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Set in Medieval England around the year 1152 This has the love hate relationship between the hero and heroine I didn t care too much for the characters Hero was a major jerk I can t see giving itthan 3 stars. Such a dysfunctional couple from start to finish they just kept fighting and bickering and so full of insecurity, it wasn t even funny any The only reason I finished this was because of Guy I love my alpha male heroes and Guy fit the bill for sure FREE BOOK ♨ My Cherished Enemy ⚕ My Cherished Enemy By Samantha James May Have Slight Spoilers My Cherished Enemy By Samantha James Introduces Us To Kathryn Of Ashbury And Guy De Marche, Earl Of Sedgewick Guy Has Returned After Three Years From The Holy Lands After Having Been On The Crusade And CapturedMy Cherished Enemy By Samantha JamesMayNot Retrouvez My Cherished Enemy By Samantha JamesMayPaperback Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionMy Cherished Enemy Samantha James Livres Not Retrouvez My Cherished Enemy Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Unlimited Romance Book My Cherished My Cherished Enemy Seeking Protection From Her Scheming Uncle Kathryn Of Ashbury Is Forced To Turn To Her Despised Enemy Guy De Marche An Arrogant Knight Who DemandsMy Cherished EnemyREAD ONLINE FREE My Cherished EnemyAbout Book Seeking Protection From Her Scheming Uncle, Kathryn Of Ashbury Is Forced To Turn To Her Despised Enemy, Guy De Marche, An Arrogant Knight Who Demandsfrom Her Than She Is Willing To Give READ My Cherished EnemyOnline FreeREAD My Cherished EnemyOnline Free Free Reading Epub, Pdf My Cherished Enemy Samantha JamesMy Cherished Enemy Samantha James OnFREE Shipping On Qualifying Offers Seeking Protection From Her Scheming Uncle, Kathryn Of Ashbury Is Forced To Turn To Her Despised Enemy, Guy De Marche My Cherished Enemy The Construction Of Identity As Ofthe Russian Federation Is Home Toregistered Ethnic Groups, Ranging In Size Frommillion Of The Volga Tatars To The Merelypeople Of The Votes My Cherished Enemy By Samantha James My Cherished Enemy By Samantha James FictionDB Cover Art, Synopsis, Sequels, Reviews, Awards, Publishing History, Genres, And Time Period Buy My Cherished Enemy NAZARENE ISRAEL Download My Cherished Enemy Read My Cherished Enemy Little Office Of The Immaculate Conception AT MATINS Come, My Lips, And Wide Proclaim The Blessed Virgin S Spotless Fame V O LADY Make Speed To Befriend Me This one should be retitled My Cherished Enemy Emotional Abuse of Loved Ones in Medieval Times A full 3 4 of the novel our hero and heroine spent reviling each other with all sorts of dastardly names and accusations how does love grow from such hatred Regardless, it was a fun read for me not that I condone bad behavior and I ll continue to readfrom this author. This book followed a well traveled path for romance novels A fiery love hate relationship between a dominate male and a feisty female I found myself fairly easily distracted from the book especially after the first half or so Most of it was fairly predictable, and the last 25% was that annoying theme writers over use I love him, but I refuse to tell him Oh, I so wish he could only love me I love her, but I ll go to the devil before I admit it to her etcAlso, I would like to note that the cover blurb for this book was way off It implies the heroine seeks out the hero for protection from her wicked uncle, and he then requires her services in exchange That was not the case at all Instead, the heroine meets the hero when he comes to seek retribution from her wicked uncle for the death of his first wife They instantly dislike distrust one another, and he then forcefully takes her under his protection.I won t saybecause I can t express it without spoilers Overall, a decent read but not one I d read again. Theme medieval, virgin heroine, widower Hero, pregnantI gave this 2 stars because I like the first 40% of the book Then I got to know the heroine Gah, she s annoying and obsessed with Ashberry or Ashburry that sometimes it made her stupid Reminds me of that Beatrice Small s heroine in Spitfire.I thought that Julie Garwood s heroines were somewhat stupid n many ways but no they had inner strength I thought of J Lindsey s heroines who were annoying but at least they knew how to fight hand to hand combat well not most of them I thought of Judith McNaught s heroines who were aarrghh sometimes but at least they were funny and witty I thought of Kathleen Woodiwiss heroines who were doormats but they were stronger than this one I even thought of Catherine Coulter too but I couldn t stand this heroine I wanted to shout to the Hero that he was better of with someone else And honestly I wanted to readof his story with his dead first wife than thisPlus, there was a second romance story of Elizabeth heroine s sister and Sir Hugh I felt cheated because the progress of their story was just mentioned that they married Damn, even I did not know what happened during the wedding and the wedding night Why invest on the beginning of their romance and somehow courtship when it couldn t be continued This was my third re read of this book At one time it was a 5 star read for me, but I changed it to 4 stars this time around I love this author s historical romance writing style and have read many of her books We have a strong, alpha male knight seeking