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!Free Kindle ⚈ Misfit ☪ It All Happened In A Flash On A Beautiful Spring Morning In , Sitting In My Backyard And Licking My Wounds From A Spectacular Career Derailment, I Came Up With A Big Idea And I Found Myself Contemplating The Most Daring And Unconventional Pursuit Of My Life In This Memoir, By Turns Hilarious, Weird And Tender, But Always Engaging, Musical Prodigy, Numbers Nerd And Weather Geek Andreas Souvaliotis Takes Us With Him On His Zigzag Journey To That Moment And On The Subsequent Rollercoaster Ride That Transformed Him From A Misfit Into A Changemaker PRAISE A Book By Someone Who Has Ideas In A Minute Than Most Of Us Have In A Year Jeffrey Simpson, National Affairs Columnist, The Globe And Mail Andreas S Message Is Straightforward And Powerful Harness The Things That Make You Different In Order To Change Your World For The Better We Re All Misfits, With Our Own Particularities And, In Our Quest To Fit In And Live Normal, We Too Often Quash Those Very Things That Could Make Us Special Justin Trudeau Sophie Gregoire Misfits Have Always Been The Architects Of Change And Innovation For Our World My Dear Friend Andreas S Story Offers An Awesome And Rare Glimpse Into The Mind And Soul Of A Passionate Innovator A True Misfit W Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Dragon Have You Ever Been Fired Your Ideas Trashed, Your Dream Rejected The Worst Day Of Andreas Souvaliotis S Career Opened The Way To His Greatest Success His Amazing Story Will Inspire Overachieving Misfits Everywhere David Frum, CNN Contributor What Happens When You Mix A Greek Immigrant Whose Favorite Day Is April Fools With Alan Greenspan And Muhammad Yunus Canada S Central Banker For Social Change, Andreas Souvaliotis Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights The Inspiring Tale Of A Courageous Innovator Who Consistently Transforms Adversity Into Positive Energy And Passion Karen Kain, Artistic Director, The National Ballet Of Canada The Beautiful Story Of Canada S Most Energetic, Dynamic, Fun And Outspoken Social Entrepreneur Greg Kiessling, Executive Chairman, Bullfrog Power Inc Interesting from perspectives of cultures, immigration, achievements, thinking about life goals, sexuality, etc. A beautiful story that was both inspirational and energizing to tackle things a little differently, creatively, and with greater courage to test the boundaries of what is conventional As a university student who is about to graduate, it s come at just the right time as I consider where to start my career If you are passionate, innovative, and creative this is the book for you I know it will inspire you as much it inspired me Fascinating look into a gifted misfit child who grew up into a brilliant environmental entrepreneur It was entertaining although some of his writing was a little awkward how often do kids think their parents are sexy He reiterated that a few times too It was fun reading about his life Short and enjoyable. This was fine I have very similar thoughts to this book as I did with Everything That Remains by the MInimalists it was a bit too preachy, a bit too look at me I m a white man with money who can do things like this without concern My favourite part of the story was when he talked about his sexuality and coming to terms with it, because it was the part of the book that didn t feel preachy.