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!Kindle ☩ Natural Selection ⚒ Pairing Arthur MerlinRating NC Word Count ,In Which Arthur Goes On Blind Dates, Merlin Is His Waiter, And Everyone Takes A Ride On The Crazy TrainIncludes Crazy The Intended Epilogue Companion Piece Second Ending To Natural Selection Cute, but something about the writing fell a bit flat for me The humor just didn t quite work, and came off a little tired and stale rather than witty to me. 3.5 stars Good short Merlin Arthur fanfic in which Arthur s friends think he should settle down and set him up on a series of horrific blind dates, the only good part of which is waiter Merlin. This was fucking hilarious I couldn t help myself when I snorted and laughed uncontrollably for minutes I think my friends considered for a while to put me in therapy I just can t help it that Natural Selection gives me mind orgasms every single paragraph of the story, and what great story it was I think I can say honestly that I loved all the characters, including the crazy ones especially crazy ones How could you not love a jealous, possessive woman who goes by the name of Morgause and is obsessed with your cousin Or Cornelius Cedric with his two personalities Man, I loved himthemone of themI don t know And Aredian with hisspecial quirks I reckon he would be a good friend to have one day, provided he won t assault my friends because of a deep, dark secret Or Vivian with her snobbish, narrow minded personality who turns her nose up at everything supposedly plebeian Wellokay, I can get people s reasons for not wanting to meet a person like her but god, if Vivian creates her own reality T.V show, I d be the first person to watch.Joking aside, I love Merlin He is so adorably cute and his big ears are positively endearing He took in a stray deer, A STRAY DEER, FOR HEAVEN S SAKE How can a person get cuter than that This is something I would reread and reread again because it s that awesome 5 stars definitely. This was a fabulous blend of humor and romance The string of blind dates had me laughing uproariously and grinning in a decidedly undignified manner especially because I m not in the confines of my own home and their romance had me smiling with gentle fondness. I have to go with MLE here I m keeping this short to hopefully fly under the radar of the fans Thought this story was pretty corny, unoriginal and I didn t laugh once The thing you d expect a young teen to write really The semi explicit sex scene interspersed with blah di blah dialogue therefore felt misplaced and awkward PS Sorry. 4.5 stars Short, funny and adorkable. Adorable And sweet and hilarious and so much fun I m amazed at the creativity involved in making all of those different crazy dates for poor Arthur.And impressed at the ability of the author to progress from perfectly timed comedy to serious emotion as Arthur works to apologize to Merlin.Lovely, lovely story Favorite Quotes Creepy date is creepy Your drink is on the house I think you deserve it o I thought your name was Cedric, Arthur says halfway through dinner, genuinely confused Cedric is weak and hapless Cedric makes a face, taking out a small jar of hair gel and proceeding to slick his bangs back He s a buffoon and a cretin Forget Cedric It sCornelius now Arthur stares at him, incredulous Cornelius is bold, Cedric Cornelius goes on, now slipping off his sports jacket and turning it inside out to reveal a thick lining of black feathers Cornelius is charming Cornelius doesn t need therapy Oh my God, Arthur whispers Cornelius will get laid tonight and not cry like a baby afterwards, Cedric Cornelius finishes, sliding his jacket back on and carefully smoothing down the feathers Did Cornelius take his medication today Arthur tries, cautious Here you go, Merlin arrives then, setting down their plates Lemon chicken and Italian wedding soup oh, hello, wardrobe change Back off, whore, Cedric Cornelius hisses, reaching out to lay a hand on top of Arthur s And a personality change, Merlin says slowly, wide eyed I do not approve of this, Arthur mouths at Merlin silently Cornelius is striking and confident and always a winner, Cedric Cornelius announces, narrowing his eyes in Merlin s direction I m happy for him, Merlin says, looking uncertain Don t encourage him, Arthur begs, trying to remove his hand from Cedric Cornelius s surprisingly strong grip Cornelius always gets his man, Cedric Cornelius continues, voice alarmingly loud now Cornelius won t be thwarted by his own demons or by meddlesome twinks Cornelius s feathers are dropping into his soup, Merlin points out, grinning.Cedric Cornelius throws his cranberry juice in Merlin s face Me and my inner demons are fine, thanks, Sir, you look sort of crazy right now, Morris informs him. I m profoundly perplexed by the fact that this fic is a comment thread And I don t understand why Anyway, it s a short little gem of a thing, humorous and sweet with a hint of angst, and it s fairly predictable but also extremely enjoyable I approve. Enjoyable.