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Very thought provoking book I have found in my own life that when I pause from the hectic pace of life, that I am at peace and actually productive This book reminded me to pause often. To prepare for the work and the new year ahead, I spent my vacation reading a book recommended to me over a year ago Receiving the Day by Dorothy C Bass I could not have chosen a wonderful book to read as I try to wrap my brain about my post surgery life and thereceivingtheday opportunities that lay before me.The book is a wonderful reminder about the gift of time and, to put it bluntly, the many ways in which we misunderstand that gift and squander it Oh yes, and some ways we might be able to change that, at least in our own lives If you are interested in these questions, you should read it yourselfTo read the rest of my reflection on this book, click here This book was quoted in Liturgy of the Ordinary, so I decided to read it It was an interesting mix of history, theology, and memoir It provided a message that I need to hear again and again about how to view the gift of time It was a bit dated and disjointed at times, but overall a good book. This book is a gift to those of us in the world who struggle with the pressures and limits of time Whether the reader comes from the Christian tradition or not, this tradition has some valuable insights into how to make time a friend, rather than an enemy Regardless of our age, whether we see time as endless, as we tend to in our youth or if we have reached retirement and actually understand that time is finite Bass expresses thoughts and ideas based both in the Jewish and Christian traditions that help us to embrace time as a gift rather than something to be managed, overcome, or feared There are practices that help us find rest and peace, even while living within the confines of time A worthwhile read. Dorothy Bass s book Receiving the Day is a book of promise that delivers on at least some of its promises It provides an encouragement to reflect on time the day, the week including the Sabbath and the Christian year Her writing is gentle and unhurried something that is both its strength and my biggest complaint about it Too many good ideas are hid among paragraphs of languid prose some might call it reflective, but I just found it difficult to read than it needed to be That said, certain phrases and paragraphs are well worth reading especially to overturn ideas of time management for ideas of time as a gift from God. I admit I speed read, browsed each chapter of this book than took it in word for word The title piqued my interest even though I haven t had the mental stamina to engage deeply with non fiction this month I liked what I read on the ancient rhythms of Sabbath and the liturgical year None of what I read added a whole lot to what I ve already learned on the subjects and the places where the author most had my attention were the sparse paragraphs she shared the beauty of Christian time as it related to incidents of pain and healing in her personal life I wished I could hear of her story Still, worth reading for those seeking a spiritual appreciation of the gift of time rather than a temporal mis understanding of time as a curse. My wife read this six years ago and recommended it to me Ms Bass has some thoughtful things to say on our attitudes toward time, embracing the church calendar especially the lenten season and keeping sabbath I can t remember another semi academic book written on such a personal and sometimes emotional level At one point I was nearly brought to tears while reading on my deck one particularly beautiful Sunday afternoon I give this a three because while I would never say someone must read Receiving it is nonetheless a fine book that deals with important themes regardless of worldview. This book serves as a good reminder that while we live in time, we need not be slaves to it Bass talks about the concepts of greeting the day, keeping the Sabbath, daily prayers, and the liturgical calendar as God given tools for accurately wielding the tool that is time It was a good book, but I would first recommend Randy Frazee s Making Room For Life His book has many practical suggestions for shaping one s life in a healthy way, whereas Bass work speaks mostly from a conceptual standpoint. The stewardship of time is a core discipline in living out the Christian life At the very heart of that stewardship is to receive the gift of Sabbath In the midst of a frantic approach to time this book invites readers to embrace the gift of Sabbath as a path that leads to a deeper relationship with God and one another.RECEIVING THE DAY A Guide for Conversation, Learning, and GrowthThe author writes to engage two audiences First, it is for those who ponder the reality of meeting the eternal God within the ordinary life She hopes to address those who know very little about Christianity as well as provide new insights to those who have been nurtured in faith for years.The second reason is for those whose initial interest is practical they want help with time management She desires these readers to see that the predicament is complex, deeper and of greater importance than mere technique We need to get through our days not only with greater efficiency but with greater authenticity.The author gives many illustrations and examples on how our experience of time changes when we receive it as a gift She urges people to make time for Sabbath Sabbath is a time of rest, renewal, worship and family time It is a time to enjoy the freedom God intends for all