Plagued By Magical Problems Kate Daniels Will Fight To Solve Them No Matter The CostMercenary Kate Daniels And Her Mate, Curran, The Beast Lord, Are Struggling To Solve A Heartbreaking Crisis Unable To Control Their Beasts, Many Of The Pack S Shapeshifting Children Fail To Survive To Adulthood While There Is A Medicine That Can Help, The Secret To Its Making Is Closely Guarded By The European Packs, And There S Little Available In AtlantaKate Can T Bear To Watch Innocents Suffer, But The Solution She And Curran Have Found Threatens To Be Even Painful The European Shapeshifters Who Once Outmaneuvered The Beast Lord Have Asked Him To Arbitrate A Dispute And They Ll Pay Him In Medicine With The Young People S Survival And The Pack S Future At Stake, Kate And Curran Know They Must Accept The Offer But They Have Little Doubt That They Re Heading Straight Into A Trap 2.5 stars SpoilersNot impressed I ve never given an Ilona Andrews book less than 3 stars before but there was just too much WTFery in Magic Rises to rate it any higher I loved all the earlier Kate Daniels books, they had the right balance of plot, action, romance and humour Sadly, Magic Rises was a complete mess.Random thoughts What s what Pack kids go loup, need medicine, loads of melodrama, Kate Curran offered medicine and in exchange must protect pregnant shifter Desendra , Kate and gang travel to Europe for the job, the gang wary of trap, loads of posturing from foreign packs, Curran acts like fucker, mystery monsters, Kate acts like doormat The end I hated all the focus on pack and pack politics I m sick of all their rubbish, the series feels about the pack than about Kate I miss Kate going on her solo adventures, I m tired of her being tied to the pack and Curran I was annoyed that Kate was the one who seemed to be handling all the pack bullshit instead of Curran She was the one organising the security detail for the pregnant shifter, she was the one investigating the mystery monsters, and she was the one holding the group together Curran left it all to Kate whilst he spent all his time flirting and getting his ego stroked by a hot young wolf princess Lorelei I didn t buy his silly excuses for hanging out with Lorelei he did it because he wanted to, not because of Kate I used to love Curran but after reading Magic Rises, I no longer like him He did way too many unforgivable things the way he treated Kate was awful It made no sense whatsoever that Curran didn t tell Kate that someone wanted her dead he knew before they even got off the boat, but he still kept it from her She was going to dangerous, foreign territory, and he didn t think Kate ought to know that someone was out to get her WTF Her life was in even danger than she thought how would keeping her in the dark help in any way How dare Curran risk Kate s life further by not warning her of another threat Did Curran have that little trust and faith in her He didn t even have all the information on who hired the pirates to kill Kate until Saiman further question the pirate, so why not tell her straight away His whole excuse at the end didn t add up As soon as Curran saw Lorelei, he was all over her and that was BEFORE he even realised her involvement in Kate s assassination attempt Curran only bribed Lorelei s uncle after he found out from Saiman that the money the pirate had was from Lorelei s country So why was he all over her from the get go unless he genuinely wanted her Curran s flirting with Lorelai was too much, actually he was basically mating with her, what with giving her food, letting her kill the animals he hunted, letting her sit next to him, standing naked next to her, going on romantic walks with her, talking about his relationship to Kate with her, and bitching about Kate Ugh I have no doubt that Curran enjoyed his time with her he was probably buttering up Lorelai in case anything happened to Kate, that way he d have a back up The dick Hugh was right when he said that Curran wanted to have sex with Lorelei and that Curran must have thought about it I don t know why Kate ignored Hugh s opinion he was spot on about Curran Not only did Curran cheat on Kate yea, he did cheat on her in shifter terms , he humiliated her in front of EVERYONE, and then he lied about it repeatedly I was irritated that Kate just believed Curran s lies Why didn t she ask Curran that if he really didn t want Lorelei why the fuck was he spending so much time with her Why didn t she question him further The reason for Curran s behaviour towards Lorelei was BULLSHIT He thought getting touchy feely with Lorelai would stop the assassination attempt but there was no guarantee of that If the fuckers were willing to kill Kate in the first place so that Lorelai could have him then why wouldn t they decide to just finish Kate off straight away That way Curran would be vulnerable enough for Lorelai to seduce him None of it made sense If he really wanted to keep Kate safe he should have told her and spent as much time with her as he could instead of leaving her all alone thus making it easier for her to be killed If Curran had told Kate his nonsensical plan at