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~Ebook ♝ Pirate's Desire ♖ Desire Prisoner Of Desire By Delilah Devlin Captain Adamarik Zingh And His Pirate Crew Have Captured Many A Ship, Pillaged Their Cargoes, Pleasured Their Women, While Thumbing Their Noses At The Dominion S Authority But Pirating Is A Lonely Business And Adam And His Men Have Entered A Pact To Set Down Roots, Self Govern Without Dominion Interference, And Raise Families On An Uninhabited Planet At The Edge Of The Known Galaxy What They Need Now Are Wives Evena McClure Is The Elected Cell Block Captain Aboard A Dominion Penitentiary Serving Her Time Along With Nearly Female Prisoners When Pirates Overtake Their Ship Evena Resists, Mindful Of Her Duty To Protect The Women When The Pirate Captain Offers Freedom To Only A Hundred Of The Prisoners, Evena And The Women Form Alliances To Broker A Deal To Free Of Their Sisters Desire Slave Of Desire By Delilah Devlin After A Fellow Convict Is Murdered While She S Guarding The Maximum Security Cellblock, Ex Con Calandra Jones Escapes The Ship Of The Pirates Who Liberated The Convicts, Determined To Make It On Her Own Just As She S Attempting To Arrange Passage On Another Ship Headed For A Mining Colony, She S Abducted By A Handsome Slave Trader Bent On Offering Her For Sale At A Potentate S Auction Drago Chavez Doesn T Understand Calandra S Opposition To His Plan As A Concubine Or Wife To A Powerful Man, She Would Be Pampered And Influential No Woman He S Ever Placed Has Complained About Being Sold Into The Arms Of A Caring Owner Besides, His Acquisition Of The Rebellious Beauty Is His Entrie Into A Lucrative And Exclusive Market Calandra Considers Drago S Goal Nothing Short Of Sexual Slavery And Vows To Seduce The Traderinto Changing His Mind About Offering Her For Sale A Sensual Storm Erupts During Their Desert Odyssey That Culminates When Calandra Is Sold, And Drago Must Decide Whether He Trusts Their Love Enough To Rescue His Slave Of Desire Good Story Line for SCI FI