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When I read Frank s Sullivans Island books, I feel as though I am on the island too, taking part in best friends lives I want to live in her books.Jackie is called home from active duty in Afghanistan to bury her firefighter husband and to figure out how she and her ten year old son will go on without the man they loved so deeply Settling on the idea of going home to visit her family on Sullivans Island is the beginning of the healing that takes place for Jackie and her son as well as for her feisty parents who, still married, have been separated for 11 years and really can t stand to be around each other.I missed theout loud laugh humor that Frank usually weaves into her wonderful stories, but the interaction between Jackie s parents made me smile.I look forward to Frank s next book full of southern style and island life. Ms Frank never fails to amuse and entertain me Her characters always touch my funny bone and in this novel Annie Britt, matriarch and owner of her home, The Salty Dog down on Sullivans Island, makes me giggle out loud with her thoughts and words Things like I had two hormones left Benedict and Arnold and I still believed I could handle Dr Love That s why the Lord invented dimmer switches There comes a time when we re all better off in the dark Annie s daughter Jackie and her sweet ten year old son, Charlie, have come to spend the summer with her Jackie s husband, a New York City fireman, recently lost his life doing the job he loved and both Jackie and Charlie were still distraught so back to the island they came Can the lovely Low Country and Annie s love heal their hearts This novel is a great summertime read or anytime read Another line by Annie and wholeheartedly agreed with is because a book lets your imagination soar and a movie makes all the decisions for you. [Read Book] ⚖ Porch Lights ♂ When Jimmy McMullen, A Fireman With The NYFD, Is Killed In The Line Of Duty, His Wife, Jackie, And Ten Year Old Son, Charlie, Are Devastated Charlie Idolized His Dad, And Now The Outgoing, Curious Boy Has Become Quiet And Reserved Trusting In The Healing Power Of Family, Jackie Decides To Return To Her Childhood Home On Sullivans IslandCrossing The Bridge From The Mainland, Jackie And Charlie Enter A World Full Of Wonder And Magic Lush Green And Chocolate Grasslands And Dazzling Red, Orange, And Magenta Evening Skies The Heady Pungency Of Lowcountry Pluff Mud And Fresh Seafood On The Grill Bare Toes Snuggled In Warm Sand And Palmetto Fronds Swaying In Gentle Ocean WindsAwaiting Them Is Annie Britt, The Family Matriarch Who Has Kept The Porch Lights On To Welcome Them Home Thrilled To Have Her Family Back Again, Annie Promises To Make Their Visit Perfect Even Though Relations Between Mother And Daughter Have Never Been What You D Call Smooth Over The Years, Jackie And Annie, Like All Mothers And Daughters, Have Been Known To Have Frequent And Notorious Differences Of Opinion But Her Estranged And Wise Husband, Buster, And Her Flamboyant And Funny Best Friend Deb Are Sure To Keep Annie In Line She S Also Got Steven Plofker, The Flirtatious And Devilishly Tasty Widowed Physician Next Door, To Keep Her Distracted As Well Book ReviewByC Neuroticus Absolutus I just finished reading Porch Lights by Dorthea Benton Frank, another story about life on the barrier islands of South Carolina They say write about what you know best Ms Frank was born and raised on Sullivans Island and weaves a treasure trove of knowledge and experience into one story after another about the South Carolina Lowcountry I ve read eight of the dozen books she has written, each with charming, lovable characters who draw the reader into real life predicaments where Ms Frank lets the characters lead the reader to happy endings She writes feel good books that go well with sun block, sand, seashells, colorful beach umbrellas and pitchers of Margaritas She has mastered the art of storytelling with an occasional twist of humor Moreover, whereas the average chick lit authors write to fit the formulas of the Harlequin ilk, Ms Frank skillfully constructs entertaining narratives outside the constricting formula mold Porch Lights features Jackie McMullen, an Army nurse with multiple tours of Afghanistan who is widowed when her firefighter husband dies in the line of duty She comes home to a ten year old son Charlie who is devastated by his father s passing as is she The boy s depression leads her and her son from New York back to Sullivans Island and her long separated mother and father Jackie refuses to believe that she will ever love again and plans to return to Brooklyn before the next school year begins But Charlie develops a relationship with his grandfather and the kind bachelor doctor next door and