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~Read Ebook ☧ Operator Down: A Pike Logan Thriller (English Edition) ♷ Being A Spy Is A Lot Like Being A Bank Robber In Espionage As In Crime It S Always The Little Things That Get You You Can Plan For An Entire Operation, Allowing For One Contingency After Another, Foreseeing When And Where Things Might Go Wrong, But You Inevitably Miss The Little Things A Drop Of Sweat On A Doorknob, Drywall Shavings Left Behind After The Installation Of A Bug, A Nick From A Tension Wrench In The Brass Plate Of A Lock Small Things With Huge Impacts In This Case, The Little Thing Happened Before Aaron Bergmann Had Even Left Israel, When A Travel Voucher Routed Through Mossad Headquarters Included A Man Who Had Been Specifically Excluded From The Mission Read On For A Specific Reason And That Little Thing Would Prove Devastating For Aaron And His Neophyte Apprentice Casually Tapping The Tablet In Front Of Him, Aaron Said, Alex, Turn Just A Tad Bit To The Right I M Missing The Man On The Left Across The Table From Him Alexandra Levy Shifted Slightly, Her Face Aglow She Said, This Is So Exiting Straight Out Of A James Bond Movie He Chuckled, Then Said, Right There Good He Hit Record On The Tablet Alex Stiffened A Little Bit, As If She Were Posing For A Photographer, Holding Her Angle She Whispered, That Thing Will Really Read Their Lips Tell Us What They Re Saying Aaron Said, Yep If You Can Keep The Camera On Them, But Don T Look So Rigid Relax A Little I Ll Tell You If It Shifts Off Aaron Continued Manipulating A Piece Of Software In His Tablet, Something That Was Highly Classified And Usually Reserved For Active Mossad Agents A Simple Button Camera In Alexandra S Blouse Was Tied By Bluetooth To His Tablet And Seemed To Be Out Of A Movie, But In Truth, Both Were Commercially Available To Anyone Who Wanted Them The Secret Was The Software Churning Through What The Camera Sent It Artificial Intelligence For Facial Recognition Had Grown By Leaps And Bounds In Recent Years, And The Mossad Had Taken That In A Different Direction, Focusing On The Spoken Word They D Replicated The Human Act Of Lipreading In The Cyberworld, Designing A Software Suite That Could Decipher What Was Being Said Without Hearing Sound Alex Relaxed Her Body A Bit, Contrition Floating Across Her Face Sorry This Isn T My Expertise You Should Be Doing The Camera Work He Laid The Tablet On The Table And Took A Sip Of Beer, Saying, You Re Doing Fine This Beats Working In The Diamond Exchange, Right Keep Up The Talent And I Might Recruit You For My Firm She Grinned And Said, No, No, This Is Enough Excitement I Enjoy Being Able To Help I Ve Never Even Been To Africa But I Ll Stick With My Boring Job There Was No Fear In The Statement No Realization Of The Risk It Was Like She Thought They Were Executing A High School Senior Prank She Had No Idea Of The Threat Level That Would Come Later She Glanced Over The Balcony Toward Their Target And Said, Besides, I Don T Think Your Partner Would Agree To That I Think She Hates Me Three People Sat At The Table They Were Filming, Two White And One Black Their Target Was A Man Of About Thirty Five, And Unlike The Rest Of The Patrons In The Restaurant, He Was Dressed In A Suit As If He Were Still Working In His Office In Israel The Other White Man Looked Like He Was About To Head Out On A Safari, Wearing Cargo Pants And A Shirt That Had Pockets Than A Photographer S Vest He Had Shaggy Blond Hair, Ice Blue Eyes, And A Feral Quality Aaron Had Seen His Type Plenty Of Times Before, But Only In A War Zones It Intrigued Him The Final Man Was Tall, With A Thin Mustache And Coal Black Skin He Was Dressed Like A Local But Didn T Act Like One Ramrod Straight, He Showed Not A Whit Of Humor Had They Held The Meeting At A Caf In Downtown Johannesburg Where The Target Was Staying They Would Have Attracted Attention By Their Very Disparate Appearances, But They Didn T Here Which Explained Why Aaron S Target Had Chosen This Restaurant The One Thing Remaining Was To Find Out Why The Meeting Was Occurring