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4.5 starsAt the end of Kate 4, Curran sets Kate up in her own business CALM DOWN He doesn t just give it to her, it s a business arrangement One that will ultimately benefit both Kate AND the Pack But having her own business does Kate not one bit of good, b c that bigoted jackhole Ted, her ex bossman from the Order, tried to blame the epic disaster that his plan to take out Erra devolved into on Kate Anyone with a lick of sense knows that s not true, but come on how much sense does the general population typically have NOT much.So Kate sits around in her empty office building, staring at the phone, willing it to ring, and when does, it s Ghastek One of his journeyman necromancers lost control of a vampire, you see It s headed towards Kate, and some help, please ALSO try not to kill it.Kate captures the rogue vamp b c awesome , but the cops PAD show up anyway, and they re feeling trigger happy, which is Bad B c Ghastek, who has also shown up and retaken control of the vampire, passes out, loses control of the vamp again, and PAD starts shooting And they re not shooting handguns with 8 or 12 bullets NOPE They are not They re shooting some kind of machine gun that can and did cut a man in half, yes, literally, and can keep shooting a steady stream of ammo for nearly five minutes, by Kate s estimation That s a lot of freaking bullets So while the cops are distracted by the vamp distracted by the two halves of the formerly whole man, Kate drags Ghastek, a wounded journeyman, and a nearly catatonic third journeyman into her office, behind her very thick steel door bang bang on the door.Kate Yeah, what PAD Lemme in.Kate Ha ha, you re funny.PAD I ll bust your door down Andrea I don t think you will, and here s whyYou can either get the paramedics in there or you can let another civilian die of their injuries, break into an office owned by the Pack, assault the Beast Lord s wife, and shoot a knight of the Order You can do it either way, but I promise that if you somehow survive, twenty years from now, when you re old and broken, you ll look back at this moment and wish you had taken two seconds and thought about what you were doing, because this is the point where it all went very wrongwaves at Andrea So there s a lot of posturing, but ultimately, PAD backs down, EMTs grab Ghastek, etc., and Kate and Andrea are alone at last Andrea tells Kate where she s been for the last month, and Kate offers her a job One of the best parts of this book is the friendship that is Kate and Andrea Not only are these two absolutely hilarious together, but the fact that Kate not only has a friend, but a friend she so obviously cares about, who cares about her in return the FEELS, man, the FEELS Kate is so far from the solitary merc we first met that you can t help but get a little emotional.So Kate and Andrea have only just formed their Kate and Andrea team when Rene of Red Guard fame shows up and offers them a job.And it all goes downhill from there And by downhill I mean Very Bad Things are afoot This installment of KATE DANIELS is awesome per usual The only reason I didn t like it quite as much as books 3 and 4 was b c less Kate History, and the Bad Guy wasn t connected to that history, so it was less personal The premise though pure awesomeness And Kate History did play a significant role in resolving a situation that arose as a result of the Bad Guy view spoiler And who isn t 100% convinced that the voice presence Kate felt when she was magicking Julie was Roland B c it totally was hide spoiler I would like all authors of urban fantasy and paranormal romance out there to stop for a second their feverish scribbling and take a look at this series THE proof that YES, series don t necessarily need to go down the drain after 4th installment, that YES, series can STILL be interesting after the two romantic interests in the story do the deed and that YES, plots do not need to become unbelievably twisted, punctuated by improbable events and where mythology gets slaughtered just to get out of the bloody unplanned mess that became your story s outline.Now, instead of giving you a synopsis of the book, I d rather tell you why this book in particular, but the whole series in general, deserved 5 stars because the plot is interesting, well developed, makes total sense, each book is tied to the other but still stands on its own without painful, mean and useless cliffhangers because romance in this book is not the vital core of the story but rather like a planet orbiting around a much substantial and well founded plot so much so that in the first book there is NO romance and we re still all here, inhaling every single word Andrews is writing because vampires, in these books, do not sparkle because the Andrews, when they decided to put mythology into their world, did their homework well and decided to stick with what they knew in this book, they stuck with Russian mythology and used it in a great, clever way there is no Russian kid who hasn t heard of Baba Yaga that I m aware of because Kate is simply and undeniably the baddest UF heroine out there at the moment she is