refuses to leave the island An approaching hurricane provides the impetus for Jackie to leave Sullivans Island quickly, but Mother Nature moves in to put the kibosh on all human plans Oh, did I mention that Steve Plofker, the handsome doctor next door, eyes curvy nurse Jackie from the moment she arrives home Before you can say Bob s your uncle, he develops longer range plans for Jackie than she is willing to consider As they say, love will find a way Or will it Each chapter in Porch Lights is preceded by a quote from Edgar Allen Poe, whose work The Gold Bug captures young Charlie s imagination and leads him to discover the marvelous history of Sullivans Island, which Ms Frank skillfully intertwines in her story What s , each chapter alternates the point of view between Jackie and her mother Annie An unusual approach considering that most agents, editors and critics say never switch points of view However, in Porch Lights, Ms Frank accomplishes this with a story that changes POV effortlessly and seamlessly, a credit to her mastery of her craft I like action adventure Uzi toting bad guys and all American, Glock in hand heroes who look like they stepped out of a WWII Army recruiting poster Still, with all that tiring action, I occasionally need a laid back story that tugs at my heartstrings and lets me unwind That s when I turn to Ms Frank s creations, books guaranteed to warm your heart and let you relax I admit that Ms Frank s books are gettingpredictable with the printing of each new novel I believe her best work lies in her earlier books Nevertheless, I like her stories I know pretty much what I m going to get when I take one of Ms Frank s novels to the cash register No disappointments Bedtime or beachtime, poolside or plane ride, Porch Lights is a good read. Porch Lights are a sign of welcome or a symbol that you are waiting for someone to come home and that s exactly what you, the reader, will find when you read the latest novel by Dorothea Benton Frank, Porch Lights I guess the hardest thing for someone to deal with in life is to lose someone that they love Dealing with the loss and finding a way to move forward when it feels like you lack the motivation to do so would be a challenging thing to do Yet that is exactly what Jackie and Charlie McMullen are trying to do Finding a way to move forward without Jimmy McMullen, who was killed as a New York fireman when the building he was in collapsed, living Jackie without a husband and young, ten year old, Charlie without a dad.Now Jackie is trying to find a way to pull Charlie out of a lingering depression that is consuming his life Withdrawing as an Army nurse, Jackie takes a trip back to her childhood home on Sullivan s Island in Charleston to stay the summer with her mom, Annie Britt in hopes of finding a solution What she learns there is a process of letting go of the pain but retaining the love and memories she has of her life with Jimmy and begin building a new one Along the way she learns how much she needs to change as well as the beach begins to sooth away the worn and sharp edges of her past She learns to let Charlie begin to experience his own challenges as a boy growing up, from skateboarding with the friends he meets, sleep overs, baseball games and learning a different way of life from the one he left behind before the summer.Along the way, Charlie and Jackie have plenty of help from not only Jackie s mom Annie, but her father, Buster who comes and stays with them to help Charlie make the transition much easier doing stuff a father and son might A neighbor next door to Annie s, is a local doctor, Steven Plofker, who offers Charlie a job walking his dogs and taking care of them for the summer while teaching him the value of a job and responsibility He is also very interested in Jackie seeing as they both share losing a spouse in common.The delight the reader finds in Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank is a life that is muchsimple Spending the days walking along the beach in search of the ocean s treasures, sharing homemade ice cream from an old fashioned crank machine, and just memories of grilled bar b que meals eaten in the company of close family and friends on porch, calls the reader home in a serene way Healing begins for all of them and changes how they view life as they work together to move forward in the next chapters of their life Dorothea paints such a splendid canvas for the reader, you can smell the salty air and feel the cool ocean breezes in her latest novel.I received Porch Lights compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins publishers for my honest review If you are truly looking for a memorable summer read, than search no further and pick this one up It is such a treasure to find a difficult subject like