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Officer Manuel Corr worked for the Boston Police being medically mechanically enhanced to enter other s subconsciousness to spy on their thoughts He was once again assigned to drug kingpin, Ronson Bizmark, a ruthless criminal with designs to take over Tanj and the outerworld He appeared at Bizmark s steel palace, floated up to a window, and entered changing his clothes with a sweep of his hand He again changed clothes to look like the guards and watched them enter a huge room where Bizmark s inner circle sat, he changed clothes again and took a seat to hear what the man planned..Marquite Visdale monitored Manuel s stats and knew something was wrong They had been lovers until mister by the book ended their affair when he knew that inter mingling was frowned on She thought about bringing him back to his prone, asleep body but feared the outcome as he wasn t under for very long and they had enough officers comatose Her boss blew in the door and yelled to bring him back, but once she did he didn t look to good so they shipped him to the hospital..Peter Lukes pens an interesting story about future Boston and how they fought crime Manuel discovered that the bad guys had their own sub net and were deeply embedded in the police depart, politics, and who knew where else, and then he discovered that Bizmark wanted to recruit him for an ability he never knew he had If you liked the movie, Inception, you ll really enjoy Perchance to Dream by Peter Lukes.Normally I m a Space Opera reader, so Perchance to Dream was a departure for me, but I m so glad that it showed up on my radar and I decided to read it.Lukes draws you in as a reader with the premise that in the near future, technology will allow us to infiltrate people s minds by accessing their dreams and other unconscious thoughts.In Perchance to Dream this astounding new technology is used by law enforcement to track criminal activity however, it quickly becomes apparent that corrupt individuals have other plans The story s premise is frighteningly believable because tales of corporate greed and corruption and so pervasive today.If you re looking for action, you won t be disappointed with Perchance to Dream Lukes lines up one heart pounding scene after another I love the way that he ends a chapter with a cliff hanger and then transitions to an action scene in the next chapter involving another character in a different setting By segueing to different parts of the story, Lukes compels you to keep reading This book moved very quickly for me.The only exception was perhaps the very beginning of the book Lukes uses about the first eight percent of the book to lay the groundwork for the story While this is certainly helpful for orienting you in the story, I would have liked to see the story start out in the dream world while leaving you as the reader unaware This would have permitted the reader to jump right into the action from page one of the book There absolutely was a period of time in the first five percent of the book where I contemplated putting it down and reading something else instead I beg you to please not stop before you get at least eight percent into the book because the journey is definitely worth it.If you re a fast reader, I will caution you to pay attention while you read this book or you will get lost, confused or disoriented There is quite a bit of transitioning from the real world to the dream world, and as with Inception, there are different layers within the dream world For me personally, I thought that Lukes did a brilliant job of unfurling a very complex and layered reality in a way that enabled me to follow along.There s a relatively large cast of characters, but they are introduced over time and with enough cross referencing that I didn t find myself getting confused about which character was which For me, the introduction of the Elites towards the end of the story nearly exceeded the manageable number of characters and subplots This did, however, add an interesting element to the story that I suspect will be included in future books in this series.As additional film reference points, I also found elements of the Matrix and Judge Dredd in the storyline of Perchance to Dream.Part of the excitement of Perchance to Dream is associated with the mystery element of who s pulling the strings, who s really in control and which characters represent the forces of good and evil Lukes even introduces a hint of romance for good measure.The book has a strong ending where the parallel story lines intersect and reach a satisfying conclusion At the same time, Lukes leaves enough unresolved issues where he sets up Perchance to Dream nicely for a sequel I m really looking forward to the next story in this world. Download ♍ Perchance to Dream ♺ When Dreams And Reality Collide, Nightmares PrevailManuel Corr Is The Best Of The Best In The Sub Net Unit Of The Boston Police, Where He Invades The Dreams Of Criminals To Unearth Potential Crimes He S Fearless Where His Work Is Concerned, Until One Night When The Dream World Collapses Around Him Now Trapped In A Dreamscape He Can No Longer Direct, Manuel Must Try To Fight His Way Back To RealityBut The Road Back Is Dangerous Than He Realized The Tables Have Been Turned Criminals Are Running The Sub Net, And The World Of Dreams He D