clever, disillusioned, snarky and she kicks ass so much that I wish I was her because the dialogue is so full of snark, banter, sarcasm and great comebacks that I am SURE everybody has highlighted some part or the other of the book Finally, the main reason why I think this series is so fortunate because the Andrews are two So what Even P.C Cast are two No I think the fact that a man and a woman have written this series together has given it a great balance Thanks to Gordon Andrews being present, the books never get cheesy, overly romantic or dangerously stupid On the contrary, you can see where he puts in his knowledge of weapons, fighting strategies and so on He gives the books a masculine angle that only helps making Kate even of a badass The fact that the authors are husband and wife shows in the dialogues between Kate and Curran, I think.In all this awesomeness, I am not saying that the book or the series is perfect There are flaws some that have to do with proofreading a door bursts open immediately after having fallen into the room some with the plot I think there is a certain confusion at times about the form the beasts take, half form, warrior form, full animal There is a passage where Mahon shouldn t have been able to shift into warrior form yet he does and some have to do with excessive detailing those who followed and understood the whole coefficient and proportion thing about probability of loupism please raise your hand Also, I was pretty sorry that Raphael was not in this book, and I expect him in the next one.Still, somehow, these imperfections do not detract from the general state of satisfaction I was left in after I read the last page of the book Dear Ilona and Gordon Andrews, if you keep on writing like this, I will gladly buy Magic Whatever 15. Put your badass faces on and follow meStudying Intellectual Property Law or following Kate Daniels new adventures that include slavic gods,domestic terrorists and my favorite knight in furry armor.Let me thinkStarting the day with a philosophical debate with a priest of the Embodiment of All Evil.It could only go downhill from hereKate Daniels is now the Beast Lord s mate and she has her own business that investigates paranormal problems and life would be perfect,if only someone hired her.And her ward stopped escaping from her private school.And she wasn t afraid that her father would finally come to kill her.And a device of disastrous potential that threatened Atlanta s citizens was found.And an underground organisation didn t try to murder her.A humble mercenary s life is never perfect after all Confessions of a Kate Daniels addict 1.Addicted to action.While reading Magic Slays I wasn t sure whether I would give it 4 or 5 stars.Of course I loved it,but I didn t find it as intense as the previous ones.And then the final pages happened and battles and bombs and ancient rituals and massacres occured and everything fell into place.2.Addicted to sarcasm.Sarcasm here,sarcasm there,sarcasm everywhere Kate is the queen but every single character has a witty retort ready to strike and make you snicker until you sound like Squidward Tentacles.It s not pleasant for the people around you but don t be ashamed,things could always get worse I can t find an example to support my case but I blame the sleep deprivation,I m sure you can think of something embarassing than sounding like a grumpy cartoonWhat do you mean fainted Took a dive, kissed the pavement Swooned like a southern belle after her first kiss Had a dreadful case of the vapors3.Addicted to CurranWhat is wrong with you Many, many things.Curran I love it when you say my name.It sounds so sexyLast night I wrote a letter to Santa.I asked him to bring me a possessive,jealous,violent homicidal maniac that behaves like an asshole most of the times and turns into a lion,preferably without any clothes on so I can admire his sculpted abs.No I m not demented I think ,yes I need a cold shower immediately.4.Addicted to romanceIf I fought for them and was crippled, they would all say nice things,and then they would replace me and forget I was ever there You would stay with me You would take care of me, because you love me I love you too, Kate If you ever became hurt, I would not leave you.I ll be there Wherever you want there to beOk I admit,it was this exact scene that convinced me to give the fifth star.Curran and Kate are one of my all time favorite couples,they make me swoon with declarations like this,they have hot sex that makes me blush and then they fight and kick each other in the head without regrets.Kate is still an insubordinate pigheaded ass,Curran is still a manipulative control freak,but they manage to stay together despite their differences because that s what we call love.The time has come to return to the real world with the exams and the essays,but I can proudly claim that no matter how many times Gandalf saidI ignored him and dedicated a few hours to read Magic Slays.I hope the book gods will help their faithful servant. Welcome to the Reader s Court of Literary Grievances The courtroom was alive with the buzz of conversation Today s case had drawn so many spectators that it was standing