the loss of someone dear is something to be shared with family and friends and in the end changes them all and brings healing no one really expected I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and the cast of supporting characters Dorothea created make this an exceptionally fun read, especially Jackie s mom, Annie who fears aging the most This is a typically enjoyable read from Dotty Benton Frank The locale is Sullivan s Island, a favorite place of ours and where the author is from.so, what is not to love The main character has lost her NYFD husband to a fire related accident She comes to Sullivan s Island to spend the summer school holiday because she is concerned about the prolonged depression of her ten year old son The beautiful setting and presence of family work their magic and both Jackie and her son begin to recover from their loss The story was a bit predictable but the quirky, lovable personalities make up for that.On apersonal note, the MC is protrayed as an Army Reserve nurse and although she thanks someone for helping her with this part of the story, the author makes multiple errors in this story line I wish she or her editor had really sought some technical fact checking to prevent folks like me from being annoyed I am a 29 year Army employee and my husband was in the Army for 30 years, so I can t help but feel annoyed that she does not know the difference between enlisting and being commissioned as an officer or that U.S.Army is a proper noun which is capitalized unlike military which is an adjective The medical facts are pretty muddy as well and should have been reviewedclosely by a career nurse. Enjoyable audiobook Well written and kept the reader s attention. I received this through the GoodReads Giveaway.This is the first book that I have read from this author I found her writing style to be very smooth and easy to understand.The story is told from the viewpoints of Jackie and Annie Jackie is a military nurse who has lost her firefighter husband Annie is Jackie s mother The two are supposed to be complete opposites, but as the story unfolds, we see how alike they are.Jackie s 10 year old son, Charlie, is having a very hard time coping with the loss of his father In a last ditch effort to help him without bringing in professionals, Jackie decides to go home to Sullivan s Island for the summer There they are greeted by Annie who whips up treats that make the heart sing and creates excursiions for Charlie Annie regales Charlie with her beach knowledge, introduces him to Edgar Allen Poe, and brings the battles of the war to life with landmarks to punctuate the action.It is hard for Jackie to accept that Annie is not tryng to be bossy and often snaps at her for imagined slights She has always blamed Annie for making Buster, her father, leave They are not divorced, but have lived apart for 11 years As Buster starts coming around, Jackie reluctantly sees that there ARE two sides to every story and sometimes everyone has an equal share of blame to shoulder.Things come to a head when Charlie, who is much too well behaved, decides that he does not want to leave and return to New York Add in a handsome doctor with two dogs, Annie s vibrant best friend and a cast of friendly beach dwellers and you have a nice summer read. This is a pleasant read, especially if you ignore the uninspired writing and the truly awful dialogue The things the 10 year old boy says are completely unbelievable It is told in alternating voices, and whether by design or because of the lack of skill of the author, the voices sound almost too similar to differentiate The setting is good though, and some of the characters are interesting, but this is not a set your hair on fire story by any means It s pretty much Mac n cheese If you want a lovely watercolor of the South, this will be right up your alley Edit I ve given this book up It s so full of cliches and stupidity that I simply cannot go on I really don t know who reads books like this. Unlike others, I thought this book was terrible I rated it 1 star, but if I could, I would have rated it a half star.The story line is so unbelievable that I had a hard time getting through the book I kept thinking it would get better WRONG.Her husband dies a horrid death, and 2 months later she s falling for the handsome Dr next door to her parents home If she was so devastated, I would think it would take longer than a couple of months to get beyond that grief Less than 9 months later she s engaged And her 10 year old son is depressed and that s ok She s a nurse, so she, of all people, should understand the ramifications of depression.The characters were also too unrealistic Much too sappy and making nice.This readlike a fairy tale.I will not waste my time reading anyof this author s books.