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The Letters from Norway and Other Travel Writings This woman is amazing Why has it taken me this long to find out about her and her writings Sekuli was an erudite, an ascetic, and a cosmopolitan Unfortunately, she s not translated into English Anyway, this book Ah She went to Norway, hung out with peasants in far away frozen landscapes, got scared by galloping elks, discussed Ibsen and Bjernsen This book is an implicit critique of Serbia of its time just before WWI, 1914 , which, alas, is in many aspects comparable to Serbia of today Sekuli loves Norwegian modesty, high level of education, altruism, pacificism, willingness to make the best out of a tough situation, love for flowers and sunlight, tolerance of unmarried women With the second printing of the book from 1951 , she included a preface in which she takes down the nationalist critic who excoriated her back in 1914 for, among other things, using the word magla mist or fog We do not live with nature powerfully or precisely We do not know nature, we misconstrue the precise terms regarding nature Fog, that is a mystification, that is extravagance Extravagance for those who do not know that no property of nature is monotonous, or primitive, or extravagant In Vojvodina, for example, when harvested wheat is laid on dry, hot earth, as long as it still on its stem and within its sheath, it continues to ripen, and for as long as that process lasts, good weather permitting, one sees a fine mist hovering over the wheat, the mist brought about the ripening process, the wheat breathing That is heavenly, that is the genius laboratory of nature, not a mystification When the mist vanishes, people from Ba ka say The wheat has cooled down, store it away quickly, and tie it up, the smallest rain can harm it now In other parts of the world, the fog is considered a great painter the Englishman Terner in other parts of the world, a musician the Finnish Sibelius in other parts of the world, a killer the swamps of Holland Here it is a mystification, a foolishness of disjointed minds What is sad is that thirty six years later I still cringe at the word fog, I see Skerli the nationalist critic and run. `Download Book ✒ Pisma iz Norveske i drugi putopisi ⇝ Pisma Iz Norve Ke Su Putopis Srpske Knji Evnice Isidore Sekuli Prvi Put Objavl En Knjiga Je Pisana Kao Plod Impresija I Razmi L Anja Autorke Tokom I Neposredno Nakon Njenog Putovanja U Norve Ku U Putopisu Su Izrazito Zvu Nim Jezikom Plasti Ne Lepote Opisani Predeli, Godi Nja Doba, Obi Aji, Eti Ki Karakter Naroda I Istorijski Tokovi U Ovoj Skandinavskoj Zeml I Putopis Karakteri E Poetski Ton I Melanholi Ino Raspolo Enje Koje Se Me A Sa Lirskim Uzletom Po Tovanja I L Ubavi Prema Norve Anima I Prirodi Njihove Zeml E Pojedini Delovi Se Pribli Avaju Esejisti Koj Formi, Ali I Lirskom RomanuPisma Iz Norve Ke, Objavl Ena U Godini Po Etka Prvog Svetskog Rata, U Prvi Mah Nisu Privukla Ve U Pa Nju Javnosti Vremenom Su Prepoznata Kao Jedno Od Najva Nijih Proznih Dela Srpske Moderne I Kao Jedan Od Najlep Ih Putopisa Srpske Knji Evnosti