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Riding Home was one of those books that I didn t love or hate I read it, I or less enjoyed it and I will probably never think of it again There was nothing in this book that offended me or annoyed me but there was nothing about it that I loved either.Vicki Lewis Thompson is an experienced author, she knows how to put a story together and how to write well I am not going to dispute that This book was well written and the story was thought out but there was something missing from Riding Home There is a lot of sex in this book, maybe too much If the characters had spent a little less time under the sheets I might have gotten to know them better and I might have liked them a little , because when I think about how this book could have been improved it is the characters that come to mind.Both Jeannette and Zach are unremarkable It was always going to be hard to like Jeannette, she cheated on her fianc with his best friend so she doesn t get off to a good start Her issues with Zach being a rancher also bothered me I didn t know why she couldn t let him figure things out in his own time She threatens their relationship just because she doesn t want him to be a rancher when he is a trained lawyer If you love someone does it matter Zach was coming to his own conclusions and working things out he didn t need to be pushed by her I didn t really understand why Zach didn t tell her where to go, he was a bit of a wet blanket and there wasn t all that much to him if I am honest.The romance was alright, it was heavy on the love scenes and there was great chemistry but it didn t really go beyond that I can t really figure out how these two fell in love with one another Riding Home didn t really work for me There were some good moments but it wasn t enough to make me love this one. I love this author This is one of the sensually exciting installments of the Sons of Chance series RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Sons of Chance Sixteenth in the Sons of Chance western romance series and revolving around the Chance family The couple focus is on Jeannette Trenton and Zach Powell.My thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin for providing this ARC for my enjoyment.My TakeThis was sweet and very thoughtful I love all the inward looking thoughts going on in this one That s not to say there weren t some rough patches, but on the whole, it s a great story that shows us the path Jeannette has followed to understand where she went wrong and where she needs to go for a fulfilling life It s an opportunity for both of them to look back over their lives, see what outside influences nudged them in those wrong directions A weekend in which each forces the other to re think their choices, re think why they made those choices, what influenced them Parents, an overwhelming lifestyle, immaturity, and fear can all play havoc with our decisionmaking.I really like her determination to let Zach decide what is best for him I understand the desire to push him into what Jeannette wants him to do, but she s smart She draws her line in the sand As much as she loves him, she s looking down the road at how his choices and her own will affect her attitude Very smart I do like how she got Zach thinking Any man who d take the time to listen to a woman s troubles and offer to help her solve them would likely also be committed to giving his sexual partner pleasure As for Zach, I do love how thoughtful he is How he acknowledges the wrong choices he made and what he s doing to learn what will make him happy No one can tell you what to do Well, that s not true Everyone tells anyone else what they should be doing, what they ought to be doing, lol Doesn t mean you have to do it It s important that you examine your own mind, the ideas of what makes you truly happy What will make you stretch and improve yourself as a person Just as Zach and Jeannette do in Riding Home.Some word choices are a bit of a hiccup, but on the whole, the sex scenes are sweet and slightly erotic I did enjoy Jeannette s strip teaseit was very encouraging.And this sums up a good chunk of what I like about Thompson s Sons of Chance series the guys at the Last Chance lived up to the image of what a cowboy should be brave, honest, protective There s also that bit about Jack only hiring a cowboy who can dance These two are good for each other They challenge, support, care, and oh mama, do they have the things in common That bit of insight on friendship is an excellent one And it s true It s better to become friends with someone whether it s while you re in bed, after, or before Just take the time to get to know each other as well.Ah, man, and again Some people should not have children It s not really a bad set of parents They didn t churn out a sociopath, but they didn t give Jeannette the support and confidence any parent should provide their child I have to laughif people could only have kids if they were prepared to be there for their child and not use or