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Descargu este libro hace como mil a os, principalmente porque promet a ser una historia de odio y luego amor entre los protagonistas.En su lugar, me encontr con un romance de oficina que no me gustan particularmente Penn me pareci un personaje plano, sin nada en especial Cole es descrito como retrotra do, callado, t mido incluso, pero en sus actos no hay esbozo de tal cosa Todo lo contrario, incluso parece s lo un poco loco que el sujeto en cuesti n apareciera de la nada. ARC provided by publishers in exchange for an honest review image error Okay,but there was something about this book that just did not gel with me.Coulda been the heroine,way too aggressive,coulda been the hero,way too passive.I do like the boss employee trope though. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsPsssstI have a secret I m a sucker for the Madewood Brothers, there I ve said it and admitting it is half the problem or so they tell me I love this group of men who were saved by a woman from the foster care system, I love the family they created and the fact that they try and honor their late foster mom with everything that they do and most of all I love that despite the issues these men have they are good men and the women that love them see that long before they do A man who does everything to avoid the spotlight because he fears that his past will come back to haunt him, a woman who for three years has done so much for him and his family and a trip in paradise made Recipe for Temptation a crazy sexy fun story and my favorite of this series.Cole Murphy loves his work as a somewhat famous chef he enjoys feeding people the food he makes and working with his family s foundation supporting all kinds of programs to help at risk children He is haunted by his childhood and what he had to do to survive and the things he witnessed and the situations he was forced to deal with at a young age and the result is he isn t a very nice person He avoids people, the media and getting involved but when he finds out that the foundation s media specialist Penn Foster could use his help on her family vacation he decides to repay her for some of the good things she s done for him in the last three years.Penn isn t happy about being at her family s annual vacation and games but she s determined to win this year Penn would like nothing than to be her real self around her family but she tows the line and shows her family the Penn they want her to be but when Cole arrives to help her with the family games things take an interesting turn and he s determined for her family to see the Penn he knows.These were such interesting and complicated characters and it was fascinating to watch them unravel each other s secrets and explore an intimate relationship both bound and determined it would only be while in Hawaii and then they d go back to just friends First off I flat out LOVED that Penn is an expert at dirty talk and curiously that at first it seemed to make Cole nervous Cole was not a talker but he did excel at taking charge which Penn found out she enjoyed as she d always been the aggressor in her relationships I m not kidding when I say there were a lot of sex scenes in this book and they were hot, hot, H O T Holy smokes were these two well matched despite Cole having some reservations at times.For the life of me I could not figure out Penn s strange family dynamic and I felt bad for Cole who thought he was going to see what a normal family looked like but instead found he was quite appalled at the way her family treated her and the really less than healthy competition her father drove them all to.Their relationship wasn t easy they both were dealing with feelings they didn t expect and some issues they couldn t ignore but I loved watching them get there even though at times it was difficult What I did really love was how easily they had each other s backs when things got rough with her family I think it was a testament that their feelings were running much deeper than either one realized.I love it when characters overcome adversity and live their dreams and both Cole and Penn were successful in doing so and that s what made this a good story, what made it a great story was that along the way they figured out that having someone to share it all with made life all the better.Review copy provided for an honest review. Recipe for Temptation is an enjoyable finale to Gina Gordon s Madewood Brothers series It s not my favourite of the four, but she has brought us an endearing couple with a good chemistry, a fun and frustrating storyline and who don t scrimp on the sexy time when they finally give in to one another It was time for a Murphy to kick some Foster ass Penn and Cole have been skirting around one another this entire series and, her being the fun confident force of nature company marketing guru and he the quieter, brooding of the four brothers, I wasn t quite sure how their story would go But what I liked was how we saw a completely unexpected side to to Penn when faced with her godawful annoying family.Cole s reasoning for being the way he is works well, it s not over the top nor does it show weakness and this is why I enjoyed him And as sexy as he and Penn are together they also share some lovely moments that inject emotion I loved how the dirty talk aspect was twisted and as much as I disliked her family and wanted to wallop her sisters in law, I actually liked the injection of awful, and the cheesy nature of the Fun cation.I have to say I ve loved this series Finn and his spatula will always mean he s my number one brother, but Cole, Neil and Jack have all been appreciated and I ve enjoyed their dynamic Recipe for Temptation may not have held any particular surprises, but Gina Gordon has ended the series well Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion. 3.5 starsPenn and Cole have worked together for 3 years When Penn goes on her yearly family vacation , Cole shows up to help her win the trophy but when he gets there, he sees a different version of Penn than he is use to Normally, Penn is loud and a little wild but around her family, she is quiet and unsure of herself What starts out as Cole trying to help Penn survive the vacation turns into them finally giving into their sexual attraction to each other This is the first book I have read in this series and I really enjoyed