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I ve just finished a thought provoking little book by Alan C Bradley and William A S Sarjeant entitled Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock. Their thesis is, of course, summed up in the work s title Sherlock Holmes was a woman.At first glance, this seems like a ludicrous idea, if not positively heretical Yet the authors support their claim with quote after quote and incident after incident taken from the Holmes canon instances which, taken individually, are insufficient to prove the authors case, but which in the aggregate do perhaps appear to suggest a female in disguise Most telling to my mind are Holmes s periodic indisposition and tendency to take to his her bed periodic being the operative word Too, there is Irene Adler s emphasis on the masculine appellation when, disguised as a boy, she brushes past Holmes in front of his apartments with a quiet, Good night, Mister Sherlock Holmes Moriarty, in his turn, threatens not to kill Holmes but to destroy him, something Moriarty would have been able to do with ease, had he penetrated Sherlock s disguise.The authors, like most Sherlockians, treat the Conan Doyle stories as fact Working within the canon, they believe that even Watson was unaware of Holmes s femininity for many years There is no suggestion that Conan Doyle himself ever intended to place Holmes s gender in doubt Their premise is of course an intriguing and amusing or infuriating one, depending on the strength of the reader s own perception of Holmes Their argument is slightly marred by the fact that the authors, having first conceived of the idea, then looked exhaustively for evidence in support of their thesis without examining in much detail the evidence to the contrary the mark of an enthusiast rather than a truly impartial investigator However, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, temporarily suspending my own concept of Holmes in favor of the authors as I read In the end, however, what keeps me from embracing their conclusion wholeheartedly is my own partiality Holmes to me is not merely the detective of the Conan Doyle stories but the much complex, human, and admirable man in Laurie R King s Mary Russell series a series and a Holmes which have become real to me than the Conan Doyle canon ever did.ETA 4 22 2019 There are now at least two genderbent Sherlock Holmes pastiches available, Sherry Thomas s Lady Sherlock series and Claire O Dell s Janet Watson Chronicles Both are worth reading.Review originally published on 4 15 2010 at The Bookwyrm s Hoard. I love most things by Alan Bradley so this is no different.Not as well read on Conan Doyle to agree or not but still entertaining. An amazing study of instances in the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes that show he was actually a female Charlotte, perhaps This book will be especially intriguing to avid readers of Sherlock Holmes. Fascinating and full of great observations, but they were interpreted very wrongly. [ FREE BOOK ] ♴ Ms Holmes of Baker Street: The Truth About Sherlock ⚖ There Is Something Passing Strange About Sherlock Holmes You Ve Seen Me As An Old Lady, Watson I Was Never Convincing Sherlock Holmes, The Mazarin Stone Sherlock Holmes Strides Into Our Imagination, Deerstalker Hat Set Jauntily On His Head, Pipe Protruding From His Mouth, And A Formidable Intellect From Which He Painstakingly Masters The Mysteries He Investigates Yet The Qualities That Set Holmes Apart As A Masterful Sleuth Are Rather Surprising The Impression Of A Woman May Be Valuable Than The Conclusion Of An Analytical Reasoner Sherlock Holmes, The Man With The Twisted Lip A Firestorm Of Controversy Met The Original Publication Of Ms Holmes Of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Authors C Alan Bradley And William AS Sarjeant In Their Methodical Investigation Of The Literature Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Uncovered The Surprising Truth About Sherlock Holmes And The Dust Is Yet To Settle The University Of Alberta Press Is Pleased To Present The First Canadian Edition Of Ms Holmes Of Baker Street With A New Introduction By Barbara Roden Women Are Naturally Secretive, And They Like To Do Their Own Secreting Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal In Bohemia We Know The Methods The Game Is Afoot I started reading this because I thought it would be an interesting take on one of my favourite characters in popular literature I found myself less than impressed While the authors try to assure at the beginning of the book that their ideas may seem sexist from a modern perspective but are only in time with the time period in which the works of ACD are published, most of it just comes across as blatant sexism i.e., feminine moods, supposed jealousy over other women such as Mary Morstan Watson, irregular eating as a diagnostic trait of women, and including noticing unshaven spots on men s faces as something only women would notice As well, many of their arguments amount to Holmes depressive moods as evidence of menstruation, a lone trip to France being a guise for Holmes giving birth to an illegitimate child, and Holmes having romantic feelings for Watson With regards to menstruation, while depressive moods are quite common, they are not a diagnostic tool Many cisgender men experience depressive moods, and to use these as a tool to claim a character is biologically female is irresponsible As for the illegitimate child in France, this is purely a matter of speculation with no evidence to support the claim In fact, logic and Occam s Razor seem to suggest the opposite Surely Watson, who at this point the authors assure is unaware of Holmes condition of being a woman, would have noticed his tall and thin friend getting rounder around the middle A medical man would certainly have noticed something like this As for the father