revenge for the brutal killing of his wife by a rival We have a heroine who is immature in many way but normally a sweet, loving woman who puts her sister above all others The book contains the usual rich historical descriptions of the medieval times This time around, I got a little frustrated with the amount of push pull between both the H h Both of them stubborn individuals who love each other but too worried about maintaining their pride Still, this is one of my favorite historicals and I ll most likely read it again in the future.First read in 2010 paperback Re read in 2013 Ok, this was very difficult to read The emotional roller coaster the story drags you through is just plain tiring The book is fine but the endless self talk that leads to numerous misunderstandings on both parties was just too much I was literally exhausted by the time I finished it Literally exhausted Kathryn dint start out like a h I liked she was bristly, confrontational, even irritating and the stories where the h and H are at odds for most of the book don t make for an agreeable read Because such conflict is just a way to prolong the story or really to get a story But here the author writes an h very convincing in her resistance Her love and coveting of her home estate Ashbury, and her suspicion and hatred for the conquering H was believable at least after a while Her lament about women in those times being always dependent on a man father, husband, lord, king for an identity was relatable.The story beginning with the H s beloved first wife s pov was unique And then later the H happening on the h in a passionate embrace with her fianc was a masterstroke too I really liked that for originality He believed her to be a manipulative b tch which she was with the om at least and so treated her such, while he was the enemy who stood between her and her dreams And so their slow and reluctant battle filled journey towards each other and love was bittersweet and enjoyable Although the whole non MU got a little protracted towards the end, the ending itself could have been tighter, the H s rescue timing were trifle too pat but then maybe true love cannot be rushed and sometimes one can be a little indulgent about the drama bit. May have slight spoilers.My Cherished Enemy by Samantha James introduces us to Kathryn of Ashbury and Guy de Marche, Earl of Sedgewick.Guy has returned after three years from the Holy Lands after having been on the Crusade and captured In the dungeon that is were he learned of the birth of his son, and the death of his wife He vows to have revenge of the man who raided his lands while he was away Richard of Ashbury Without wasting time, Guy quickly sets about retaking his lands and then going after him and his lands and he has the new king s permission that he can do it as well.Kathryn of Ashbury is Richard s niece and she hate s him with a passion Her father bastard brother he went to the old king and begged to inherit all that, in her mind, was rightfully hers and her sister Elizabeth s He is cruel and wants nothing butland, treating his two nieces nowell than servants, Kathryn makes the decision to marry, in the hopes that the man that will become her husband, Roderick, will be able to wrest control of Ashbury from her uncle and take it for himself.Fate intervenes though and while talking with Roderick of their marriage, one they would announce to her uncle soon, Guy comes upon them and finds out that she is Richard s niece Guy quickly makes the choice that she will be the perfect way into Ashbury and though Kathryn despises the man she has no choice but to take him inside, but not without first claiming his vow that he would not harm anyone inside.The book pretty much takes off from her and Kathryn and Guy clash like roaring waves in a storm ridden sea But the passion between them, the attraction can not be ignored for long by either of themI liked this novel, Samantha James is a favorite of mine but I have to say that I was a little annoyed with Kathryn Though the book she is constantly dwelling and complaining that she will never inherit Ashbury even though it is her right to do so She blames her uncle, she blames Guy, and she hates the fact that she is a woman, saying were she a man and so on ad so forth.You get the picture, this bothered me, a lot, I can understand some upset of course and with her uncle as well, but as a woman of her time, you would think that Kathryn would have known all along that she would not inherit, even upon the death of her father so why has she not accepted it Not that she should like it, but at least realize that there is no way she ever could.And to be honest I do not think she ever does, it is a big thing of strife between her and Guy pretty much until the end of the book.Other than that though, I enjoyed both characters, they fought a lot but in the end both come to realize the love they have for each other Guy himself was just as prideful, stubborn and had just as big of a temper, not to mention they both had the tendency to jump to conclusions of their own making and assuming things that were not remotely true Is it really any wonder that they clashed so We also get some secondary plot with her sister Elizabeth, which I liked, it was nice for her not to get left out while Kathryn was finding her HEA.I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a good historical novel.