room only Behind the judge s bench, high on the wall, hung an unimposing, standard issue clock As its hands ticked down the minutes, the excitement in the room rose and the buzz of the crowd slowly turned into a low level roar Fifteen minutes before start time it was so loud that people had to raise their voices when speaking to their neighbors or risk losing their words to the cacophony that reverberated around them Every now and then shouting could be heard ringing out over the din, another die hard fangirl losing their temper in one of the many heated debates that were taking place How can you even say that one woman screamed Anita Blake could wipe the floor with Mercy Thompson Oh yeah another chorused Well Rachel Morgan is a demon She could drag Anita into the ever after and leave her there to rot She d just screw her way out yet another joined in.And so it continued At one point a scuffle even broke out near the rear doors but luckily it was quickly broken up before it could escalate into a full blown brawl With the energy level of the room hovering around frenetic, all it would take was one stray punch for the crowd to implode At precisely three o clock, a door on the empty side of the bar swung open and those assembled began to fall silent The first person to appear was the bailiff, a towering man with cold, dark eyes that scanned the crowd as he moved towards his post Following him were the court clerk, the court reporter and finally, swathed in billowing black robes, the judge He was not what most of the spectators expected He was young He was handsome too, with broad shoulders, dark hair cut close to his head and gray eyes that seemed to glow with some sort of inner power Those eyes swept the crowd much as the bailiff s had and the individuals they fell upon seemed to cower beneath his gaze Once he was fully ensconced behind the bench, people filed in through the side door These were dressed in expensive looking suits and seemed to wear similar expressions on their faces a mix of supreme confidence and utter boredom Only the thin bands of sweat on their upper lips or the nervous twitching of a hand gave away their true feelings As much as they d like to pretend otherwise, this was not just another court case These new arrivals took their seats behind the two desks that faced the judge and began to open briefcases and shuffle through papers as they talked amongst themselves Behind them, the crowd was so quiet you could hear a pin drop It was as though the collective was holding its breath for something The last person to enter the room was a woman of medium height and medium build with light brown hair pulled back off her face This was clearly what the crowd had been waiting for As soon as they caught sight of her, they erupted, some hurling angry words and threats and others rising up to shout them down in between cheering her as she sauntered over to her seat, a smirk splitting her face Order Order the judge roared, his deep voice echoing throughout the marble and stone room so that it seemed he d spoken the words three times Something in his tone brooked no argument and the crowd fell into a low level grumbling and then finally back into silence Those who snuck glances at him quickly looked away, unnerved by the way his eyes seemed to flash under the electric lights Taking advantage of the moment, the bailiff stepped forward and spoke into the hush Today we re here to rule on The People versus Navessa in the Case of the Most Badass Heroine And so it began It was the trial they d been waiting for, the one that would decide it all Navessa s case was a good one and her lawyers well versed in both Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance They knew the standards, knew the tropes and the themes and they d spent months preparing for this Preparing to prove, once and for all, that Kate Daniels was the most badass main character to ever grace the pages of a book.The prosecution was equally stacked Among their papers were innumerable quotes spoken by the many heroines that made up their client list They had weapon inventories, outfit inventories and even in one case a boyfriend inventory They had pages and pages of descriptive paragraphs detailing fight scenes, magical badassery, heartbreak and heroism It would be a tough trial Will the prosecution please begin its opening statement, the bailiff ordered.In response, a tall man with thinning grey hair moved sinuously up out of his seat and strode towards the center of the room, placing himself in full view of both the judge and the crowd He turned towards his audience with a smile that could have sold souls to the devil himself My job is not to disprove Kate Daniels being a badass, he began From her seat behind the defense table, Navessa watched him like a hawk As he continued to speak, his low, soothing voice ringing out through the room, she realized he was good He was really good Listening to him wax poetic about the preponderance of evidence and the impossibility of decisively placing a single character above all others would have made almost anyone nervous Not her You see, she knew every single one of his clients Had