people It is time to rest from shopping, to rest from worry and to rest from work.The author emphasizes two Sabbath practices The first is receiving the day and the second is keeping the Sabbath RECEIVING THE DAYReceiving the day begins with setting aside a part of each day for attention to God A central question for each day is to answer the question, Where did you meet God today Bass muses about the various ways this may occur For instance, she reflects on how we will ask someone, how is your day When asked by one who really cares, we often grope for an appropriate answer She then relates the practice of a mother she knows who asks the same question in a different way As she tucks her children into bed each night, their teeth brushed and their hair still damp from the bathtub, she asks them a question Where did you meet God today And they tell her, one by one a teacher helped me, there was a homeless person in the park, and I saw a tree with lots of flowers in it She tells them where she met God, too Before the children drop off to sleep, the stuff of this day has become the substance of their prayer There are numerous memorable quotes throughout the book If we could comprehend what time is saying about us what would we discover Our ancestors, most of them farmers, worked to the rhythms of the sun and the seasons Our children do work that is by the round the clock rhythms of the World Wide Web How we live in time shapes the quality of relationships with our innermost selves, with other people, with the natural world and with God How can I offer attention to God and to other people in the midst of days that seem to be shredded into little fragments of time I cannot control Time is a given, and time is a gift We delude ourselves into believing that if we can just get everything done, if we can only tie up all the loose ends, if we can even once get ahead of the crush, we will prove our worth and establish ourselves in safety Those who can let go of the day, including its slights and its sins, enter the next day forgiven and free Those who fear the grave as little as their bed become available for bold and creative living.to receive this day as a giftand to receive it as a day that bears gifts, including the gift we become when we lose ourselves in faithful living KEEPING THE SABBATHBass claims that when we keep a Sabbath holy, we are practicing, for a day, the freedom that God intends for all peopletrying on a new way of lifechanged in response to God s promises Keeping Sabbath means Rest from commerce no shopping Rest from worry refrain from paying bills, doing tax returns, making lists Rest for creation allow our love for the earth to be rekindled Rest from work restore vigor for life Community worship is a central part of Sabbath Joyful worship restores us to communion with the risen Christ and our fellow members of his body, the church, is an essential part of a Christian Sabbath Worship needs to be crafted in such a way to make plain that it is a foretaste of the feast to come However, contemporary culture militates against thisby insinuating that worship is not a very efficient use of time and by importing habits of clock bondage into a gathering where the clock has no placethe problem lies not with the service but in the distorted dispositions we bring to it Among the practices, Bass suggests that we leave our watches at home I find that doing this increases my capacity to hear the Word, to enjoy the feast, and to notice the new creation coming into beingit also eliminates my capacity to deliver an informed opinion that the preacher went on too long The author wrestles with issues like how one can find Sabbath when you work on Sundays, the value of the seasons and the church year, ritual, feasting and fasting.The final paragraph makes an excellent summary of this fine book, When we enter practices like these, we do not so much open the gift of time as find that the gift of time has been opened for us And what we receive, we discover, is not only this gift but all the other gifts time bears as well My wife found this book helpful in several ways For her, it reinforced the reality that time is a gift Like money, once it is spent, it is gone She said, It forced me to think about how I spend my time She appreciated the examples Bass gives from both her own life and the lives of others Our lives are enriched when we find time in our busy schedules to stop and receive and savor the gift.I believe that the stewardship of time is a core discipline in living out the Christian life At the very heart of that stewardship is time for Sabbath Sabbath time is a time to receive the gift.This book s value lies in its contribution to that end. `Download Book ⇥ Receiving the Day: Christian Practices for Opening the Gift of Time (The Practices of Faith Series) ⇚ In This Spirituality Of Time, Dorothy Bass Invites Readers Into A Way Of Living In Time That Is Alert To Both Contemporary Pressures And Rooted Ancient Wisdom The Celebrated Editor Of Practicing Our Faith Asks Hard Questions About How Our Injurious Attitude Toward Time Has Distorted Our Relationships With Our Innermost Selves, With Other People, With The Natural World, And With God As An Alternative To The Rhetoric Of Management And Mastery, Receiving The Day Offers A Language Of Attention, Poetry, And Celebration Bass Encourages Us To Reevaluate Our Understanding Of The Temporal And Thereby To Participate Fully In The Christian Practice Of Knowing Time As God S Gift Embraced In This Way, Time Need Not Be Wrestled With Each Day Instead, Time Becomes The Habitation Of Blessing