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Always interesting, but a certain imposition of the author s ego seemed to suffuse the content When I listened tosome of the songs and riffs he has described, in some cases, I thought he was right on, and in others I could notfind anything resembling the qualities and characteristics he described The selection of Randy Newman leftme completely cold, while his Elvis was extremely well done Uneven, but the later notes are very,very solidand worth reading and following up by listening,as well. #DOWNLOAD PDF ì Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll Music: Sixth Edition ñ The Perfect Gift For Music Fans And Anyone Who Loves Artists Like Elvis Presley, Randy Newman, Sly Stone, Robert Johnson, And Harmonica FrankIn , Greil MarcussMystery Train Changed The Way Readers Thought About Rock N Roll And Continues To Be Sought Out Today By Music Fans And Anyone Interested In Pop Culture Looking At Recordings By Six Key ArtistsRobert Johnson, Harmonica Frank, Randy Newman,the Band, Sly Stone, And Elvis PresleyMarcus Offers A Complex And Unprecedented Analysis Of The Relationship Between Rock N Roll And American Culture In This Latest Edition, Marcus Provides An Extensively Updated And Rewritten Note And Discographies Section, Exploring The Recordings Evolution And Continuing Impact A classic for anyone of the baby boom generation I m giving it to my Gen X son for Chanukah let s see if he likes it. Fascinating criticism that we ve history with the present andthan speaks to the elements in the music, but the ideas within them It s rock criticism on the molecular and metaphysical levels.Anyoneinterested inmodern considerations should check out the history of rock n roll in 10 songs and then circle back to this. I bought this as a gift for my music loving husband You can t go wrong with Greil Marcus and he doesn t disappoint with this classic, literate and utterly absorbing book.