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!READ KINDLE ☪ نص الكفاف وفتح مقفله بشرح مؤلفه ⚐ Translation And Commentary Of Imam Al Mawlud S Matharat Al Qulub By Hamza YusufThis Exploration Of Islamic Spirituality Delves Into The Psychological Diseases And Cures Of The Heart Diseases Examined Include Miserliness, Envy, Hatred, Treachery, Rancour, Malice, Ostentation, Arrogance, Covetousness, Lust, And Other Afflictions That Assail People And Often Control Them The Causes And Practical Cures Of These Diseases Are Discussed, Offering A Penetrating Glimpse Into How Islam Deals With Spiritual And Psychological Problems And Demonstrating How All People Can Benefit From These Teachings A must read for Muslims and a must re read P This book has the potential to change your life the way you think, the way you act, etc I wish I had read it before or while I was in college it would have saved me quiet a bit of grief But better late than never No need to sit around the self help section of Barnes and Nobles this book pretty much has everything you need to improve your relationship with God and humankind Buy a copy. I read this book in two days It delves into religious spirituality on how to clean your heart, and keep it free from, envy, hatred and arrogance It also talks about how to control heavy thoughts that effect our mood and heart For people interested in spirituality this books is a guide to good thoughts and happy thinking One feels good after reading it, as the messages are sincere and toward becoming a better person a person of patience and tolerance and good thoughts Beautifully written the book takes reference to some religious aspects and teachings. Purification of the HeartTranslation Commentary of Imam Al Mawlud s Matharat Al Qulub by Hamza YusufIF WE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS all over earth, we ll find they are rooted in human hearts Covetousness, the desire to aggress and exploit, the longing to pilfer natural resources, the inordinate love of wealth, and other maladies are manifestations of diseases found nowhere but in the heart Every criminal, miser, abuser, scoffer, embezzler, and hateful person does what he or she does because of a diseased heart So if you want to change our world, do not begin by rectifying the outward Instead, change the condition of the inward It is from the unseen world that the phenomenal world emerges, and it is from the unseen realm of our hearts that all actions spring We of the modern world are reluctant to ask ourselves when we look at the terrible things happening Why do they occur And if we ask that with sincerity, the answer will come back in no uncertain terms all of this is from our own selves In so many ways, we have brought this upon ourselves This is the only empowering position that we can take Excerpted from Hamza Yusuf s IntroductionThis book offers an insightful introduction to one of the most ancient of religious concerns spiritual purification of the heart It takes the reader through a well known text from the Muslim tradition, and gives important commentary that is relevant to our day and to people of a variety of religious experiences.Hamza Yusuf Hanson was born in Washington Sate and raised Northern California After exploring religions at an early age , he converted to Islam at 18 set out a journey that would take him to places of study England, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria and finally West Africa where he spent transformative period with Murabit al Hajj, a master of the inner and outer sciences of Islam After a sojourn of ten years aboard, Hamza Yusuf returned U.S and took degrees in Nursing and Religious Studies In 1998, he co founded the Zaytuna Institute in order to teach the traditional sciences of Islam to people in the West He is recognized today as one of the most influential voices for Islam in the West and has adviced several world leaders including the President of the United States and head of the Arab League Yusuf resides in Northern California with his wife and children. Purification of the heart is a responsibility of every Muslim Either you are doing well and wish to safeguard your pure heart, or your heart is ill and requires purification If you think your heart is already pure and doesn t need purification, then your heart is most likely ill and needs the purification from the inherent arrogance.This is a wonderful book that I shall read again and again for it s tremendous benefit Purification of the Heart is easy to follow, well structured and profound in its advice Hamza Yusuf not only translates Imam Mawlud s poem, but adds an insightful commentary that draws upon experiences with which we can all relate in this modern day and age.The chapters are bite sized and all contain relevant references from the Qur aan and Hadith that provide us with practical solutions to our tribulations It emphasises the Islamic principle of starting with rectifying the self before wanting to change the condition of others around us.Although the book is easy in its format, I wouldn t recommend that one reads it in a single sitting, as it is the kind of text that requires deep reflection Purification is a lifelong process, not a destination, so focusing on one or two chapters a day might better encourage us apply the small changes to our lives. A good book for self introspection not only for Muslims but also non Muslims However, having said that the book has a major short coming in that it identifies spiritual diseases very well but does not always give adequate solutions for the cures.I am not a proponent of Sufism and this book is seemingly geared for the Sufi reader, which is a flawed assumption Spiritual ailments befall every single human alike, and it is not just the Sufi who seeks a cure from them As a pragmatic and non mystical Muslim, I found that I was aware of most, if not all of the concepts presented in the book and even though it served to reaffirm many issues, I did not always see pragmatic spiritual excercises for betterment I only came across prayers at the end of the book The prayers mentioned are the standard prayers and I am afraid prayer alone does not do much unless one takes concrete steps to address spiritual ailments such as anger and sloth etc.It is still a great book, especially for those who may not have studied the essence of religion otherwise. I m speechless when it comes to this book.Reading is believing.I loved the book so much such that when I misplaced the book and I thought I ve lost it it was for almost a year until I found it back I was so distressed especially at that time they haven t reprint the book and everywhere is out of stock already. The Prophet once said to his Companions, Doyou want to see a man of Paradise A man thenpassed by, and the Prophet said, That man is ofthe people of Paradise One of Companion of theProphet wanted to find out what it was about thisman that earned him such a commendation fromthe Messenger of God , so he decided to spendsome time with this man and observe himclosely He noticed that this man did not performthe night prayer vigil tahajjud or do anythingextraordinary He appeared to be an average manof Medina The Companion finally told the manwhat the Prophet had said about him and asked ifhe did anything special The man replied, Theonly thing that I can think of, other than whateverybody else does, is that I make sure that Inever sleep with any rancor in my heart towardsanother That was his secret.