the beginning, then not only would she have been careful, she would have played along She would still have been pissed and jealous at Curran s flirting even though she knew it wasn t real it s not like she would been cool with seeing Curran pretending to want another women It would have still hurt her so her responses would have been genuine That s why I didn t buy Curran not telling Kate his plan, him saying Kate couldn t lie and that she was worse at lying than a child was ABSOLUTE UTTER BULLSHIT Since when has Kate not being able to lie especially to strangers Curran might see through Kate but that s only because she wants him to Kate could have easily played along and fooled a bunch of strangers Also, Kate is actually a great liar she spent her whole fucking life hiding who she was, she regularly has to act in front of the pack so they don t see her weaknesses or tiredness, she hid her emotions and feelings from everyone growing up So how the fuck was she a bad liar I very much doubt she would have had any trouble pretending, acting and lying Did he know Kate at all Curran s excuses were pure BULLSHIT He must have just liked lying, humiliating and hurting Kate, and he must have loved getting cozy, and bitching about Kate with Lorelei The FUCKING dick The most unforgivable thing was not letting Kate know there was an extra threat, Curran knew their weren t at home, that they were outnumbered and that they had little control there He knew that Kate could have easily been isolated and then killed but he still didn t feel the need to warn her so she could be extra careful And he didn t even tell the rest of the pack that they needed to keep an extra close eye on Kate It wasn t like Curran himself was watching out for her he was too busy sucking up to Lorelai So Kate was left on her own and she was in danger than she knew that just showed how little Curran cared for Kate s safety Kate was decent enough until she turned into a doormat and forgave all Curran s bullshit after one conversation I didn t expect her to dump him but she should have at least taken a step back Curran s non stop lies and full on flirting with another woman showed that their relationship wasn t right Their whole conversation at the end was ridiculous, Kate said they weren t okay and that she wasn t sure what to do, and then her next sentence was literally that everything was cool between them WTF Oh and then, Curran told her he would act the same way if he had to do it all again Really So he basically told Kate he still didn t trust her or have faith in her, and Kate was okay with that When did she turn into such an idiot I really hated how Kate tried to justify Curran s reasoning by saying she would have done the same thing There s NO WAY she would have lied, flirted with another man, and humiliated Curran like that I hate when the hero and heroine have huge problems in their relationship and the heroine glosses them over by saying she would have done the same thing when it s so obvious she wouldn t have By the end of Kate and Curran s conversation, they didn t sort anything out Curran made dumb excuses and then Kate made even dumb excuses for him Their relationship was a mess The thing that really pissed me off was that if the situation was reversed, Curran would not have forgiven Kate straight away, he would have acted like a dick towards her and held a grudge for ages And Kate would have had to apologise over and over again, and then she would have had to make it up to him and prove herself Then she d have to make several grand declarations then maybe just maybe he would have deigned to take her back But it wouldn t end there, because he still wouldn t trust her completely and she d forever have to work for his trust or some bullshit Ugh Kate s attitude towards Desendra pissed me off She was really judgmental and unsympathetic towards her especially at the beginning Did Kate not realise that Desendra was pregnant with twins Had a dad who wanted her dead Had two ex s that had their own agendas And had no one that genuinely loved and cared for her With Desendra s history, it was no surprise she behaved the way she did Kate was a total cow with her judgy attitude I did like that Kate eventually managed to get some perspective and stopped looking down at Desendra so much I loved all the scenes with Hugh D Ambry He was the best thing about the book, he definitely had some chemistry with Kate I was actually wishing Kate would dump Curran and instead have a fling with Hugh The secondary characters were all good I loved Aunt B, Doolittle, Derek, George, Barbaras I still hated Mahon, his whole acceptance of Kate was a case of too little, too late Aunt B s death was sad, I would have preferred if Mahon had died I was disappointed that there was no Dali at all, I was looking forward to a little interaction between her and Jim.Desendra s character was great I felt sorry for her not only having a bastard dad but also two uncaring, cowardly, greedy husbands I was so glad she killed her dad but I was left confused as to who inherited his territory.The Christopher thing at the end was cheesy, Hugh