ignore the child, we d solve overpopulation.The StoryJeannette has a lot of guilt to shed, and she s starting with Regan s engagement party to Lily It s hard for her, because she was so definitely in the wrong, but she s determined.Zach Powell just happens to be in the barn at her lowest point with a heap of understanding The CharactersJeannette Trenton, a lawyer in Virginia, was the bad girl in Riding High , 14, when she cheated on Regan O Connelli with his best friend, Drake Erin is her paralegal assistant Her parents, Dick and Eunice Trenton, run a racing stable and are interested in each other than their daughter.Zach Powell used to be a high powered lawyer in Hollywood until he fled for the peace and beauty of working as a cowhand at the Last Chance ranch.Regan O Connelli is a large animal vet who s marrying Lily King see Riding High He works with Nick Chance in his veterinary practice Regan s sisters include Cassidy, the Chance s housekeeper Morgan, a real estate agent and, Regan s twin sister, Tyler.Drake Brewster was Regan s partner and best friend back in Virginia until he got caught in bed with Jeannette He came back in Riding High to make amends and found his own new love, Tracy Gibbons, in Riding Hard , 15 they re moving to Virginia to establish an equine rescue facility for Thoroughbred racehorses The Last Chance ranch The Last Chance was established as a place where people and animals could have one last chance to set things right Jack Chance is the oldest son and married to Josie, who runs the Spirits and Spurs bar Sarah is still alive although Jonathan died some years back, and she married Peter Beckett Mary Lou is the Chance cook.Pam Mulholland owns the BB, the Bunk Grub, in town she s Nick Chance s aunt, and she s married to Emmett Sterling, the Chance foreman Watkins is a long term ranch hand and a great guitar player Trey Wheeler, he s good on guitar too and is engaged to Elle, and Shorty are ranch hands Barnaby Hanks is Jack s lawyer, the one who s retiring Ben is commissioned to custom build a saddle.Some of the horses include Ink Spot, Spilled Milk, and Bertha Mae who is Sarah s favorite mount.Back in 1990Eleanor Chance writes how grateful she and her husband are that their son Jonathan married Sarah Gillespie and how wonderful Judy and Bill Gillespie are How lucky the Chances and Shoshone are to have had Judy blow into their lives.The CoverDang, I d be drooling too if I saw this be hatted, bare chested hottie in jeans and leather chaps, a saddle hoisted over his shoulder, staring off into the distance.The title is for Zach and Jeannette, for in many ways, they re both Riding Home. Is it possible to take the lawyer out of the city and teach them the benefits of the slower pace, beautiful scenery and the joy of working with your hands For Zach Powell, leaving the blistering pace of being a high powered attorney behind has gained him an inner peace and a chance to regroup and refocus on what s important in life When Jeanette comes back to the Last Chance in an attempt to atone for one of the biggest mistakes of her life, she finds the new ranch hand intriguing, and sexy as all get out But how could a man who is so connected to the wide open spaces around him possibly understand the lure of the big city, the lights, the action and the power Their sexual chemistry is off the charts, but there is no future for the cowboy and the city girl, or is there Is Zach like Jeanette than she knows Did he need to go from one extreme to another before finding his center of balance Where does Jeanette fit in now that Zach has burrowed through her hard outer shell to her soft heart Riding Home by Vicki Lewis Thompson continues her contemporary western romance with a light touch, never digging too deep into the darkness of the past A wonderful summer read, where one can smell the earthy tones of leather, sweet, fresh air and feel the heat of two passionate people finding someone who understands what makes them tick With supporting characters full of life and loyalty, this romantic tale fuels the need for a happy ending for all I mean, really, who couldn t fall for a rugged man and his love of the outdoors I received this ARC edition from Harlequin Blaze in exchange for my honest review.Series Sons of Chance Book 16Publication Date August 1, 2014Publisher Harlequin BlazeISBN 9780373798117Genre Adult Contemporary RomancePrint Length 224 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble Originally posted on Adria s Romance ReviewsAfter arriving at Last Chance Ranch to mend the fences with her friend Drake and her ex fianc Regan, Jeannette Trenton doesn t expect much of a welcome from Regan s extended family, nor does she expect to find someone like Zach Powell working as a ranch hand Jeannette knows she s there to fix things with Drake and Regan so romance should be out of the question Right I ll say this for author Vicki Lewis Thompson, she s got balls Big brass ones Why Because while Riding Home is part of the Sons of Chance series, it also is