Once Patrolled Is A Nightmare He Cannot Escape FromUnless He Can Unlock The Conspiracy Behind Who S Manipulating The Sub Net, Manuel May Be Trapped Forever The Criminal World Is Trying To Recruit Him For Their Side, And Refusal Means Death Can Manuel Claw His Way Back To The Reality He Remembers Or Will The Dream World Become His New Reality Who can you trust, when the people you call friends are working for your enemies That is the same question Manuel had on his mind through out the book This book was just MIND BLOWING The first word, in trying to describe this book is INCEPTION This book is all about deceiving your foes into trusting you and then ambushing them in their dreams EVERYTHING about this book was amazing The betrayal between friends, the intense action, and the details the author gave were umm very DETAILED DD This was an epicly awesome book If you are expecting the type of science fiction where everything is about politics, think again This is the perfect mix between SF setting and fantasy adventure According to Goodreads this is the 50th book I ve read this year Quite an achievement considering I probably finished only 2 3 of the books I had to read for my uni course I m glad of it, for I could not think of a better book to symbolise the icing on the book cake for the love of all that is the written page do not put icing on books At first I was worried about writing this review, I had exchanged a few written words with Mr Lukes and found out that this is his first published book and I didn t want to tear it apart, in case it was bad Chance is the book is actually really good and I had to really force myself to find ways of antagonising it This book is not about what it seems, in fact it is so much better once again I refuse to waste time in giving a synopsis, I m sure you can easily find it on line click here.At first I was not entirely convinced about the way dreams are portrayed, but then again to represent dreams is always a tricky thing to do, and really he managed just fine One definitely good point in this novel s favour is how the premises of the story are set very early on, and the reader is able to get a good grasp of what is going on after just a few pages When the first plot twist occurs, it leaves you hungry for , giving you the feeling you ve been catapulted into the story This little trick is mainly achieved through the writing style simple, clear, and concise making the book a joy to read There is no question that is nice, as in my experience SF writers often forget how hard it is for the readers to get to grasps with their written world On the other hand, Mr Lukes is really good at creating an easy to understand, almost mundane, world, presented as a simple, clear flow of words Another thing which is a super yes to me is the setting Not set in the far future, where everything is literally alien to the reader and requires a good imagination, but it seems to be set in a spin off of contemporary times This allows the readers to get a fuller understanding of the situation and without having to imagine things which are just too far from our imagination we can concentrate on the story.Overall, it s a great book, it combines fantasy and science fiction beautifully I can t wait for the others to be published I believe it is the first volume in a trilogy , I can t wait to get my hands on them and read them. The blurb for Perchance to Dream intrigued me very much Police officers invading dreams to solve crimes What s not to love Well, there was a lot to love about this slim novel, but I also have my gripes with it At 165 pages, it was a very quick read and I read it in the course of a single morning However, this short length is also its downfall, as there were lots of cool concepts in the novel, but some of them were given short shrift so we could move on to the next one.To start with we ve barely seen Manuel in action as a member of the Sub Net unit, before things go haywire As such it was hard to get a feel for how his dream travelling usually works and how it is used to solve crimes I would have liked to see him do a normal shift to get of a grounding in what exactly Sub Net is Similarly, there is hardly any, if any at all, discussion about the ethics of this dream invading by the police If they can do this to anyone they want to, what is to keep them from abusing their powers Of course it turns out the answer is nothing, otherwise the criminals wouldn t have access, but it isn t even discussed.We jump around a lot following Manuel to the different subs he visits, but once we are made aware that these subs are inhabited by real entities, we aren t really shown of who they are I would have liked to have learned about the matriarchal society Manuel and his mentor are captured by and I d definitely appreciated insight into the Purveyors, are mysterious group of entities that suddenly pops up in the middle of the book and which thoroughly confused me at first.Despite the problems with its brevity and pacing, there is a lot to love about Perchance to Dream, specifically its cast of characters Lukes manages to create a cast of strong individuals whom it s easy to love or hate whichever is called for in each case especially Manuel, his colleague Margarite and his mentor Lieutenant Jackson I was surprised at how attached I became to the three of them