must have known that Christopher knew how to make panacea there s no way Hugh would have let Christopher go, he would have at least tried to kill him There were too many info dumps about the mystery flying monsters It was really boring reading Kate s speculation about what they were and their origins and whatnot I was annoyed at Kate s constant crying Okay, she cried twice but it was still annoying All the sudden marriage talk irritated me Kate and Curran were fine before, and the whole let s get married felt less a natural step in the next stage of their relationship and a thing they forced because other people kept bringing it up.All in all, I was disappointed The story wasn t my cup of tea because there was too much pack nonsense, Kate was a pushover, and Curran was a dick I don t think he s as bad as Reyes from the Charley Davidson series or Owen from the Elemental Assassin series but he s definitely well and truly ruined for me. the ending of this book in one gif 3.5 starsFirst of all, it s still amazing to me how the Andrews can reduce you to tears over peripheral characters with just a few sentences.One minute you re fine, then the next you re, Well, that sucks, and then your face gets warm, your eyes get hot, and before you even know what s happened, you re blubbering.YES Blubbering.Why are you blubbering B c a mother gets down on the floor to sing her child, who will than likely have to be killed b c she s gone rabid, a lullaby, barely able to choke out the words Through plexiglass sobs But than simply messing with your FEELS b c they can, this situation clearly illustrates Curran and Kate s willingness to sail to Europe as neutral third parties, and play bodyguard arbitrate a situation that has three separate packs ready to come to blows, despite being fully aware that they are walking into a trap b c the payment for doing so is a year supply of panacea, an herbal mixture that greatly decreases the chance of loupism in shifters, especially during birth and in adolescence.In short a worthy cause.But for the first time, I had a couple of issues with a KATE DANIELS book 1 One of my biggest RAGE buttons when I m reading is anything that involves cheating, the appearance of cheating, ex lovers, wives, etc showing up and trying to get back what they didn t appreciate when it was theirs, and pretty, young things trying to steal your man grinds teeth I m really angry at myself for not reviewing this properly the first time I read it, b c as hesitant as I was to put myself through the reading of MAGIC RISES a second time, all of my anxiety was for nothing I already knew what was going on, so I wasn t able to recapture the absolute misery I went through on the first pass, and am therefore unable to adequately describe it for you But I m still determined to try.It Was A W F U L I was in the depths of despair, b c damn the Andrews, they made you walk with Kate through her steadfast belief in Curran s love and loyalty, through the steady decline to fear and doubt, all the way to the end that was heartbreak, disbelief, fury, and a bitter numbness.It was physically painful to read this book, which brings me to my second issue 2 I m not sure how I feel about Kate and Curran being so perfect for each other based on their sameness, which makes them capable of understanding the horrible things they put each other through I m not convinced that s a healthy relationship.3 Lastly, and I can t decide if it s this or the RAGE button that I have the biggest problem with, but there were too many weird creatures I m fine with the creatures that were ultimately the Big Bad in this installment excluding Hugh, of course , and I even thought Doolittle s walkthrough that first insinuated the statues were an allegory was really cool The astanay was awesome Loved that guy The monster eel was fine, too But weredolphins I get that there s mythology to support their existence, but it s just so cornball It pushed me over the hey that s a really cool mythical creature line and into the realm of that s just silly.BUT my least favorite KATE DANIELS book is still way better than most of the other Urban Fantasy available This was still a good book I just hate that it was necessary for Curran to do what he did, and I m not sure I ll be able to love Kate and Curran the same way as a couple after this And I don t want to taco bout it.My other reviews for this series A Questionable Client Kate Daniels, 0.5 Magic Bites Kate Daniels, 1 Magic Burns Kate Daniels, 2 Magic Strikes Kate Daniels, 3 Magic Mourns Kate Daniels, 3.5 Magic Bleeds Kate Daniels, 4 Magic Dreams Kate Daniels, 4.5 Magic Slays Kate Daniels, 5 Magic Tests Kate Daniels, 5.3 Magic Gifts Kate Daniels, 5.4 Gunmetal Magic Kate Daniels, 5.5 Retribution Clause Kate Daniels, 5.6 An Ill Advised Rescue Kate Daniels, 5.8 Magic Steals Kate Daniels, 6.5 Magic Breaks Kate Daniels, 7 Magic Shifts Kate Daniels, 8 Magic Stars Kate Daniels, 8.5, Grey Wolf, 1 Magic Binds Kate Daniels, 9 Iron and Magic Kate Daniels, 9.5 Magic Triumphs Kate Daniels, 10 Curran POV Collection Is it too early to post this Probably But it was so damn good Here is