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~Read Book ♩ Northstar Rising (Deathlands, #10) ♠ A Generation After A Global Nuclear Catastrophe, Minnesota Is A Steamy Tropical Environment Of Lush Plants And Horrifically Mutated Insects Emerging Torn And Battered After A Triple Jump Through The Gateways, Ryan Cawdor And His Band Of Post Holocaust Survivors Discover An Abandoned Cryonics Complex A Doomed Fantasy Begun A Century Before In A World Far Away From Deathlands Dr Mildred Wyeth Is Successfully Revived From Subzero Suspended Animation And Joins The Team Of Warrior Survivalists In The Jungles Of Minnesota, The Group Discovers Yet Another Freakish Legacy Of A World Cone Hideously Wrong Vikings In The Deathlands, The Past And The Future Are Clashing With Frightening Force GraphicAudioA Movie In Your Mind Is A Unique Audio Entertainment Experience That Features A Full Cast Of Actors, Sound Effects And Cinematic Music Publisher S Weekly Says Graphic Audio Delivers An Action And Sound Effect Loaded Audiobook That Lives Up To Its Tagline, A Movie In Your Mind Audiofile Magazine Says, GraphicAudio Sets The Gold Standard For Full Cast Dramatizations, And New Listeners Will Become Instant Fans A little to full of flashbacks Doc being off his rocker and stupid in the 1900 s agaist a high strung African American was funny for a second, then annoying As hell She needs to die. Decent read Lots of action. Audio Book Tape I enjoyed listening to the story After losing one of their team on the previous novel, they pick up a new member They face another Baron and his faithful followers, muties and mutants. GOOD SERIES An average apocalyptic adventure story This one takes a century after the last war and now there are mutants running around the earth Recommended would not recommend Nice introduction of a very interesting character.