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I ve read it as a complete compilation of all 7 volumes of the series. @Download Book Ñ Punishment (Gamble Everything, #2) Ë To Pay His Father S Gambling Debts, Year Old Danny Has Sold Himself To Peter Archer Now He S About To Face His First Punishment This Word Short Includes Explicit Content, Including M M, Dubious Consent, Oral Sex, BDSM, Ass Play And Canings All Characters Are Years And Over I could not relate to what Daniel was feeling.At first, he was appalled and disgusted but then he started to somehow like it Unfortunately, I got stuck on the first feelings I resented Archer for forcing Daniel through that canning and then displaying him in front of James, considering sharing Daniel with friends.But most of all, I resented him using the phrase boy cunt I hate name calling and I saw no reason to make Daniel say it He could just as easily taken a girl, slap a fake penis on her and use her pussy all he wanted.I ll read the third installment but I ve already started to lose the connection with the main character so not sure I ll finish the series. Review in a newest compilation edition.Still I have no idea how to rate this one. Daniel gets his first taste of punishment and doesn t like it A lot of mind games and some slave bondage I hope the quality holds up. The blurb says it all Oh, except for the very good writing and the savvy ploy of dragging this out over several follow ups that you ll just have to have on hand Put this on the hot tamale train.Gamble Everything part 1 Sold 3.5 starspart 2 Punishment 3.5 stars part 3 Preparation 4 stars enemas oh my part 4 Obedience 4 stars candy caning part 5 Submission 4.5 stars sssssounding part 6 Pain 4 stars fisting gesticulating part 7 Rebirth 4.5 stars