in such a short space of time I really liked the fact that Margarite isn t afraid to take risks to do what she thinks is right she s definitely not a fading hothouse flower But again, the book s brevity counted against it as I would have liked to have learned a little back story for all of them and for one of our main villains, Azrael.Perchance to Dream left me a little disappointed There was so much potential to its ideas and its characterisations were really good, but I just wanted from it, time to develop these ideas and the setting, time to breathe While the ending was satisfying and left a good set up for a sequel, I wish we hadn t rushed to that ending as fast That being said, I did really enjoy the time I spent with Manuel and the pages of Perchance to Dream, as the story is interesting and Peter Lukes writing style is very smooth and a pleasure to read.This book was provided for review by the author. What if police officers could view the dreams of criminals How many criminals would it remove from the streets How many crimes would it prevent Would it even be legal And what if someone learned how to control the dream world to twist it to their own ends And what if they weren t in control at all Peter Lukes debut novel, Perchance to Dream, takes the reader on a gripping adventure deep into a world where police can invade dreams to gather information on possible criminals It requires extensive training and technology, and so the duty is relegated to only a few But it is a powerful law enforcement tool.Except that some dreamwalkers are disappearing into the dream, leaving their comatose bodies behind Behind the scenes an evil man wants to use the technology as a weapon And there are questions about where the dreamworld actually comes from and who really controls it.The story follows Manuel Corr, one of the Sub Con police officers, who stumbles across a terrible secret in the dreamworld His discovery opens the door to the incredible possibilities of the new world and puts him face to face with those who wish to use it for their own evil ends.Lukes crafts a believable, yet fantastic, world that deftly combines the gritty noir settings and characters of Blade Runner and the incredible, yet familiar dream sequences of Inception The mystery draws the reader in and the philosophic ideas its presents keeps the reader thinking about it long after they have finished.The book is not perfect It could use character development, especially for some of the side characters, including the villains and Corr s once girlfriend And I wished that the mystery of the big baddie was stretched quite a bit longer, as I felt that was the strongest, most engrossing part of the story And finally, because the book is an introduction to a series, the ending leaves a bit to be desired However, none of those issues got in the way of the story.In the end, I found the book to be fun, fascinating read It frustrated me whenever life forced me to put it down because I wanted to read it straight through.I can t wait to see where Lukes takes his dreamworld next. This review may contain spoilers.I didn t manage to win a copy of this on the giveaway, but I was able to receive a copy of this book for my Kindle.Throughout most of the book, I wavered on how many stars to give it If it was possible to give books half stars, I d probably give it three and a half The book was good and well written, but I can t say that it was one of my favourites.I did find a lot of what was going on confusing The book jumped between several POV characters and I inevitably found myself getting confused about whose head I was in It was also quite difficult to figure out who was aware of which information Regardless of that, I did find the characters likable but when Marguerite s in Manuel s apartment, I was confused about what she found There seemed to be nothing from his perspective that indicated where those files and things came from In fact, up until he met up with Jackson, it seemed like he was completely behind the whole Sub Net thing.I think, personally, that the book should have been longer with development of Manuel s abilities powers I m not saying it s impossible, but I think that suddenly using skills a person didn t know they had under duress would be very difficult.The whole concept was interesting and engaging I liked the whole idea with the different zones and how they worked Poseidon was a particularly interesting character, but with the fight scene towards the end, I just couldn t see this eccentric character becoming a fierce warrior I felt like there wasn t enough foreshadowing to indicate that level of skill, particularly since in the Tanj, he was a scientist.I think that, if there s a sequel, I d be interested in learning about the zones and about the Elite Their origins and purpose weren t explained nearly as much as they could have been.I did like this book and I think I d be interested in reading a sequel if there is one. Most people believe that dreams are just involuntary sensations that occur during our sleep But there are those who know that they are than a private extension of our subconscious mind One of these people is Manuel Corr, a Boston cop who inconspicuously enters the dreams of criminals to detect potential crimes With the help of pharmaceuticals and neuro technology, Corr s spirit is able to