of this supposed child, the authors simply say we don t know who that is and ignore that point entirely This book reads like two people who see the relationship of Holmes and Watson as one of a romantic nature but do not want to see them in a homosexual light Therefore they find supposed evidence of Sherlock being a woman to support their ship as heterosexual While these characters are open to interpretation and Holmes certainly could be read as a woman hiding her true gender to find a place for herself in a man s world, or even as a transgender man although the books does not seem to support this view, basing arguments in sexism under the guise of being the truth is less than tactful.tl dr, This book is purely speculative which, while going deep into text, does not do an effective job at analyzing or translating subtext When I came across the title through author Alan Bradley , I was very intrigued even without reading so much as an outline on what the book was all about Was Sherlock Holmes a woman in disguise Now that was something I wanted to read about.Once I started what I presumed would be some sort of essay or maybe even a story turned out to be something of a thesis a discovery of references throughout the detective s adventures of what made the writers C Alan Bradley and William A S Sarjeant believe and prove that their analysis was the correct one Are there ways of interpreting what has been presented Of course even though only small sections of the various tales are used, recounted and analysed It is an interesting and intriguing thought and has been well presented throughout the book.There is also a second part to this thesis that has been incorporated The first and major part is all about male versus female, and who has been privy to this information In the second part Appendix I the discussion turns to dating the various cases which, apparently, is not obvious in every case Again, not all cases are included only the controversial ones and only parts of the story quoted, those relevant to making the point.What made me wonder overall is that there are people out there willing to delve in depth into trying to figure out what makes a fictional character tick a fact that included in the analysis right from the start I can understand, wanting to analyse and research facts about people who have actually lived although I will admit that it almost feels as if Sherlock Holmes has been an actual human being and having lived at 221B Baker Street in London.In any event I am glad I read the book and I did enjoy spending time with Ms Sherlock Holmes , finding the thesis and analysis appealing, even compelling as well as the references to life in the 19th century, particularly where women were concerned A valiant effort indeed sorry, but i just don t get it this book reads like a university thesis and i only continued on with it because so many of the arguments seemed silly i love sherlock holmes but i DO know that he s a fictional character these constant references to holmes malaise being related to his periods made me laugh let s assume he WAS a woman he was living in rooms if he was having periods, he was using sorry to be so graphic great wads of cloth that needed to be washed daily was he she doing it where was he soaking these bloodied rags was his landlady doing his laundry not likely or SHE D have known he was a woman no mention of that in the book And what s this business of holmes crossing his legs left over right ine the feminine manner as opposed to right over left masculine then there s the statement that it was curious how mary marston always seemed to make herself scarce whenever watson was going to join holmes on one of his cases this is fiction Arthur Conan Doyle made her scarce.he could make anything he wanted happen oh, and having established holmes was actually charlotte , not sherlock, the authors suggest parish records should be searched for this name hello i love alan bradley s recent works but his..the mind boggles. I didn t realize until I read this book just how involved fans of Sherlock Holmes could be He and John Watson are two characters that have caused many people over the years to study, theorize and outright speculate about One equivalent may be the Harry Potter series, where fans have gone over every word of each book and have put out some spectacular and some not so spectacular ideas about that particular world and its inhabitants This book puts forth the idea that Sherlock Holmes may have been a woman in disguise It then goes through the stories and points out bits of dialogue, as well as certain actions on Sherlock s part to support the claim A bit of familiarity of the stories in Canon is needed to understand some of the things presented here, although I noticed that I could relate quite a few things to the four seasons of Sherlock that is on PBS Granted, the TV show has does not always follow the stories and has developed its own canon I found this book an interesting read The authors have done a good solid job in presenting their case When it comes to the literary Sherlock Holmes, I may not think of him in the same way ever again. It appears Bradley and Sarjeant put the Canon under a microscope and conducted an exhaustive ten year examination to find justification for their hypothesis that Holmes was, in fact, female They point to a few other researchers who have independently come up with the same theory, but I m still not convinced And in the end, does it really matter if Sherlock was a woman Or a man Or even a female alien sorrywatched Dr Who the other night The stories are just as enjoyable no matter which stance you take Let s not ruin it by overanalyzing I m a fan of Holmes myself, and it never ceases to amazes me that so much research has been published, refuted, supported, and endlessly debated Some of these fanatics remind me of a cross between DD fans and Trekkies.