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!Free E-pub ♫ M ⚇ The Deliciously Creepy, Decidedly Twisted And Delectably Eerie Tale Of A Cursed Phoenix His Dubious Influence Upon A Cursed SeraphWho Says A Woman Can T Have It All At Years Old, Jessica Louise Bell Sheffield Watson Has Everything A Woman Could Possibly Want She Has The Career Of Her Dreams, Beauty, Brains, Wealth And A String Of Unsolved Murders, Death And Destruction That Seemed To Follow Her Everywhere She Went When The Evil Specters Of Jessica S Past Return, Threatening To Take Away All She Has Built, Jessica Has But One Snarky, Unpredictable Hope The Phoenix Miael As The Th Rune Forms And Even Death Itself Is Baying At Her Heels, Will Jessica Find The Strength To Break The Curse That Has Plagued Her And Miael For Millennia Or Will She End Up Burning In The Lake Of Fire, Right Along With Him Miael Is A Supernatural Horror Fantasy Fable About A Cursed Phoenix And His Dubious Influence Upon A Cursed Seraph This is the 3rd and final chapter in the Miael Trilogy Though books 2 3 both contain elements that can be said to be quite Cabello prequel esque, I stand by the statement that there are 3 books in the Miael series and there will likely be 3 books in the Cabello series maybe.As with the previous 2 books and as the title says , this one focuses on a particular aspect of Jessica s relationship with Miael and the world at large In it, you get to see what happens when the 4th and 5th runes appear, find out about the curse that binds Jessica and Miael, learn about the events surrounding Simone s demise and how they play into the current events and see if the phoenix and the seraph can undo the curse once and for all or die trying Most unique to this installment is the amount of time Jessica and Miael s spend together and their grown up dynamic as they work to outsmart the FBI agent investigating Jessica for murder her lover by the way , old enemies and fate now that Jessica is an adult and fully possessed of the memory of their past lives together.I had a lot of fun writing this installment and I hope you will enjoy reading it or never tell anyone you didn t.Cheers Grea.