known them for years in fact She knew their dirty little secrets, their hidden agendas and most importantly, their weaknesses And she and her lawyers were prepared to use it all against them When the prosecutor was done with his statement, the head of her defense stood and strode to the same spot that her enemy had just occupied Navessa knew the speech she was about to deliver by heart, she d helped write it Kate Daniels, is a badass This is irrefutable, her lawyer began For the next three minutes she laid out their case in broad terms, citing numerous sources to include sales statistics, critical reviews and ratings on book related websites It was a good speech and the crowd, which had started whispering almost the moment she opened her mouth, slowly fell silent over the course of it By the end than a few were nodding along in agreement The trial lasted three days Evidence was submitted and poured over in excruciating detail, experts were brought in followed by critics At the end of the second day a psychologist even spoke, and he seemed to think everyone involved in the trial was in dire need of his services On the final day, it was the witnesses turns It was these men and women that made the case electric, emotional and absolutely unpredictable One woman, called to the stand for the prosecution, broke down in tears halfway through questioning by the defense I just don t understand why she had to sleep with so many men the way she did I would have been fine if she had just owned up to her behavior but nooooo, she blamed it on the Ardeur I hate her now she sobbed I understand, Navessa s lawyer smiled kindly, barely masking the predatory gleam in her eye And therein lay the genius of their defense For who hadn t been irritated at one point or another while reading about their favorite heroines Who hadn t thought they d acted too stupid to live Who wasn t still angry about it on some level What Navessa knew was that the number of times she d felt this way about Kate Daniels was a fraction of a fraction of the number she had for the prosecution s clients She knew that the amount of other readers that felt this same way might very well win them this case and so her lawyers were vicious in their cross examination of the witnesses Closing arguments took place at the end of the third day The same snake of a man that gave the opening statement for the prosecution spoke again, addressing the judge this time, instead of the crowd There was no jury here today the decision would come down to the imposing man that had ruled over the past days of proceedings with a solemn face and a quiet dignity Your honor, he began Has the defense proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Kate Daniels is the most badass of the badass Navessa had to stifle her urge to snort She listened along with the crowd as this man rehashed all the evidence that supported not that one of his clients wasbadass than Kate but that the defense had failed to prove that Kate was the most badass When he was finished a few people in the crowd even clapped and for the first time Navessa felt a stab of worry But then her lawyer was standing from her chair, striding confidently to the center of the room She turned not to face the judge, but the crowd We ve all been together in this room the last three days We know what s taken place We know that there is one character that reigns supreme over all others and we know that her name is Kate Daniels so in closing I d like to site just one quote and it s the quote heard round the paranormal world The one that made us arch an eyebrow, crack a smile It s the one that alluded to there being a new badass in town and that she was everything we d been wishing for Here she paused for dramatic effect and Navessa s eyes swept out over the crowd They were on the edge of their seats, their faces rapt as they waited for her lawyer to speak again Finally she did, whispering in a low, sing song voiceHere, kitty, kitty, kitty No sooner had she taken her seat than the javelin dropped The court rules in favor of the defendant, the judge spoke in the same monotone he d been using the past three days The courtroom erupted in reaction, the prosecution shooting to their feet to protest, the crowd behind them mostly cheering but with pockets contention erupting here and there As her lawyers shook hands and patted each other on the back, Navessa turned away and pretended to pack up some papers, her eyes straying to the judge as he gathered himself to leave Beneath her breath, so quiet that someone standing next to her wouldn t even be able to hear the words, she whispered Nice dye job, Your Majesty The judge turned to go as though he had all the time in the world but Navessa could have sworn she caught the hint of a smile playing upon his lips.