the review Ilona Andrews is the gold standard for urban fantasy This book made me laugh and it made me ache It kept me glued to the page And after six installments, Kate Daniels is every bit as engaging as ever maybe even so.You get to a point in almost every series where the gang takes a road trip and this is that book All of the core characters are there Kate, Curran, Derek Andrea, Rafael, and even Saiman So I didn t feel like we were leaving much behind The basic conflict pits Kate and the gang against other shapeshifting factions and a surprise Big Bad, but for me, this book is of an examination of the ties Kate has to her own Pack and whether they ll stand against the external pressure.Basically, there are some European Packs who have access to a special blend of herbs that can stop a shifter from going loup But they will only give it to Curran if he can protect a pregnant wolf princess long enough for her to deliver her babies He knows it s some kind of trap, but the reward is too great to pass up, so he loads up most of his best people and sets sail for the Black Sea.In the ever expanding Kate verse, I was worried that all of the new characters would be overwhelming or confusing They weren t I thought the plot was constructed very well, and though there were twists, turns, and surprises, I never found it cumbersome The dialogue is snappy and funny And ultimately, the story advances the overall series arc quite well.I say all this, but when you finish reading the book, the only thing you ll be thinking about will be emotional roller coaster we go through with Kate and Curran.I m always a bit wary of long running series with a single love interest I worry that they ll get boring they ll lose their spark and I ll stop caring That is most definitely not the case here We ve got Trouble with a capital T And the thing is, despite everything these two have gone through to get together, the conflict is very real It was hard to read at times, because I have grown to love Kate and it hurts to see her hurt I m not going to tell you what happens or how it all ends up, but I will say that I was riveted and by the time it was all said and done emotionally spent.Plus, there was a view spoiler pretty significant death that I didn t see coming hide spoiler 3.5 Kate Daniels was exactly what I needed to get through my reading slump It helped me 1 year ago when I binged read the first 5 volumes in the series and I have the feeling it helped now as well I needed fast paced, engaging adventure to absorb me completely and compel me to open the kindle whenever I got the chance Kate is my favorite UF heroine, smart, witty, kick ass and funny I enjoyed that the setting in this volume shifts to Europe, exactly to Georgia, a country I do not know too much I always appreciate about the Andrews team that they introduce the reader to different mythologies in each book and I am never bored by the world building or the characters, old or new Although I had so much fun reading Magic Rises, I gave it only 3.5 stars because I spotted quite a few plot inconsistencies and the love drama between Kate and Curran did not work for me If you like urban Fantasy do yourself a favor and read this series. August 2016 re read God, I love this book The tension in it is delicious even excepting the thing that I hate Because there are plenty of things that I love And Kate is amazing, as always.October 2015 re read I loved this book just as much as the first time I read it And though I said, in my original review, to read it without any spoilers, I would amend that now Just this one Curran is an ass And the emotional turmoil that Kate gets put through in this book is devastating She s kicked when she s down than once, and at different points in the book I wanted to kill so many people for making her hurt so badly I understand especially on a re read though I guessed the first time through why it was happening, but it doesn t make it any less painful.That being said, this book is so taut with tension and we meet some fantastic new characters It broke my heart than once, and I sighed with relief when it was done This is by far the most difficult, emotionally, book in the series It s also one of the best.20 July 2014 1.99 on KindleSeriously this whole series is on sale I love it so much HIGHLY recommended The next book comes out in a little over a week Review I highly, highly recommend avoiding all spoilers for this book Read it fresh I promise there aren t spoilers in my review below The spoiler tags just note stream of consciousness thoughts I had.., If you don t want to know anything other than I loved it Read no further Fair warning Once upon a time, I d never read anything by Ilona Andrews I lived in the dark, badgered by my good friend thank you Kat constantly as she tried to get me to pick up Magic Bites I don t even remember what my problem was why I didn t pick up this book as soon as I knew about it I think I thought it just wasn t for me If I wasn t so very wrong that would be funny.Then, one day, I was looking at my beautiful bookshelf full of books I needed to read and Magic Bites called