travel to another plane of existence that he knows as the Sub Net.Corr is on a routine assignment in the Sub Net dreamland when he encounters a criminal he is not prepared to face A man named Bizmark is aware of Corr s presence and forces him into a perpetual coma so that he is unable to return to the Tanj tangible world Corr learns that corruption has infiltrated the law enforcement agency and he must unlearn everything that he thought was true about the Sub Net Helping Corr in his journey are Lieutenant Jackson, Margarite a fellow officer and love interest , and a scientist who calls himself Poseidon To foil Bizmark s plans, Corr must learn the true nature of the Sub Net and discover his hidden abilities that can restore peace in multiple worlds.I want to start out by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel It is highly imaginative, similar to the themes of the movies Inception and The Matrix When offered a chance to read this novel, I mentioned to the author that I was a huge Philip K Dick fan and that the premise of this book seemed to be up my alley In fact, it was hard not to draw comparisons to Dick s work In particular, I am reminded of The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, where partakers of a drug co inhabit an architected, hallucinatory world.Despite the similarities, Perchance to Dream is unique First of all, it incorporates individual s dreams as part of a parallel universe, where each person has a sub or zone that allows them the power to manipulate nature within it For instance, Corr can form guns from the air when he is in his own subconsciousness, but is limited when he is traveling to unfamiliar territory Further, the level of complexity does not end with the Sub Net Corr learns that there are deeper levels within human existence, some of which transport both the body and the soul, leaving no trace of existence in the tangible world.Lukes writing style is rather straight forward The prose is told in plain language and it carries the story well, but the setting often lacks vivid imagery to really flesh out the world For example, a rundown building is simply called decrepit without supplying the description of perhaps some rusted nails and rotted joists At other times, however, the sense are explored in greater details and Lukes does a nice job of describing the sensation one feels when traveling from the Tanj to the Sub Net.I liked the characters, but I would have liked to have seen greater depth in both Corr and Margarite Their relationship was on hold because of law enforcement policies, but I didn t sense romantic tension between the two Corr must have some internal struggles that he is trying to overcome, but they are somewhat lost in the unveiling of the multiple worlds I am hoping in subsequent novels that we can see these characters explored on a deeper and emotional level where internal struggles must be overcome as much as the external struggle.The pacing of the novel is good it never lags and each page peels back another layer of the onion to Lukes world The action scenes are imaginative without the laws of nature constricting the participants A couple of minor quibbles there were cases of POV slips shifting from a close third person inside the mind of the viewpoint character to an omniscient viewpoint where details are revealed beyond the viewpoint character s knowledge and one of my biggest pet peeves, ending scenes chapters in the middle of a climactic scene for dramatic tension But don t let these quibbles deter you, the experience of reading Perchance to Dream is one that sends your mind on an imaginative roller coaster, exploring a world where the sky s the limit.For any reader looking for mind bending, cerebral science fiction, give Perchance to Dream a shot While there is room for growth in both the characters and prose, the creative plot and world building compensate by providing the reader with a fun, action packed read Overall, I enjoyed reading it. In Perchance to Dream, Peter Lukes asks the question, What if our dreams were than dreams What if they were doorways Manuel Corr is a dream detective who can enter the dreams of criminals and find out everything from where they hid the body to how they laundered the money But when he investigates a white collar conspiracy, everything he thinks he knows turns out to be wrong I really enjoyed this book a great deal The protagonist is likeable, even though he s a bit stubborn The villains are vividly portrayed, believably threatening and a little gross at times His world is just enough in the future to make his technology plausible, but just close enough to our own to make the conspiracy Manuel faces really scary I could see just the same kind of thing happening in my own world If it did, I d just hope a guy like Manuel was around to try to stop the baddies before they take over Lukes gets to have loads of fun with us too in setting this book in a world of dreams He draws some fabulous settings and puts some crazy action in them I loved it In fact, I was so into this book that I missed the first episode of Hatfields and McCoys because I couldn t put it down I was in a really good part and had to see what happened next I did catch the episode in rerun the next night though I m not totally out of touch This is a really fun book and I hope to see a sequel soon