The Only Man Aaron Recognized Was The One The Mossad Had Asked Him To Track An Employee Of A Diamond Broker In Tel Aviv The Other Two Were A Mystery, But He D Know About Them Soon Enough, When They Reviewed The Footage Later The Primary Problem With The Lipreading Software Was Choosing A Language Try To Lip Read German When The Target Was Speaking Chinese And You D Get Gibberish Here, In The Township Of Soweto, Just Outside The City Center Of Johannesburg, South Africa, He Was Sure They Were Speaking English There Was No Way The Black Man Spoke Hebrew, And He Would Be Astounded If His Target From Israel Spoke Something Like Swahili Or Afrikaans No, They D Be Speaking English, And The Fact That His Method Of Recording The Conversation Came Through In Visual Rather Than Auditory Form Was A Plus In The Current Environment The Outdoor Balcony They Were On Belonged To A Restaurant Called Sakhumzi, As Did The Patio Holding The Target S Table Just A Stone S Throw From The Historical Houses Of Nelson Mandela And Bishop Tutu, In The Section Of Soweto Known As Orlando West, The Restaurant Hosted A Smorgasbord Of Local Food And Native Performers And Was A Permanent Stop For Tour Groups Large And Small Traveling To See The Ghetto Made Famous In The Uprising Against Apartheid Because Of It, There Was A Constant Drumbeat Of Laughter And Clapping Something That Had No Effect On The Lipreading Software As Long As Aaron Could Keep A Line Of Sight With Whoever Was Talking Aaron Focused On The Computer, Tapping Icons And Ensuring Three Computer Generated Squares Remained Over The Men S Mouths He Said, Position Is Good Keep That When He Hadn T Responded To Alex S Statement, She Repeated, Your Partner Doesn T Care For Me At All I Thought She Was Going To Throw Me Out Of Your House Aaron Looked Up From The Tablet And Said, Shoshana She Doesn T Hate You She S Just Mad Because I Brought You Instead Of Her She Was Aggravated At Me For The Decision It S Nothing Personal Making Sure Not To Disrupt The Camera Angle, She Said, I Don T Think So When You Left The Room, She Was A Little Scary Aaron Laughed And Returned To The Tablet, Offhandedly Saying, You Need To Get To Know Her She S Not All Knives And Death Threats She Just Acts That Way She Understands That She Didn T Have The Knowledge Base For This Mission When We Fly Back, I Ll Take You To Dinner The Three Of Us Alex Smiled And Said, I D Like That I Think She Thought Aaron Looked Up From The Tablet And Said, Thought What That We I Mean, You And Me Might Aaron Scoffed And Said, You Re Twenty Years Younger Than Me She Said, Yeah, But It Was The Mossad That Asked Me You Asked Me I Mean, They Wouldn T Do That Unless It Was For A Reason Aaron Realized She Thought She Really Was In A Movie And That She Was Hitting On Him A Twentysomething Sabra Who Worked Inside The Israeli Diamond Exchange, She Was No Doubt Attractive Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Liquid Skin, And A Quiet Intelligence Surrounded By An Innocence He No Longer Possessed, He Would Have Hunted Her Like A Wolf A Decade Ago, But No Longer She Deserved To Live In Her Innocence His Entire Existence Was Ensuring People Like Her Could Do So He Decided To Put An End To The Fantasy Alex, I Picked You Because You Understand The Diamond Market Yes, You Re Attractive, Which Meant I Could Use You To Blend In, But I Need Your Knowledge Period You Watch The Tape, You Tell Me What They Re Talking About Within The Diamond World, And I Write An Assessment That S It This Isn T A Complex Thing We Re Not Here To Save Israel From Blofeld We Re Here To Save Israel From Embarrassment That S All It S A Simple Mission Turning Red, She Tilted Forward And Whispered, What Does That Mean I Wasn T Suggesting Anything He Said, You Re Screwing With The Camera Angle Lean Back The Target At The Table Answered A Cell Phone Aaron Said, Shit Lean Back Now Alex Did So Abruptly, Causing The Camera To Sway Wildly Aaron Said, Stay Still The Man Turned Away From Them, Still On The Phone Aaron Said, We Need To Move You Need To Move Stand Up And Go To The