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The best Natalie Wood biography money can buy, honest and never boring Her unrequited romance with gay actor Raymond Burr, her dalliance with director Nicholas Ray and attempts at dating Warren Beatty were amusing The amusement of course, ends towards the final chapter where her bisexual husband Robert Wagner may or may not have had an affair with creepy Christopher Walken The last hours of her life will creep you out. Overall a well researched and detailed account of Natalie Wood s life, especially her childhood, homelife, and her start in Hollywood The author spoke to numerous sources and has fascinating accounts of the behind the scenes of Wood s iconic films However, Finstad makes a lot of assumptions, and puts her opinions and interpretations in almost every paragraph The most egregious part of the author s writing is the repetition Again and again she rephrases the same thought, driving home her opinion multiple times within a page or two Then it pops up again throughout the book I have no doubt Natalie s mother was a manic fame seeker and poor role model for her daughter but sentences like the interweaving of Maria s personality with Natasha s Natasha s identity complex and Mud s total domination of her movie star daughter get repeated ad nauseum throughout the book A good editor could easily cut this book by a third and not lose anything relevant There are also contradictions throughout in regards to the author s descriptions of Natalie s personality and whether she was promiscuous or not, her level of drinking, her healing from psychoanalysis, and finally the tragic details of her last days I learned a lot about Natalie Wood, but wish of the focus was on her relationships with cast and crew, and less on the author analyzing and summing up each family member or friend in Wood s life. Probably the best biography I ve ever read I couldn t put it down Suzanne Finstad gave a fascinating, vivid, informative account of Natalie s life Finstad did so much research for this book, interviewing hundreds of people except for RJ Wagner because he declined because she told the truth about him and he couldn t handle that It s a very sympathetic biography and you really feel for Natalie Whether or not you re a Natalie fan, you will love this Pick this up for an interesting read. An in depth, well researched biography, which left me feeling both sad and angry Sad because Natasha Natalie never had the chance to live a normal life but was manipulated, used and abused from childhood angry because it seems to me that someone was allowed to get away with murder. Why does Natalie Wood s gaudy life inspire mediocre bios Because they never mention the I m pretty, mama I m a pretty girl scene in Gypsy, maybe the most brutal scene in any Hollywood movie Because she spent her whole life in LA Because nobody parts with a story they don t own a piece of Because she didn t make enemies Because writers can t resist schlocking up her stage mom or her horrible death But Mr S, the book by Sinatra s valet, has two pages on N.W 70 71 that are easily the best thing written about her, which made me hungry to try this one It s sleazoid where Gavin Lambert s is saintly, yet neither really gets her opaque charisma Also, neither explains why Natasha Gregson Wagner stopped being famous What happened with that One certainly can t say this is a benign account of the star s life If it is to be believed, it lays bare a pretty active early sex life of its subject and outs one of Hollywood s most enduring stars as a conflicted bisexual something that said star denies vehemently It is, without question, a page turner but begins in tragedy, with Natalie enduring the oppression of a smothering, demanding stage mother and ends even worse, so it s not for the butterflies and candy cane set. .Epub ☥ Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood ☸ Born Natasha Zakharenko, Natalie Wood Continues To Haunt Us Years After Her Tragic And Mysterious Death Her Dark Hypnotic Beauty And Passionate Performances Made Her A Movie Star Legend, Appearing In Over Fifty Films Including West Side Story And Rebel Without A Cause For Which She Was Oscar Nominated The Story Of Her Life Is Tinged With Tragedy And Drama Pushed By Her Domineering, Frustrated Mother An Alcoholic Determined To Make Her Child A Star At Whatever Cost, Natalie Grew Up Fast Lonely And A Misfit, Uncertain Of Her Identity At Fifteen She Had Embarked On An Affair With A Director Years Her Senior, She Was Brutally Raped By A Leading Hollywood Star When She Was Sixteen An Attack Which Her Mother Forbade Her To Report Her Leading Men Frequently Became Her Lovers Including Elvis Presley, James Dean , Warren Beatty And The Real Love Of Her Life, Robert Wagner Whom She Eventually Married Twice Her Fear Of Being Alone And The Years Of Exploitation And Abuse Led To An Addiction To Sleeping Pills And Several Suicide Attempts And For The First Time, This Book Looks At Evidence, Yet To Be Published, Surrounding Her Premature And Controversial Death Drowning At The Age Of Suzanne Finstad Has Spent Years Researching This, The First Substantive Biography Of Natalie Wood, Conducting Over Interviews With Friends, Family, Lovers, Co Stars And The Police Officials Who Investigated Her Death Anyone who even only saw Gypsy 1962 would have been taken by this seemingly fresh, stunning talent But this child veteran screen legend had already long since cemented her place in the Hollywood history with great films like Miracle on 34th Street 1947.Born in San Francisco to Russian immigrant parents, Wood also spoke Russian and was proud of her heritage She was pushed as a toddler, by her mother, into films At nine she was named the most exciting juvenile motion picture star of the year Three years on, she was judged Child Star of the Year by the Children s Day National Council of New York.Successfully transitioning from child star to ingenue at sixteen, she co starred with James Dean and Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause , 1955 For this Natalie was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.In 1961, Wood played Maria in the musical West Side Story , a major box office and critical success That same year she appeared opposite Warren Beatty in Elia Kazan s Splendor in the Grass , earning Best Actress Nominations at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.She managed longevity as well as was possible, maturing appropriately into adult productions like Bob Carol Ted Alice 1969 , a comedy about sexual liberation.After that she got the idea into her head that family must come first, that her movie career was finished Had she lived into old age she may well have become what actresses like the wonderful Lauren Bacall did a living legend She was already close.There was her extraordinary beauty, her two marriages to the one man, heart throb Robert Wagner and, finally, her tragic premature death by drowning, fulfilling her worst fear of water.This is a well researched, quality biography that does Natalie justice We are left feeling informed, satisfied, without having intruded too crassly into this star s personal life We feel we have celebrated a likeable woman with a fascinating career And a little sad for her A tasteful tribute by a classy writer on a true and timeless star. Read this when it first came out a decade ago, and was inspired to pick it up again Exhaustively researched, difficult to put down biography of Natalie Wood, the first really complete biography ever written on her life A must for any Natalie Wood fan. Finstad is a great researcher, but her writing is melodramatic and overwrought Many things were repeated over and over I didn t need to know what every source thought of Natalie at every given time and I got the feeling that Finstad wanted to put every single quote in the book.