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@DOWNLOAD BOOK í On Becoming Subject to Miss Swanleys Methods ß A Young Lad Seeking Psychological Help Finds Himself Coming Under The Influence Of A Domineering Female Psychotherapist, A Woman Not Exactly Unaccustomed To The Idea Of Including Corporal Punishment Among Her ArsenalIt Is The Early To Mid S The Young Lad, A Tousled Haired Boy In His Late Teens, Having Parked Up His Vespa Motor Scooter And Mounted The Stair, Reached Tentatively For The Bell Push, Reading The Brass Plaque Beneath It For A Second Or Third Time As He Did So He Needed Help, Some Sort Of Relationship Counselling, Psycho Sexual Help At Least That Was What His Fianc E Had Told Him Often If He Could See What Was Happening That Very Moment Behind Closed Doors He Might Well Have Concluded This Was NOT The Place To Get It The Woman Who Ran This Establishment Had Very Definite Ideas About How A Young Lad Such As Himself Might Best Be Treated And It Wouldn T Be To His TasteFLASH Click FLASH Click FLASH Click Rapid Fire Camera Shots Were Being Fired Off, The Minolta Motor Wind SLR Buzzing, The Sound Of Its Shutter, Shhnnnit, Sshhnit, Ssheeenit, Accompanied By A Stroboscopic Flashing That Seemed To Freeze The Instant In The Late Teen Girl S Mind, A Pretty If Plump Young Thing Who Was Dressed Far Younger Than Her Years And Who Stared Back Wide Eyed And Startled From Her Kneeling Position Like A Hypnotised Rabbit The Woman S Voice Was Calm, Clinical, Mater Of Fact And To The Point Just A Little Insurance To Help Guarantee Your Future Compliance I Owe It Both To You AND Your Legal Guardian If I Am To Continue With Your Care And Treatment I M Going To Have To Take Greater Control Over Your Life So, There Are Going To Be No Boys Or Even Thoughts Of Boys No Going Off To College And Don T Even DREAM Of Running Away From Now On You Are Going To Do EXACTLY As I Say You Are Going To Do What I Want, Whatever I Want, And Whenever I Want It She Turned Away Downstairs The Doorbell Was Ringing She Smiled She Knew It Would Be The Lad She Had PLANS For The Lad She Had Read His File He Would Be Perfect, She Was Certain He Would Respond Splendidly To The Ideas She Had In Mind Note This Is A Very Adult Novel, Exploring Such Controversial Themes As The Enforced Reassignment Of Sexual Preference, In Addition To The Obvious Fem Dom Overtones The Tale Involves The Domination And Corporal Punishment Of Both A Young Lad And A Young Girl Both In Their Late Teens At The Hands Of A Dominant Woman And Includes Elements Of Uniform Fetishism Including Girdles And Stockings And So On, In Addition To The Obvious