out louder than the rest I picked it up, laid down on my bed, and turned to the first page I sat at a table in my shadowy kitchen, staring down a bottle of Boone s Farm Hard Lemonade, when a magic fluctuation hit Several hours later I surfaced to the real world again reluctant to leave behind Kate, Derek, Curran, and even Saiman Luckily, the next three books were out and I immediately downloaded them, and any novellas I could find, to my Kindle And ordered them in paper to be shipped to me The next several days were spent in a magic induced reading high from this series Immediately upon finishing Magic Bleeds I started the series from the beginning Diving back into this world, spending time with the characters I couldn t yet let go of, and eagerly, view spoiler impatiently hide spoiler The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is Desandra and her touching enthusiasm for velvety plums never gets old, dat Barabas the devious, paranoid, and obsessive Heavenly Shower provider Christopher he sees dead doggies Astamur the, um, mountain chef A hobbit wannabe Atsany a grim yet hug worthy executioner Lord Bloody Shrimping Megobari a badass Consort who requests to be pinched scaly bastards lectures and poisoned cookies punching happy days in the face scary as fish heartwarming bouda smiles home runs, Beast Lord style A very private, very personal message to Hugh I ve read Iron and Magic ergo you fool me no longer Ha P.S A hot body and flirting will only get you so far Just so you know.P.P.S Please do punch the pack princess Twice or thrice At least Thank thee kindly and stuff Until next time and stuff March 2018 The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 6, or How Kate Daniels Learned That It s Fishing Hard To Resist The Fishing Urge To Fishing Punch The Fishing Pack Princess And the moralssssss of this particular rererereread are I never wrote a proper crappy non review for this book Yeah yeah yeah, I know, shame on me and all that crap Anyway, what does this tell you That I am as lazily uninspired as a Tibetan crayfish monk high on butter tea, you say Ha Ha Ha You re so funny sometimes, you crack my little self up Let s try this again, shall we So, what does this tell you That this is the best bloody shrimping book in this whole bloody shrimping series, that s what And the confused people who don t like this instalment because spoiler spoiler spoiler either 1 read it erroneously wrong or and 2 have Despicable Book Taste DBT My dear Edgar, always so supportive He really is the best cuddly pet ever I will never of tire of listening to Desandra s lectures about, um, plums Epic fights are epic Yes they are I want to go live on the mountain with Astamur and Atsany Because hahaha and because Aarh and because second breakfast And also becomes sometimes someone hikes up the mountain and throws tantrums and plays with rocks and stuff Mutant kangaroo goats, the best alternative to caffeine barnacles There seems to be a worldwide conspiracy to make puny humans think dolphins are cute, friendly, outgoing creatures This is all bullshit FishShit FS Yes it is Trust me on that one, I have centuries of experience as a Ruthless Overlord of All Things Subaquatic on this Planet ROaATSotP I KNOW about these things Damn, who let the kids out again Fleet Admiral DaShrimp, what the fish am I paying you for Can t you see I m kinda sorta busy here Get the troops off my nefarious back this minute The Momentary End I shall return Yes, this is a threat You are quite welcome A very private, personal message to my Dearest Dearest Lorelei DDLYOU DEAD YET July 2016 KD is the Cure to All of Life s Problems Buddy Read KDitCtAoLPBR with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap KSRT Previous rating 12 stars New rating no longer counting It s useless And the moral of this particular rererereread is damn I LOVE this book I actually think I LOVE it than I do Magic Strikes That s right I love this than I do the Midnight Games And flying palaces And the Scarlet Star AND HOT TUBS Oh boy And the other moral of this particular rererereread is Your Smug Fussiness, you might be a complete ass, but I still love you Sometimes When I don t feel like chopping you into tiny little pieces, that is And the other, other, other moral of this particular rererereread is please someone, anyone, punch slap stab torture kill whatever the Fucking Pack Princess FPP Don t let me get to her first It wouldn t be pretty.The End Until next time.PS Desandra, you slightly unhinged nutcase, I love your bedtime stories about plums So educational and stuff Previous rerereread July 2015 Previous rating 5 stars New rating 12Hell yeah. Get on boat Say hi to the dolphins pirates Get off boat Crappy yet hopefully musical review to come July 2016 still waiting for this review Me too Can t wait for someone to write it Because I have no freaking clue what the whole musical thing was supposed to be about Alzheimer s is me. Book 1 Magic Bites Book 2 Magic Burns Book 3 Magic Strikes Book 4 Magic Bleeds Book 5 Magic Slays Book 7 Magic Breaks Book 8 Magic Shifts Book 9 Magic Binds Book 10 Magic Triumphs