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~EBOOK ☪ Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind ☨ Miss Julia, A Recently Bereaved And Newly Wealthy Widow, Is Only Slightly Bemused When One Hazel Marie Puckett Appears At Her Door With A Youngster In Tow And Unceremoniously Announces That The Child Is The Bastard Son Of Miss Julia S Late Husband Suddenly, This Longtime Church Member And Pillar Of Her Small Southern Community Finds Herself In The Center Of An Unseemly Scandal And The Guardian Of A Wan Nine Year Old Whose Mere Presence Turns Her Life Upside DownWith Razor Sharp Wit And Perfect Steel Magnolia Poise, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind Indeed About A Robbery, A Kidnapping, And The Other Disgraceful Events Precipitated By Her Husband S Death Fast Paced And Charming, With A Sure Sense Of Comic Drama, A Cast Of Crazy Characters, And A Strong Southern Cadence, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind Will Delight Listeners From Start To End I read this book for a group I belong to I m not sure what I was expecting I suppose my expectations were sort of low I thought I might be entertained for a few hours but what I found was a mystery of sorts that really had some depth and complexity and raised some big questions to mull over This story, set in North Carolina, features a charming, traditional Southern woman Julia Springer At the beginning of the story, we discover that Miss Julia has lost her husband, Wesley Lloyd, suddenly and unexpectedly several months before Miss Julia is trying to get her bearings. trying to become accustomed to living alone, making her own decisions and coming to grips with the news that she is actually a very wealthy widow Her unexpected wealth came as much as a shock as Wesley Lloyd s death as her departed husband had never let on that they were wealthy As a matter of fact, she had believed quite the opposite as her husband had always provided her with a small allowance for household expenses and specifically told her to make it last As we quickly discover, Miss Julia s wealth is not the only aspect of her late husband s life that she was unaware of She also discovers that Wesley Lloyd had been unfaithful and as if that wasn t humiliating enough, that infidelity had produced a child. Little Lloyd who was left on her doorstep by his distraught mother who needed someone to care for him while she obtained training so that she could support herself and her son What follows this bombshell is a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and even thought provoking story of Miss Julia, Little lloyd and his mother, Hazel Marie Puckett along with a cast of very colorful characters This story isn t a typical cozy mystery but it does contain a robbery, a kidnapping and a very hypocritical televangelist , whose greed is ultimately exposed Miss Julia, despite her shame, anger and humiliation ultimately shows what she is made of. underneath that genteel exterior She learns to speak her mind speak the truth and become for the first time, a truly independent woman who is in control of her own life This is a wonderful story about a woman who learns to stand up for herself and speak the truth regardless of the consequences I highly recommend this book What a delightful book I loved it so much Miss Julia was a little prickly in the beginning but then she slowly came around and I grew to love her and her golden heart under it all the characters were hilarious as were the situations they got into I must get 2 asap This is one of those books I read because it was part of the Postal Book Club F bookswap, part of the Books on the Nightstand Podcast group that is still going strong despite the podcast ending Set along the border of the Carolinas, in what seems like a small town near Hendersonville or an imaginary town that is Hendersonville renamed, Miss Julia is recently widowed and facing some major surprises a son she didn t know her deceased husband had, a church that will go to great lengths to take control of her fortune, and other nefarious characters that have popped up since his absence.I struggled at times with this one for various reasons The dialogue and southernisms spouted by Miss Julia set the book farther back in time than it is, as it is intended to be fairly modern at the writing of the book But I ve lived in South Carolina thirteen years now, 45 minutes from Hendersonville, and have yet to hear a single person say, I declare or law for lord that fitsin antebellum and civil war days, bless your heart Yet Miss Julia says things like this a lot I also didn t really like how Lillian s speech was portrayed, because there is no reason for her to speak with a different accent than Miss Julia But it s always enjoyable to read a book set in the landscape where you live, so that was fun And this book is intended as a light read, so I enjoyed it in the context it was intended And Miss Julia ends up coming through and extendinginclusion than I would have expected. This was a fun quirky start to a series.Miss Julia has recently been widowed and now she is taking care of her Dead husband s illegitimate child but that s not all, she also befriends his mistress, and together all of them form an unusual family unit with some other characters thrown in there really wasn t all that much of a mystery to this book, the mystery might actually be why is Julia so na ve But I could see getting attached to these characters and wanting to see what they do next. Okay, so I didn t exactly FINISH, and here s why This book is written as a first person narrator with a down home sy voice that at first makes Miss Julia very likable and trustworthy However, as the narrative continues, there are a couple of things here and there that just don t seem plausible Twice that I remember, I rolled my eyes but kept reading, suspending my disbelief or, at least, trying to THEN somewhere around page 190, Miss Julia does something that is so completely out of character and, further, REACTS in such a way that is so out of character, that I completely lost interest I lost faith in her and in the book such that I