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest It is not as bad as Ilona thinks, all and all it is not terrible. My massive 2018 overdose of Kate Daniels continues with Magic Slays, the fifth book in the series Kate is starting up her own private investigation business, which isn t initially going so great in fact, they have no clients at all , and she s trying to come to terms with her relationship with Curran and her new role as the First Lady Mate Consort to the Beast Master Kate has some angst about both of those things, but it soon gets overshadowed by a particularly difficult, and dangerous, case that Kate is offered What do uncontrolled vampires on the loose and a disappearing inventor have to do with each other And can Kate solve the case and avoid getting herself and her loved ones killed in the process It s especially difficult when her ward, Julie, absconds from the private school where Kate had sent her and makes her way back to Kate, and danger, and Curran has major issues every time Kate walks into peril or too close to another man.As usual with books in the KATE DANIELS series, you get lots of ass kicking, sarcastic dialogue, conflicts and makeup scenes with His Royal Furriness, and freaky dangers and this is a good one The plot was a tense one, even if the ultimate bad guys didn t strike me as particularly believable view spoiler , and yes, I realize it s strange to think that weird exotic monsters are so much plausible than a group of non magic people who are willing to commit mass murder to eradicate magic from the world again hide spoiler It is time for Kate to put her grown up pants on and act like an adult It is essential for her to deal with a number of things that need an adult attitude So 1 For the first time, she has a business to run with employees and bills to pay For a variety of reasons she keeps adding employees to her business and all these people have needs, i.e better weapons, food, food and food, extra chairs etc.She has to be cautious about her budget and her earnings, but I am not sure she is very successful with this matter.2 She is mated now She needs to learn how to trust Curran and this is hard She has learned from a young age that all males will eventually try to manipulate her and take advantage of her Is Curran going to do the same She is so suspicious and scared of this possibility, but her heart is telling her otherwise.Curran is just Curran Just adorable There is a scene in which he gets mad and he tears up her cookbook 5 minutes later, he just goes back to buy her another.3 As the female Alpha of the Pack she has to obey rules and laws follow protocol have escorts and bodyguards attend formal dinners be the judge of conflicts between pack members and answer petitions make decisions about other peoples lives and think about the Pack first, naturally Kate feels her choices are being taken from her She needs to be careful every time in order not to cause a diplomatic episode or not to test Curran s patient Additionally, she is not sure if his Furriness is truly worried about her or if he is just a manipulative bastard.4 She will learn the bitter, ugly, painful truth about her mother Kalina and her stepfather Hint Kate s can also be called Katenga And she will have to deal with it 5 She is the guardian of a teenager Not an easy job Little Julie does not behave and she does not do what she is told Kate has to learn to be a parent and to provide parental advice.6 She has to come to terms with the fact that she will lose someone close to her This is unacceptable for Kate And I agree.7 It is about time to embrace and practice her magic A strange machine with unknown use and a secret anti magic society are going to keep Kate and her friends on their toes and they will add complexity to the book.Everyone who knows the secret just runs away and you have a constant feeling that the city is doomed There will be an excellent, epic battle with all the elite magic beings of Atlanta united against the common enemy Pure awesomeness.I truly love how the relationship between Curran and Kate develops, how their emotions deepen and explanations are given about how much they mean to each other Kate is gradually maturing and transforming from a warrior girl in the first book to a woman in love who defends what is hers. Okay, this is easy Since I m a fanboy, it s super easy to write reviews because I can usually just do a gonzo.Suffice to say, it s really fun to be getting into the characters There might have been a little hiccup with Curran in this one like there ain t hiccups in all of them but it s nice to see the interplay.I can t believe that Derek is actually growing on me, at long last But Julie Awwwww pooooooor kid This is definitely going to bite everyone in the butt I know it.Urban fantasy, when done well like this, is really some of the most effortless reads out there It gets rather special for me, though, when we get a who s who of mythology showing up, like Greek gods overcharging for body bags and large refrigerated units, or Baba Yaga giving cute little gifts to little girls Hmmm wait she has a tendency of doing that anyway oh well The switchover back to tech comes at a very nice time for me I really wanted a good return to that world building quirk, and I couldn t be happier I love mad geniuses And as always, great apocalyptic shit for the end Total popcorn madness. The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is I want a multi purpose pet for Christmas And if Edvokia s duck bunny cat can t be