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It s really stupid funny reviewed by Adrian Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire is a great descriptive children s story packed with humour, which would keep children entertained This book would be suitable for children in key stage 2 who are progressing in their reading This book is about a young girl Polly who meets Alan Taylor a gingerbread man who has electric muscles and a tin full of cash Alan believes the only way to make friends is to give out money however Polly likes Alan for who he is despite his money Mr Gum is an evil, mischievous man who hates everyone Once Mr Gum learns about the money Alan has he decides to steal it with the help of Billy Williams a horrible butcher Polly and Friday O Leary help find the thieves and the bring back Alan s money They continue on the adventure to find the money. @Free Book ï Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire ⛈ Mr Gum Is Back In This Second Hilarious Book And He S As Nasty As EverMr Gum Is Horrid In Fact, Absolutely Grimsters But This Book S Not Just About Him, It S Also About A Gingerbread Man Named Alan Taylor Who Has Electric Muscles Plus, All Our Favorite Characters Are Back The Little Girl Called Polly, The Evil Butcher Called Billy William The Third, And The Very Wise Man, Friday O Leary And, Who Could Forget Loveable Jake The Dog, Or The Angry Fairy Who Lives In Mr Gum S Bathtub And Whacks Him On The Head With A Frying Pan This Book Will Have You Crying With Laughter Mr.Gum is known for his mischievous ways When he wakes from his precious pastime of sleeping he likes to cause trouble He enlists the help of his friend Billy William to scam money off a local gingerbread man Andy Taylor He is human like in the way that he has electric muscles to make him walk and move and he his name is quite human like too At his house warming consisting of a funfair and a variety of food, Mr.Gum and Billy see this as the perfect opportunity to steal Andy s money This is where heroic girl Polly and her friend Friday catch these villains This book is truly an imaginative and hilarious read Children will be laughing as each page is turned thanks to the clever use of characters and how they act throughout the story The good versus evil element is evident in the story The illustrations are very colourful and would be appealing to children I would recommend this book for children aged eight and upwards. Hilarious, in fact I often had to pause while reading this to my kids because I was laughing too hard.I d say this is an ideal book for a 9 or 10 year old, lots of farts and boogers and silly British accents. Selv , herra Gummi sanoi kun laulu oli laulettu Salama valaisi h nen kasvonsa kammottaviksi, niin ett olisi voinut vannoa, ett h n oli itse piru Tai ehk pirun yht kamala veli Jere.Cheek, is dat you Herra Gummi rulaa Juuri sopivan ep korrektia luettavaa kolmos nelosille 8yo read the first in the series at school so I picked this up for bedtime It s very funny, Python esque I particularly enjoy Stanton s linguistic playfulness and creativity, especially his silly similes He shot out of bed like a guilty onion he is as rich as mushroom , etc.But and it s a big but , there s some really lazy and mean fat jokes in the book Jonathan Ripples is the fattest man in town , fair enough, but his only characteristic is his greed, and he eats constantly He s constantly the butt of jokes It s boring and lazy and damaging And quite frankly it depresses the heck out of me to think about kids reading this kind of book uncritically in schools. Enjoyed. I remember being read one of these books for the first time ever in Year 4 I absolutely loved them and I remember this was one of the first times I made my mum drive me to the bookshop in desperate need to get the book for myself, read ahead, and get of the books in the series I went crazy Every time we went to the bookshop I d look to see if they had , and I must admit even now when I go I can t help but go looking for them P old habits die hard Mr Grum and the Biscuit Billionaire by Andy Stanton is one of the abstract and psychedelic children s book that I have read It could be the kids equivalent of Hunter S Thompson s Fear and loathing in Las Vegas Filled with off the wall humour and a psychedelic story line, it is utterly brilliant The book is about a young girl Polly who meets a gingerbread man with electric muscles who carries a biscuit barrel full of cash, and it gets stranger the you read This particular gingerbread man thinks that the best way of making friends is to hand out money, and Polly is the only person who tries to tell him that this isn t right Meanwhile the titular Mr Grum is the local bad egg, he hates everyone and everything and his mission in life is to generally cause mischief, upset people and be evil Upon hearing about Andy and his money, he hatches a plan the steal the cash and escape to Paris.The book moves at a very swift pace, and you re never than a few lines away from the next gag The imagination of the author is spectacular and than once I found myself laughing out loud Although the book looks to be overly long, the passages of writing on the page are small, the text is large, and there are many splendid illustrations, so any competent reader will find themselves turning pages at a rate of knots The humour can be quite sophisticated at times, I m sure some gags or puns will go over younger reader s heads, but as I said before, there are so many gags that there is something for everyone on every page The book would appeal to readers of any age, but would be best if read aloud to large groups so that they can enjoy the outrageous humour all together A thoroughly recommended read.