have no desire to read the last third I don t care how it ends Characters can certainly surprise the readers however, this one went too far. I had an interesting time deciding how to rate this book Overall, I really enjoyed the read However, there were moments during the book where I want to throw it across the room Really , I yelled mostly inside my head , You Miss Julia are naive to the point of idiocy Who does that But then I too a step back, and realized that Miss Julia is exactly the type of person who would be that naive, truly that naive And that is the moment that the brilliance of the writing hit me OF COURSE , I now yelled still mostly inside my head When people are raised in and or live for long periods of time in families and or relationships that are psychologically and emotionally abusive, as did Julia, they literally do get to where they do not know their own minds People in this type of abusive situation are so used to substituting someone else s judgments for their own that they stop realizing that they even have their own ideas And that is the place where Ross s writing becomes so fantastic This book is essentially a coming of age book but sometimes the reader forgets this as the protagonist is a senior citizen presumably long of age However, it is not until the death of her husband, with the triggering event of the arrival of the mistress and son, that Miss Julia starts to figure out who she is as a human being independent of the dictates of the male, self appointed authority figures around her Her growth through this process is wonderful to see, even if it is a rocky process, occasionally causing the reader to want to throw the book and yell at the people inside it But, it is these bumps and hurdles, and slip backs that make the process, and the characters, seemreal Miss Julia is also not the only one going through growth processes Lillian, Hazel Marie, Little Lloyd, and some of the others all start to look at the world a different way and to make changes in themselves The push back from some of the other characters in response to these developments is, unfortunately, all to real too Anyone who has worked on healing and separating from abusive relationships can attest that those on the other side of the relationship, and those who, though not necessarily abusive themselves, are used to someone behaving in a compliant way, will pushback against that person s progress in order to maintain the existing power dynamics To see the characters grow and to see them interact with one another was ver satisfying as they each came of age.I will be looking up other books in this series. The writing style is spot on if you ve ever been buttonholed by an older woman of Southern extraction who wants to tell ya all about it The first third read very quickly, as we are presented with her situation newly widowed, discovers how wealthy her husband really was, is presented with her husband s lovechild and why did she never use that term that was common in her youth But then Miz Julia simply became annoying because if she was that angry at being kept in the dark, kept on a short leash etc surely she would have cut loose At least to the point of getting central AC that summer, since we are told that it s almost a year since The Mister passed The plot becomes everconvoluted and unbelievable, in the style of 1960s romances and rom coms, where one question and one answer would have cleared everything up With a policeman in the house, who is blissfully unaware of all these people coming and going Oh yeah, that s right media policemen are always idiots Sigh.There is very little character development here, because the authoress seems to want two dimensional stereotypes to play with Hazel Marie and Lillian are the only ones who seem to have any human warmth and intelligence I expected the main character to learn to like the child she first refers to as the little bastard but that doesn t really happen No wonder her husband treated her like a ten year old she acts like one a selfish one at that.I also took exception to the stereotype that every single Christian in the book is a hypocrite, a gossip, a liar, and out for what they can get Yes, there are plenty of tares among the wheat, but I smelled a burning, smouldering issue here Will I read another volume I doubt it So many better books, so little time. Found this and the 2nd in the series for 50 cents at the used bookstore so I figured Why not Now I know why they were so cheap Miss Julia is presented as spunky, determined, having a backbone of steel, etc All I saw was a slightly whiny and easily fooled martyr that had her head in the sand too long I know total trust obedience to one s husband is very common among that generation I know a ton of ladies that way but I think the author swung back forth between that the so called spunk One minute Miss Julia is planning a covert mission to Spartanburg and the next she s letting her pastor who she s caught trying to swindle her already convince her she s a nymphomaniac.Maybe it s a good read for women who are this generation with these views but it just irritated me Miss Julia is definitely NOT a Steel Magnolia. I loved this book it s the second time I ve read it It is so light hearted, taking situations that can do happen in life and letting us experience through them the feelings, frustrations, worries you name it without having to actually go through it The reason it appeals is that we have all been in situations that we think we have under control and come to find out that nothing is within our control.Miss Julia is fighting so many areas at once that trying to keep it all straight in her head , yet it is beyond her capabilities, but having a loving, if you can call him that, husband that plans her live isn t all it is made up to be either Thankfully she does have a lawyer and police officer at her disposal that can and do help her out of the mess she finds herself in And how did she get into this mess you might ask by trying to do the right thing.There are many in this series and I know that I will go back to them when I need a break and a good laugh at life in general.