it My favorite thing about this book was the chemistry between Cole and Penn they were super hot together with a lot of sexy scenes I also liked Cole s brothers and plan to go back and read their stories I look forward to reading by this author ARC provided in exchange for an honest review |Download ☧ Recipe for Temptation ☣ A Sexy Category Romance From Entangled S Brazen ImprintShe S The Woman He Loves To HatePenn Foster Wants A Lot Of Things She Wants A Spot On The Board Of A Charitable Foundation She Wants To Win The Stupid, Plastic Family Trophy And Than Anything, She Wants Her Tall, Hot, And Brooding Boss Naked In Her Bed Now, On A Hawaiian Vacation With Her Family, She S Desperately Trying Not To Think About How He D Sound Whispering Dirty Things In Her EarHe S The Man She Can T Haveor Can She Cole Murphy Keeps Himself Locked Down, Away From The Press And Out Of The Spotlight Still Haunted By A Traumatic Childhood, His Ability To Trust Has Been Decimated Penn, With Her Sexy Body And Confidence, Is The Only Person Able To Drag Him Out Of His Shell Which Is Why He Crashes Her Vacation And Accepts Her Proposition For No Strings Sex But Is The Inescapable Heat Building Between Them A Delicious Temptation, Or Will It End In Total Disaster A group of brothers bought together by Vivian Madewood, have been the subjects of this series.Now it was Cole Murphy s turn, and he chose to keep himself hidden, out of the limelight, which he left shining brightly for the others.Cooking was their game, and Cole was another prolific chef, though he chose to direct his talents towards teaching others Other boys that had had a similar, less flavoursome start in life, like himself.Penn Foster was the marketing queen who ruled the part of Madewood that Cole operated in, with her Louboutins firmly entrenched in his camp She was sassy, sexy oozed so much confidence, that Cole had been drawn to her the day he met her three years ago.Penn found herself on a weeks holiday, but not to kick back relax those stilettos She found herself on a regular family vacation that consisted of a stupid series of challenges that culminated in the win of the Foster Cup She had never won it from her 3 brothers and their respective spouses, and she also felt an abnormal level of suppression overcome her whenever she was in their presence.Who should turn up to help her in her challenge nightmare but Cole Fresh from his imminent launch, never normally taking time out, but he was there, the object of her affections, and he wanted to win the cup for her.This is only the second book I have read in this series, and the second book I have read of Gina s It was an easy, entertaining read, that dallied between Penn s inability to show her true self to her family, and Cole being hung up about his shitty start in life i m afraid that the monotony of eluding to his past, but never really giving it any substance, wore a tad thin for me The background story introducing Penn s family and her level of interaction with them, was enough to carry her side, but I felt Cole s backstory was lacking.ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.. 2 1 2 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.The Madewood Brothers series is one of my favorite series, and I really loved the previous books I ve been waiting for Penn and Cole s story ever since Recipe for Satisfaction came out I didn t like this one as much as the other books in the series, but no matter it s still hot, and I still Gina Gordon.If you ve read anything else by Gina Gordon, you know that she writes insanely hot scenes filled with chemistry that will make you combust, and Recipe for Temptaion is no different Cole and Penn are ultra hot together The story was entertaining and fast paced, but I wanted from them Maybe it s because I had built up what was going to happen with them so much in my mind, I just didn t expect them to come across as so normal Like I said, they re hot He s a great dirty talker, and you ll definitely be satisfied after reading this It just wasn t my favorite. review copy provided by publisherI m very much a mood reader when it comes to picking which books to read when although I also do a lot of reading challenges, which make me get out of comfort zone One of the reading challenge, I m currently trying to finish up, required a book set in Hawaii and when I came across the description for Recipe for Temptation, I knew that I had to pick it up And to say that I was quickly sucked in, would be an understatement you know, how sometimes you pick a book up and it just doesn t catch you immediately, so you put it down and start another one or 5 or 6 and then there are other books, where you start reading and before you know, its 2am and you have to get up at 5am yeah Recipe for Temptation was definitely the latter of the two although it wasn t quite 2am, like 12 30 haha I fell in love with Penn from almost the first minute I was introduced to her I don t know why, maybe because she was just so likable and REAL compared to her family who were OMG, how to even describe them It actually reminded me a lot of my extended family at times how everyone seems to be perfect, except for me although when all is said and done, I m probably one of the successful of my siblings cousins even if i m not married no kids And as for Cole any guy who is willing to drop what he is doing, to travel to another country since the rest of the series is set in Canada to help the woman he loves even if he doesn t want to admit it yeah, where can I line up to be issued one of them haha I didn t actually realize that this was 4 in a series, until after I started reading and was introduced to the Cole s brothers, but that only made me want to read and in the week following me completing this, I read those other 3 books Seeing Penn and Cole s relationship develop through those books, only deepened how I felt about them in this one I would recommend reading the previous 3 books in the series first, in nothing else to understand Cole s background and how important Penn really is to ALL of the brothers in the series and bonus, all 4 books are hot and smexy I know for sure that I will be checking out books by Gina Gordon in the future in fact, I could very easily see her being added to my auto buy list, if the rest of her writing is as strong as the Madewood Brothers series A solid 4 stars for Recipe for Temptation