the conclusion to a love triangle that began with Riding High In that book, readers were introduced to Regan O Connelli, a man looking to heal after his best friend slept with his fianc Then in Riding Hard, the author took said cheating best friend Drake Brewster, made him the hero and redeemed him.Now, in Riding Home, Thompson is trying to bring the triangle to a close by giving Jeannette, Regan s ex fianc the spotlight as the heroine.I ll be honest, I was surprised that Thompson didn t leave Drake and Jeannette as the villains in Regan s story since that s the usual way of the best friend sleeps with fianc theme I didn t know what to expect from Jeannette and I really didn t know if she would become likable in my eyes.In the first few pages, Jeannette seems so out of place with her designer duds and almost perfect everything that I disliked her on principal I kept thinking Well she certainly doesn t dress or carry herself like someone who is looking for forgiveness I was pretty harsh on Jeannette based on those first pages and it took a character like Zach to point out one big thing Jeannette freely and knowingly admits what she did and that it was very wrong and she does it without sounding arrogant or defensive, just weary and sad That s when I started really listening to Jeannette and I had to admit, she wasn t the villain I thought she was.Riding Home takes its time showing readers who Jeannette is, a very intelligent, humble, and overall good woman who made a terrible mistake that cost her two of the people she cared about most She wasn t a martyr by any means but she did have enough sense to be ashamed of her part in losing Regan and Drake She also had the courage to put herself in uncomfortable situations with Regan s family all in an effort to earn a chance to show she wasn t the heartless cheater they all thought she was.I thought Zach was an odd but great choice for Jeannette He s actually part of her world back home A former entertainment lawyer, Zach is taking refuge at the Ranch in order to gain some balance he felt he lost in all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood He s a fair minded man who isn t going to judge Jeannette and condemn Jeannette based on what other people are feeling towards her Though I did share Zach s confused feelings whenever he was around Regan, Drake and Jeannette The elephant in the room never really left in those scenes and even know it s still difficult for me as a reader to wrap my head around the fact that Regan and Drake repaired their friendship so quickly and were even able to joke about Drake s platonic love of Regan s new fianc.While Riding High worked hard to bring all the loose ends together between Regan, Drake and Jeannette I never felt that the romantic angle suffered Zach and Jeannette s romance may have started off fast and passionate but about halfway through the book it slowed down but was no less passionate and I think that gave the two characters a chance to get to know each other and help each other with their private baggage.Final Verdict Odd but satisfying, Riding Home did what it set out to and that s redeem Jeannette Trenton and give her a happy ending It was definitely different than what I expected in a good way and I always love being pleasantly surprised and wrong about characters in romance I can t wait for the next book to come out and I hope that Vicki Lewis Thompson allows readers to check in with Regan, Drake and Jeannette in the future. To read this review and others like it check out my site at www.homelovebooks.com I know this series has been going on for a long time, and I joined in one or two books back, and I was surprised at how easy it was to jump into such an established series, and how easy it was to enjoy the character that the author put in front of me I was really excited to read this book, I love the western ranch setting, and I enjoyed the other book I had read in this series a lot, and in the end I was really pleased with the book The book starts out with Zach, who apparently has left a lucrative career behind to start over in a completely new place making very little money and living out of an airstream trailer, complete with solar shower To say this guy did a complete 180 would be a bit of an understatement He s a bit of an outsider because of his newcomer status, but he s just an genuinely a good guy, and I think the thing I liked the most about him was that he reserved judgement about people until he had all the facts Plus he s a super good looking dude who knows how to make a lady happy So Jeannette I liked a little bit less than I liked Zach I liked her a lot in the beginning, she was brave enough to come into a situation where a lot of people weren t exactly going to get her much of a chance But she shows up at the Chance Ranch anyways, and does her best to be good to everyone she meets, all while holding her head high I liked that about her a lot The one thing that annoyed me about her, was at some point she started to get a little pushy