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Short read Yet confronting enough Half the book is on practical suggestions around the issue of assertiveness and working with boundaries and communication in relationship Brown provides a model of how to assess level of risk of such communication which seems very useful, and straightforward Really it s a lesson in titration There s a whole chapter giving an example utilizing this approach This is encouraging, however she notes that the process of learning a new way of relating is long, with many emotional psychological obstacles along the way that will need addressing She also provides many alternative ways to look at oneself this is helpful, along with quotes from those who struggle with parentification issues The last five pages for helping professionals seem a mere token, but are packed with valuable information. An easy read with helpful insight into behaviors adult children of the emotionally ill exhibit, and how to work through them as well. A very short book on a topic that is rarely addressed as clearly and compassionately A helpful book for those who are just beginning in self recovery from emotionally abusive parents, with a practical approach that is easy to follow.I found the first chapter describing the perspective of the child in a chaotic family most helpful, as well as chapter four that describes how these childhood events and subsequent emotional patterns leads to a tendency to avoid intimacy as an adult. Excellent book Focuses on the repercussions for the adult child, rather than behaviors of the parent, which is very helpful Also, Brown s book is grounded in the encouraging premise that growth and happiness are possible. I read this in 1993. .DOWNLOAD ☨ My Parents' Keeper: Adult Children of the Emotionally Disturbed ♢ Eva Brown, Who Coined The Acronym ACMI Adult Children Of The Mentally Ill , Wrote This Book As A Supportive And Encouraging Guide For Dealing With The Challenging Legacy Of Growing Up With A Mentally Ill Parent Richly Peppered With Quotes From Interviews With ACMIs, My Parent S Keeper Covers Issues Ranging From Being A Parentified Child To Dealing With Unstable Aging Parents