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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♲ Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal. ☲ Marvel Comics Presents The All New Ms Marvel, The Groundbreaking Heroine That Has Become An International Sensation Kamala Khan Is An Ordinary Girl From Jersey City Until She Is Suddenly Empowered With Extraordinary Gifts But Who Truly Is The All New Ms Marvel Teenager Muslim Inhuman Find Out As She Takes The Marvel Universe By Storm As Kamala Discovers The Dangers Of Her Newfound Powers, She Unlocks A Secret Behind Them As Well Is Kamala Ready To Wield These Immense New Gifts Or Will The Weight Of The Legacy Before Her Be Too Much To Handle Kamala Has No Idea Either But She S Comin For You, New York It S History In The Making From Acclaimed Writer G Willow Wilson Air, Cairo And Beloved Artist Adrian Alphona Runaways COLLECTING MS MARVEL, MATERIAL FROM ALL NEW MARVEL NOW POINT ONE From the story to the art this is a great book Love the new hero, love the fact that Marvel took the chance and went with a Muslim heroine Never thought they would put a female Muslim in the lead role of her own book Anyway the story is origin so it s a little slow but still captivating The art is great with a cartoon look to it but a little refined to make it fit in a comic book And the fact that Kamala has a hodge podge of a costume at the end just cracks me up, especially with all the slick heroes she looks up to A new hero for the time and Marvel has faith that just makes you feel good to be a Marvel and a comic book fan. I really liked the story and art, this is a well written and positive story about a realistic teenage girl who wants to help people None of the teenage girls are drawn in those ridiculous anatomically impossible sexy poses, which is refreshing and I didn t even notice.That being said, the book is not sturdy The covers and paper are very thin The printing is good and the colors nice, but I am intimidated to hold it in my hands while reading Also, both the front and back covers have curled about 40 degrees since it got warm out and we opened the windows in our house the book doesn t lie flat when closed For the price, and with the small number of issues it collects, it s not a very good value. A word of warning yes, it is a teen story But to be honest, main stream comics which feature teens in Marvel publications are not that numerous any Spiderman is an adult not in the Ultimate universe, I know still , even though there s always some X Man X Woman who s a teenager or used to be, most are adults the Avengers Heh.Bottom line there are few main stream super hero comics left which deal with teenagers And Ms Marvel adds to that the fact that she lives in a Muslim family, with traditions that are at odds with manyChristian Western modern ones This makes it a very compelling read, especially since the characters are not dumbed down to teenage stereotypes granted, some are a bit exaggerated, but overall, they are very much tolerable I like that with this story, we go back to characters who happen to have powers, rather than super heroes who happen to have a private life. My niece began reading graphic novels after she learned that my son reads them I wanted to find a good starter graphic novel for her and remembered that she watches Marvel Rising She was already introduced to Ms Marvel so I figured it would be a good choice. This was a pleasant, though quick and kind of shallow read to me I have to admit I probably am not the target audience for this comic as a thirty something I think that influenced my enjoyment of the story I liked it, but wasn t blown away The simplicity of the storyline, with quite some in my eyes stereotypical characters and not too subtle ways to get points across such as being happy with who you are , left me wanting a littledepth I do feel however that it was really refreshing to read a comic with a young, female, not white protagonist yes, white male dominated superhero world, I am looking at you Kamala felt like a relatable character, with humour, doubt and just enough weird to make her interesting That alone makes this worth reading and recommending to teens everywhere