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{Read Book} ó Pérez Hiltons True Bloggywood Stories ì This Is Raw And Unprotected Just Like Celebrity Sex I M Back And Bigger Than Ever I M Taking On The Top Celebrity Scandals That Rocked The World And Changed Hollywood Forever From Chris Beat Her Down Brown S Beating Of Rihanna To Reality Stars Jon And Kate S Divorce Times Eight, I M Taking You Inside Every Moment And Detail To Tell You What Really Happened NO ONE Will Be Spare How Long Till Britney Melts Down Again When Will Jen REALLY Get Over Brad Never Was Michael Murdered I M Revealing Details Most Magazines Wouldn T Dare Publish And Taking You Into The Center Of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Top Highlights From Perez Hilton S True Bloggywood Stories Juicy And Hot Details On The Celebrities Of Our Generation The Michael Jackson Catastrophe The Annual Perezzie Awards And Yearbook Awards, Featuring Best Nude Scandal Most Predictable Split Best Jen Aniston Boyfriend Best Secret Shrine Best Hairpiece Best Voodoo Doll Best Douchy Act Of The Year Most Likely To Drop Off The Radar Most Likely To Get Caught Cheating Most Likely To Deny Hooking Up With Miley Cyrus Steamy Details On Twilight Dating Exclusive Dish On Jon And Kate Plus Debacle And Other Reality TV Scandals The Top Ten Hollywood Predictions Perez S Low Down On Celebrity Dating Who Will Split And Who Will Get Married Exclusive Details On Perez S Controversial Face To Face Encounters With WillIAm, Carrie Prejean, And Drew Barrymoore Interview Questions That Barabara Walters Would Never Ask dont bother with this the content is as outdated as last week s Us magazine. so far, the meanest thing he s said was that Farrah Faucett did nothing of note other than die he s so mean While it was highly readable, it was a bitch fest about celebs than it was informational I don t know, I m the kind of person who wants to hear that nicole richie is skinny because she s on meth i don t care about the stuff i already knew dish, dammit dish what i learned from perez hilton 1 drew barry hates him2 will.i.am hates him3 christina agularia sort of hates him, but wants to be his friend.4 he loves lady gaga.5 he claims to love madonna, but took a lot of digs at her in the book i m sure he s just keepin it real 6 he waxed poetic about dj am s death, but i m sure wouldn t have hesitated to call his a wastoid if he were still alive.7 perez hilton is obsessed with the gym.So, that s all folks I ve summed it up for you you can skip this one.Happy New Year First book finished Silly and pointless Don t get me wrong I love me some good Hollywood gossip and I have nothing against Perez or his website, but this book, bleh I was too sick to read anything else and it was still a waste of time.reads like it was written in about 45 minutes in order to make a publisher s deadline. Reason 104 why I don t like reading of the times type of books well after their prime the content is WAY too outdated This would have been great to read in 2009 but reading it now just was too sad, especially all the comments about Amy Winehouse given she just died today I m sure back then it would have been great