with Zach and what she believed he should be doing with his life, especially since their relationship was suppose to only be for a couple of days That being said I loved the chemistry they had together, and I also really liked how willing Jeannette was to try new things and to go out of her comfort zone Especially when it turned out she actually really enjoyed all the things that Zach was introducing her to All in all this is another good addition to the series It s a nice and enjoyable read from beginning to end, and I think anyone who liked contemporary romance with a western flare should take a look at this series, because it s definitely one I have enjoyed. *READ BOOK ⇢ Riding Home ☔ Perfect Is Good Imperfect Is Even Better City Slicker Lawyer Jeannette Trenton Is About As Welcome At The Last Chance Ranch As A Rattlesnake At A Square Dance She S There To Atone For One Major Mistake But Jeannette S Pretty Sure Righting Her Big Wrong Does Not Include Thinking Lustful Thoughts About The Ranch S New Cowhand Zach Powell Knows Jeannette S Type A Wound Up Tight Perfectionist With One Eye On Her Email At All Times Heck, That Used To Be Him She Needs To Shake It Loose, Face Her Imperfections And Allow Herself To Make Mistakes There S Definitely No Mistake About The Wickedly Sexy Vibe Between Them This Gal Is Gonna Have To Cowboy Up Or Miss The Ride Of Her Life Riding Home is the sixteenth book in the Sons of Chance series by Vicki Lewis Thompson This contemporary romance is currently schedule for release as an ebook on August 1, 2014, it was available as a paperback as July 15, 2014 Jeannette Trenton s name is well known in the small town of Jackson Hole, and on Last Chance Ranch in particular She is the woman that was engaged to one of their beloved citizens, only to cheat on him with his best friend Now she has come back to atone for her past actions, and to mend fences with the two men that were once good friends and are now finding their own happy ever after Zach Powell knows Jeannette s type a wound up tight perfectionist with one eye on her email at all times, because he used to be the same way He thinks that she needs to shake it loose, face her imperfections, and allow herself to make mistakes The only thing no one can mistake it the heat that seems to connect them.I am a fan of Vicki Lewis Thompson, so when Riding Home popped up on NetGalley I had to read it even though I have not read the previous books in the series Thankfully this is a series because of the connected people rather than a larger story arch so I do not feel like I was missing out on parts of the story without having read the other books Jeannette was a good character, she is owning up to her mistakes and trying to make things right She is aware of her problems and making efforts to fix them Zach has made some changes too, but is not quite sure if he needs to make Both are stubborn, smart, and very attracted to the other I liked the dynamic between them, and there was some humor and hot scenes a plenty Each of them irked me at some point because of their stubbornness, but I still enjoyed the read I think it was Thompson s writing style and combination of humor and steam that carried the book for me.I would recommend Riding Home to those that have read the first two books in the Sons of Chance series Thompson fans that have somehow missed this series, like myself, should definitely give it a look If contemporary cowboys or character growth are what you look for in a romance, then this is a book for you. I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Harlequin in exchange for an honest review Jeannette has been a big part of the last two books, Riding High and Riding Hard She was Regan s fianc , at least she was until she was caught in bed with his best friend, Drake Regan got his happily ever after in Riding High and even Drake found his in Riding Hard Now it s time for even Jeannette to find hers.She may have done the most awful thing imaginable, but everyone makes mistakes She s definitely no exception Jeannette may have wanted everyone to accept her at Last Chance, but after meeting Zach she no longer cares about anyone s opinion except his.Zach got caught up in a lifestyle that turned him into someone he didn t like Working at Last Chance is his way of escaping, of becoming someone he enjoys being, but if he knows it or not there will always be that little part of him that longs for the challenge being a lawyer gave him It only takes a certain someone to give him the gentle push he needs to discover the path he truly wants in order to find what s truly satisfying.If you like cowboys and outdoor showers then you ll love Riding Home It s filled with humor, seduction, romance, and little bit of heartache The perfect combination for a good read.My Favorite Laughable Moment It was so funny when Zach tried to explain to Jack that Jeannette was staying with him Easy, cowboy Don t strain your brain My Favorite Moment A dance It s when Zach lets it slip what his biggest concern is.