Bathroom Walk By The Table And Get Me A Shot Of His Face As Long As You Can Stop And Ask The Table For Directions, But Not To Him Let Him Keep Talking On The Phone Hesitantly, Alex Stood More Forcefully Than He Wanted To, Aaron Said, Go She Did, Sidling Between The Throngs Of Tour Bus Patrons And Locals, Threading Between The Tables And Down The Stairs, The Picture On Aaron S Tablet Jumping Left And Right She Reached The Patio And It Stabilized She Walked Toward The Restrooms, Then Stopped At The Table, Asking Directions He Recorded About A Fifteen Second Snippet Of The Phone Conversation, Unsure If The Software Would Be Able To Utilize The Footage Because The Target S Face Was Partially Obscured By His Smartphone He Glanced Over The Balcony To See The Interaction, And She Broke Contact, Doing A Passable Job Of Being A Tourist He Saw No Outward Interest In The Interruption Aaron Ignored The Rest Of The Feed, Wondering If Alex Would Be Smart Enough To Cut It Off If She Really Chose To Use The Bathroom She Did Or Maybe The Bluetooth Simply Lost Contact Because Of Distance He Grinned And Took A Sip Of His Beer, Surreptitiously Giving The Target Table A Side Eye The Israeli Was Asking A Waitress For The Check Aaron Immediately Picked Up His Phone And Called Alex, Telling Her To Return The Men Tossed Some Rand On The Table, Preparing To Leave, And He Saw Her Coming Across The Patio She Mounted The Stairs To The Balcony And He Stood, Saying, Hopefully They Take The Same Car If They Split Up, We Ll Stick To The Target Hidden By The Balcony Railing, They Let The Group Exit The Restaurant, Then Followed, Getting To The Parking Lot Just As They Were Loading A Single Car A Part Of Him Spiked At The Action, Since They D Arrived In Two Separate Cars He Should Have Listened To His Sixth Sense Lulled By The Minimal Threat Of His Mission, He Thought He Had His Bases Covered, But He Had Forgotten A Hard Truth He D Learned In The Past In Warfare, The Enemy Gets A VotePraise For Operator Down A Page Turning ThrillerTaylor Is One Of Todays Premiere Authors Writing About The World Of Special OpsAssociated PressBrad Taylors Pike Logan Thrillers Just Keep Getting Better, And Operator Downis His Most Ambitious And Fully Realized YetTaylor Continues To Stand With Brad Thor And James Rollins At The Top Of The Action Thriller Genre But Operator Down Features The Polished Echoes Of Daniel Silva And Even John Le Carr, A Thriller Thats At Once Both Cerebral And Muscular, A Rare Combination That Taylor Pulls Off With Skill And Aplomb Providence JournalFormer Delta Force Officer Taylor Relies On His Familiarity With Modern Combat Logistics To Create Credible Characters And Complex Plots That Pulse With Intense Intrigue, Authenticity, And Realism Fans Of Military Thrillers Will Enjoy How This Narrative Mirrors Current Events In The Worldwide War On Terror Library JournalAs Usual In The Pike Logan Series, The Spycraft And Related Technology Are Fascinating, The Dialogue Crackles, And All The Players Are Operating In An International Sea Of Moral Ambiguity Recommend Pike Logan To Readers Who Like Their Spies Tough, Smart, And Bordering On Superhuman BooklistBestseller Taylor Excels At Quality Action ScenesSeries Fansare Sure To Relish This Entry Publishers WeeklyWith His Experience As An Officer In The US Army S Special Forces, Taylor Brings Firsthand Military Knowledge To The Nephilim Pike Logan SeriesA Believable Account Of Elite Operators Working Outside Traditional Government Parameters To Track International Villains Kirkus ReviewsMore Praise For Brad Taylor And The Pike Logan SeriesBrad Taylor Continues To Tackle One Of The Pressing Fears Of Todayterrorism The Plots And The Characters Are Fictional But Taylor S Meticulous Research Brings That Sense Of Chilling Believability To His Pike Logan ThrillersTaylor Delivers A High Energy Thriller In Ring Of FireOline Cogdill, South Florida Sun SentinelPike Ranks Right Up There With Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, And Jack BauerJohn Lescroart, New York Timesbestselling AuthorFresh