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Meh This is a rather derivative volume of musings upon other people s theories about diagnosis as a technological and social technology There s no problem with that kind of project, inherently, but the book suffers without a common thread to connect all those musings together Jutel seems to select her primary examples based on personal interest sometimes, it seems, at random There s no major conclusion at the end to connect everything either Basically, this book spins its tires for 140 pages. `READ E-PUB ↟ Putting a Name to It ↽ Over A Decade After Medical Sociologist Phil Brown Called For A Sociology Of Diagnosis, Putting A Name To It Provides The First Book Length, Comprehensive Framework For This Emerging Subdiscipline Of Medical SociologyDiagnosis Is Central To Medicine It Creates Social Order, Explains Illness, Identifies Treatments, And Predicts Outcomes Using Concepts Of Medical Sociology, Annemarie Goldstein Jutel Sheds Light On Current Knowledge About The Components Of Diagnosis To Outline How A Sociology Of Diagnosis Would Function She Situates It Within The Broader Discipline, Lays Out The Directions It Should Explore, And Discusses How The Classification Of Illness And Framing Of Diagnosis Relate To Social Status And Order Jutel Explains Why This Matters Not Just To Doctor Patient Relationships But Also To The Entire Medical System As A Result, She Argues, The Sociological Realm Of Diagnosis Encompasses Not Only The Ongoing Controversy Surrounding Revisions To The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders In Psychiatry But Also Hot Button Issues Such As Genetic Screening And Pharmaceutical Industry Disease MongeringBoth A Challenge And A Call To Arms, Putting A Name To It Is A Lucid, Persuasive Argument For Formalizing, Professionalizing, And Advancing Longstanding Practice Jutel S Innovative, Open Approach And Engaging Arguments Will Find Support Among Medical Sociologists And Practitioners And Across Much Of The Medical System