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Well, 10 and 3 hours I will never get back I did not enjoy this book at all Can t understand where all of these five star ratings came from [Download] ♩ Mrs Fisher's Tulip ♾ This Is The Story Of One Summer In The Early Sixties In Darkest Suburbia A Place Where Things Are Not Always As Safe As They Seem Sally Is A Schoolgirl Julie Is Seventeen And An Ice Skater A Figure Of Unimaginable Glamour Sally Becomes Drawn Into Julie S World Of Secrecy And Adult Passion Then Watches Helplessly As Her Family Is Torn Apart By The Conventions It Fights So Hard To Maintain This book is thought provoking and witty The narrative style makes it easy to read, but the story is deeper than it first seems Sally is a child coming to terms with being an adolescent and it is hard not to sympathise with her I found myself loving her attitude towards the world that she sees through the TV series and films of the time She never really ducks the issues at hand but has difficulty in making sense of the adult world and life unfolding before her Many readers will identify with what happens Her response to it is touching and brave I m an avid book read and am particular about the books I like to read I was given this book as a present and, at first, I thought I would not enjoy it I was mistaken and found it to be well observed, endearing, compelling and very easily transported me back to the 60s I look forward to Melanie Hughes next book Hopefully a sequel. I really liked this book it s a fun read and is quite sad at points The main character, Sally, is really likeable and she gets in some real jams It reminded me of when I was her age and had similar problems. I really enjoyed reading Mrs Fisher s Tulip I found it a very easy read that held my attention The retro setting made it fun and yet it was sad I felt for Sally and her dilema, very touching and real Try it, it s light and dark at the same time. Good read Great story. A great read Set in the early 1960 s, before the age of sexual liberation, Sally s coming of age adventures are engaging and endearing I loved Sally s adolescent view of the world seen through television soaps and detective series How refreshing to find a novel that will deal with the lighter and darker sides of life Everyone can connect to Sally s plight because in some ways we have all been there I hope there is a sequel soon, I can t wait to see happens to Sally and Mel as they grow into young women Read it, it s worth it. Mrs Fisher s Tulip is Melanie Hughes debut novel I found it both compelling and well written This story of innocence betrayed, is beautifully and sensitively written through the eyes of a young girl The author allows you to be totally drawn in to the situation, and once started, I couldn t put this down The story follows a teenage girl s affair with a married man seen through the eyes of her younger sister What struck me most about the book was the warmth and vitality of the main character Its mixture of funny and sad observations makes for a truly enjoyable read It really is a lovely book and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends Do read it, it will evoke memories within everyone.