Plot, Great Action, And Taylor Clearly Knows What He Is Writing AboutWhen It Comes To Tactics And Hardware, He Is Spot OnVince Flynn, New York Timesbestselling AuthorLogan Is A Tough, Appealing Hero Youre Sure To Root ForJoseph Finder, New York Timesbestselling Author Pike Logan Is A Feisty, Devil May Care HeroSteve Berry, New York Timesbestselling AuthorTaylor Has Become One Of The Very Best Writers Of Thrillers With A Military And Special Ops BackgroundComparisons To Vince Flynn And Brad Thor Are Expected And Not Inaccurate, But Taylor Is Now In A Class By Himself BooklistSlick, Exciting Action And Credible Complexity Are The Hallmarks Of Taylors High Caliber Thrillers Library JournalFew Authors Write About Espionage, Terrorism, And Clandestine Hit Squads As Well As Taylor Does Houston PressAction PackedThose Who Prize Authentic Military Action Will Be Rewarded Publishers Weekly Israel is concerned about it status, or rather the deteriorating diamond exchange in South Africa A former Mossad operative is sent on a easy mission Right, everything goes completely to Hell and the Israeli is taken hostage, tortured and imprisoned in a Hell hole worse then Hell The kidnappers screwed up The Israeli is a personal and very close friend of Pike Logan and his covert team of American operatives sanctioned by POTUS This is an incredibly action filled stupendous read from start to finish My highest recommendation. This is another exceptional Pike Logan story from Brad Taylor While I am somewhat prejudice,hsving read all of the books and short stories by Brad Taylor, his novel Operator Down did not disappoint This Pike Logan thriller picks up only a couple of months after the end of Taylor s latest short story The Infiltrator where Aaron and Shoshana get married Now Aaron is on a non Mossad mission to South Africa for the Diamond Exchange Brad Taylor works Pike and Jennifer into a mission tracking an American arms dealer in Tel Aviv where they attempt a social lunch meeting with Shoshana This leads to a rather interesting encounter where Pike and Jennifer help break up an attempt at killing Shoshana but she is suspicious that Pike is somehow involved in setting her up I particularly enjoyed the setting within Lesotho with the comparison to the Italian microstate of San Marino Taylor puts together a number of credible threats that are woven into the Taskforce s mission through a little manipulation by Curt Hale I gavethis book five stars and highly recommend it. I need at least a day to recover from a story as intense as this one Shoshana radiates intensity, triggered by Aaron s disappearance Pike and Jennifer contain Shoshana while dealing with a coup in the Kingdom of Lesotho Diamonds, water, and weapons especially nuclear triggers occupy moral, immoral, and mid range mercenaries Local tribes, the king, and parliament become pawns Brad Taylor visited this Kingdom as part of his research Today s radio news covered water shortage in Capetown, but failed to mention the Kingdom as the source of water for South Africa Read it first in fiction books. Having read all of Col Taylor s Pike Logan books, I m in a good position to compare this latest effort to the others It s easily one of his best, perhaps the best All of his books are packed with action, but this one so than any of the others He manages to maintain several storylines on a parallel track and all of them converge smoothly at the end.The main characters are reasonably well fleshed out, particularly if you read some of his previous novels, because you will be familiar with these characters But this novel has many characters than previous ones So, some of the lesser characters are somewhat blank But it s not something that will annoy the reader The action will keep you turning pages.If I were to find fault with anything in this fine work, it would be the overwhelming use of acronyms If you have a background in military speak, it shouldn t be a problem However, I m guessing that most of his readers don t have that background, and struggle in places with the multitude of acronyms.