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Wow, that was just so bad I really tried but couldn t get myself to read another line The first MC feels like he s holier than everything I really expected him to start complaining about how everyone is breathing the wrong way and let s his surroundings know by constantly being condescending and verbally abusing the second MC And this one seems to like getting talked down to and really preached at cause he s always coming back for [Read Epub] ♸ Nick of Time (Romentics #3) ♼ Nick Is A Savagely Handsome Stonemason Who Has Given Up On Gay Men And Has Agreed To Marry An Irishwoman Who Needs Him For A Green Card Brent Is Dancer From The City In Town For His Sister S Wedding To Nick, Brent S A Bitchy Slut Who Would Think Nothing Of Breaking His Heart To Brent, Nick S Just Another Dumb Strong Closet Case Stuck A Thousand Miles From The City Beat But When Opposites Attract, Who Is Going To Tell The Irishwoman That Her Time Is Up An MC with absolutely no self respect I kept thinking Just drop it, turn around and leave, damn it But nooo, we kept throwing ourselves at the other MC like there s no tomorrow and let him walk all over us By the end of the book I felt pretty disgusted with our MC There was nothing to like about him and that snippet with kids seemed like a weak attempt to redeem him Nah, he s still not worth any attention Also the sex scenes were a bit too dirty for my taste so I skipped them. In my slog through the Romentics series by Scott Scott, Nick of Time is a welcome breath of fresh air I enjoyed the character of Nick, he s solid, unpretentious, and very likable The story is told very well and it flows smoothly to a very hurried, but satisfying conclusion I give Nick of Time a solid three stars. This is the third in the Romentics series and a good old fashion love story that has been done before, but we get the gay version of this.We meet Brent who has to be driving to his hometown for his sister s wedding.Brent has a lot of things on his mind, and happens to be looking in his err view window when he looks in the eyes of a handsome hunk of a man, nearly escaping an accident twice while viewing this vision of lustiness, he finally makes it home to his parents home He s greeted at home by his widowed mother and sisters and younger brother They all are excited to have Brent back and after good natured teasing, the family prepares for a party being held before the wedding At this party, Brent sees the same hunk worker he nearly crashed his car for The man is named Nick, and it s hate at first sight.Brent thinks Nick is an uptight closet case, and Nick thinks Brent is a flighty, gay playboy looking for his next fling.Brent impression of Nick doesn t improve when he learns he will soon to be marrying an Irish widow of three children, a marriage of convenience cause she needs a green card to stay in the US Nick tries to convenience Brent and himself that he and his intended share the same values and both want to make a home for the children.Nick is in fact gay, and in the past he had a relationship with a man who cheated on him and had no idea what a commitment was.Nick judges all gay men as bed hoppers not willing to commit Brent is disgusted with Nick and his loathsome views.Brent who is 31 but looks 20 a fact he says endlessly throughout the book is a former dancer having injured his knee he is taking time off to decide what he will do next Brent has just ended a 6 month relationship with a man who others in his family felt wasn t good enough for him Of course these two men hate each other and loathe what the other stands for Nick is a stone mason who seems to have a lot of business throughout the county and is in demand for the work he does.Nick also has seen Brent dance before, and is impressed by the beauty and talent of this man.Brent is impressed with the things that Nick builds and compliments him on his talent.Of course we get the standard arguments, Nick putting down Brent for his flightiness and Brent putting down Nick for being judgmental and uptight.Will the two men stop fighting and start loving Will Nick go thru with his wedding Will Brent finally admit he wants to settle down and find love What do you think An enjoyable read and a short one at that To encourage others to read this for the lack of reviews O It was a good read Light and fun They re both so stubborn Nick Brent but a cute couple hehe There s sexual tension not as intense but it was there and funny banters I don t know if you ll get frustrated with their stubbornness but as for me I enjoyed reading them, NB 4 stars because I would really like a bit longer ending or better yet an epilogue.