cloned, I ll settle for a barnacle shrimp kraken Or for a mutant hippo frog.ErrThen again maybe not A barnacle shrimp kraken it is, then Pretty sure they look much sexier than mutant hippo frogs, anyway Also, it is a truth universally acknowledged that kraken make everything and anything Instantly Very Cool IVC and stuff Even the lamest subaquatic jokes See what I meanUntil next time and stuff The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 5, or How Kate Daniels Learned that Morgue Steps Can Have Very Entertaining Uses Indeed And the moral of this particular rererereread is Mutant attack poodles who chew on plastic guns 15 year old sex fiend pure chick magnet Roman the hidalgo pirate lookalike aka Roman the Riveting Russian Rake, aka R duck bunny kitties or is it bunny kitty ducks Or kitty duck bunnies I forget Chernobog, God of Morning Dew on the Rose Petals aka The Black Serpent Koshei Lord of Darkness and Death Ruler of Freezing Cold Master of Destruction God of Insanity Embodiment of everything bad EvilEdvokia and her house on chicken legs waves at Baba Yaga His Fussiness cuddly Tasmanian devil Osanda, you bitch playing with other boys toy cars making ribbons with intestines the hand that slapped Aunt B having the enemy for lunch mostest coolest spiky red haired weremongoose nanny ever let s dance the night away and stuff July 2016 KD is the Cure to All of Life s Problems Buddy Read KDitCtAoLPBR with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap KSRT Previous rating 8 stars New rating I don t know any Millions of them, probably Or maybe trillions Who knows And the moral of this particular rererereread is Oh, and also Bye now Things to do, tourists to strangle and all that crap July 2015 Previous rating 5 stars New rating 8 starsWhat Were you seriously expecting anything less Don t you know me at all people How many times do I have to tell you I want to be Kate Daniels when I grow up. Why do I want to be Kate Daniels when I grow up, you ask Because being Kate Daniels means You kick ass You get to sleep in the Beast Lord s four feet high bed playground slide optional, His Furriness mandatory You get to sleep in the Beast Lord s four feet high bed playground slide optional, His Furriness mandatory You get to sleep in the Beast Lord s four feet high bed playground slide optional, His Furriness mandatory Oops, I think my brain short circuited right there Sorry about that Moving on You cut cut cut and slice slice slice Yum You have very cool sidekicks An ex Boy Wonder who vomits better than a shaved, mutant attack poodle An oversexed 15 year old bodyguard intern chick magnet A seventy pound weremongoose nanny with a head on fire You can do very cool tricks with your blood Thanks so much Daddy Dearest You get to play in His Overbearance s enormous bathtub soap optional, His Furriness mandatory You get to play in His Overbearance s enormous bathtub soap optional, His Furriness mandatory You get to play in His Overbearance s enormous bathtub soap optional, His Furriness mandatory Oops, I think my brain short circuited right there Sorry about that Moving on You have a very cool family Well, maybe except from Daddy Dearest And Auntie Erra And dear step daddy And Mommy Dearest, too Ugh Not such a cool family after all Sonovabitch Your best friend is a hyena with a gun fetish She steals other people s pets, too But hey, nobody s perfect You know how to have fun Play with trolls Attend ant parties Pet mutant cat rabbit ducks Visit houses on chicken legs Meet lovely people with supersonic whistles Roman the Riveting Russian Rake is part of your extended family It doesn t get much cooler than that You get to beat the crap out of the Beast Lord just for kicks Fun times You have the coolest vocabulary Osanda, Amehe, Ahissa, Dair, Hesaad The bastards have no idea what they re in for You have a very big, possessive, overbearing, hot as hell kitty cat You have a very big, possessive, overbearing, hot as hell kitty cat You have a very big, possessive, overbearing, hot as hell kitty cat You have a very big, possessive, overbearing, hot as hell kitty cat Need I say Didn t think so Book 1 Magic Bites Book 2 Magic Burns Book 3 Magic Strikes Book 4 Magic Bleeds Book 6 Magic Rises Book 7 Magic Breaks Book 8 Magic Shifts Book 9 Magic Binds Book 10 Magic Triumphs `KINDLE ↟ Magic Slays ☟ Plagued By A War Between Magic And Technology, Atlanta Has Never Been So Deadly Good Thing Kate Daniels Is On The JobKate Daniels May Have Quit The Order Of Merciful Aid, But She S Still Knee Deep In Paranormal Problems Or She Would Be If She Could Get Someone To Hire Her Starting Her Own Business Has Been Challenging Than She Thought It Would Be Now That The Order Is Disparaging Her Good Name Plus, Many Potential Clients Are Afraid Of Getting On The Bad Side Of The Beast Lord, Who Just Happens To Be Kate S Mate So When Atlanta S Premier Master Of The Dead Calls To Ask For Help With A Vampire On The Loose, Kate Leaps At The Chance Of Some Paying Work But It Turns Out That This Is Not An Isolated Incident Kate Needs To Get To The Bottom Of It And Fast, Or The City And Everyone Dear To Her Might Pay The Ultimate Price