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This book is a fantastic read The author had a gift for writing extremely simply yet really complex Her style is poetic and beautiful I can t wait to readof her books The story is a tear jerker, prepare to shed some tears. What an incredible read It evoked so much emotion, was immediately engaging, and positively burgeoned with wisdom, wit, and truth I could not put it down and hated to see it end This author has been added to my list of favorites, right beside Bernice McFadden and Alice Walker If you have not read this book, do yourself a huge favor and purchase it right now It just might change your life and it will definitely feed your soul.Adrienne ThompsonAuthor of Summertime FREE DOWNLOAD ⚔ Redemption Song: A Novel ☽ Owner Of A Small African American Bookshop, Miss Cozy Has An Unique Gift Customers Who Walk Through Her Door Rarely Leave Without A Book That Speaks Directly To Their Life But When Josephine Fina And Ross Arrive In Search Of An Obscure, Unpublished Manuscript Written By A Slave Woman, Miss Cozy Knows That All Her Visions Have Been Leading Her To This Magical Day Yet Miss Cozy Has No Intention Of Selling The Manuscript No Matter The Price So She Offers Fina And Ross An Alternative They Can Read It Together At The Store It Was Not What They Hoped For, But Their Interest In The Extraordinary Love Story Is About As Strong As Their Uncanny Attraction For One Another One They Both Sense Runs Much Deeper Than A Kiss In The Course Of A Few Days, Fina And Ross Realize That This Powerful Book Has Special Meaning For The Two Of Them And That The Path To Their Shared Future May Be Linked To Something That Happened Than A Century Ago I couldn t put Redemption Song downI read it in one sitting and recommend it to everyoneespecially those of African American descent The story is centered around Josephine Chambers, a successful business executive and Ross Buchanan, a scholar pursuing his PhD in Anthropology They accidentally meet at the Black Images Bookstore in search of the very rare book entitled Children of Grace While in the store, both discover the book at the same time, which lead the wise proprietress, Ms Cozy, to referee a joint reading session between the two Over the next few days, the voice of their ancestor speaks to them and discloses timeless wisdom, acts of courage, love, selflessness, and hope onto the couple I don t want to reveal too much, but I d like to say the author weaves an inspiration and heart touching tale that includes a message, The Recipe of Life , that we can all heed and embrace.I initially borrowed this book from the public library, but will procure a copy for my personal library It is one I will present as gifts for my family and friends to perpetuate the message It is now on my all time favorites list.This was an outstanding piece of worktruly inspiring, motivational, uplifting A must read I wish all of my students could read this The book holds truths for all races and cultures. This is a MUST READ More like a 4.5 I felt like the dialogue was a little stunted at times, but definitely a very comforting read with a great concept and message. Ok, I am going make this one simple I got married because of this book It was fun, it is quick, you almost want to read it twice, as it was a lot of fun The story is very simple and well written It is very much about love, loves lost and found, paths taken and redemption, and while I do not know the author, I do actually know the bookstore that was described as the lady that runs it is a good friend of my mother. Probably one of the most profound books I have ever read Two people go into a AA African American bookstore and grab the same book The owner, figuring something amiss, suggest that they both take the book and read it together, never thinking initially their own ties to this book Basically, it s a book written by a slave to help show the way, instead it gets anywhere but where it should Very short but heartfelt story that I still re read from time to time UPDATE 10 7 16I went into a store looking for one thing and found this book once again for a low price, and I BOUGHT IT That s how much I love this book Especially when I think on life and how it is, I go back and read and each time, I feel it I feel it I love Joe and Iona I hurt and feel for the small time they had The hurt that Joe felt with Iona Oh, this is probably one of the most sweetest and saddest love stories on print NO LIE Update 10 9 16 It is funny that I found this book again and I really feel it s not an accident I had to do something for my book club and this came right on time Several people asked for the title Then, this morning, even though I relish my morning sleep on Sunday, I was compelled to get up and write a mini sermon on my FB page behind it Yes, this is a fiction book, sure is But it has plenty truth behind it We can t trace back in our families We are losing so many of our people daily, and we can t see the forest for the trees We gotta wake up We gotta read this and we gotta love, make change before change makes us I am soo serious here I am. What a lovely, magical, lyrical book I highly recommend it.