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I just re read this, after a gap of a couple of years The aura of the book had lingered with me in a way that few books do I still find it extraordinary, and completely worthy of the plaudits it has won This time round I tried to concentrate on the way it was constructed Tim Bowler weaves a completely satisfying mesh between the river and the oft repeated description that it flows all the way to the sea , Jess the agile swimmmer her artist grandfather, and the mysterious river boy who moves between the darkness of the river and the grandfather s eponymous last painting As Jess and her grandfather come to terms with his imminent death, they struggle to complete the painting together, while Jess struggles to help the river boy complete his journey to the sea Bowler s writing makes these leaps between the real and the imagined utterly believable, by layering on connection bit by bit It is full of pathos and hope It made me cry all over again Just brilliant 6 She knew what he was telling her and she didn t want to hear it She didn t want to think of change She wanted to think of everything being the same forever And even if some things did have to change, she didn t want them to change now Some other time, perhaps, when she was good and ready and able to accept them Death, in all its fine garments of inevitability and its utmost glory of indomitable composition, while often found repugnant to many and embraced by few, remains a labyrinthine reality of which there is no escape River Boy, in its illustrious descriptions of rivers, its memorable elaboration upon the measures one would take when it comes to ameliorating the doom brooding over the ones we love, and in its eventual culmination of greeting the concept one dreads the most, offers insight into a young girl s internal combat with her attachment to her grandfather as well as her yielding to the reality of his departure, coupled with her infatuation with a mystical boy whose belonging correlates with the river in which she extracts catharsis, and which invokes an epiphany within the artistic nature of her grandfather.In the vast expanse of literary work, this could provide an aggregate of people with a sense of relief that tends to often alleviate grief, the one that lingers in the farthest corners of one s psyche and requires a lighthearted, yet an even handed noble adjustment, approach to it With that being said, it is with tremendous misfortune that I say this book was not for me So as to eschew the misunderstanding, it is imperative to note that I do not hold this book at a loathsome pedestal as a matter of fact, it is with thorough comprehension that I was able to maintain the understanding as to why it would bestow profound meaning to the lives of other readers, mostly why it would occupy such an empathetic stature in the folds of their stories.In essential terms, the book s focal point encapsulates a heartfelt tale about a young girl coming to inevitable terms with not only the departure of her grandfather, but also the conceptualization of death in its encompassing nature Nonetheless, in ways often variegated from one another, that s all there is to it While elaborating on a matter that is, without a sliver of a doubt, poignant and distressing, the book lacks substance in all its other elemental features, for at intervals in which the writing style was deliberately integrated with an attribute of repetitive narration, at others it merely served a purpose of negligence and obstructed the, pun intended, flow of the story On than one occasion, the book found itself blabbering upon minute details which do not supplement any portion of contribution to the arc of the narrative in and of itself, all of which are plausibly efficient in detaching the reader from being extensively submerged into the stream of its thematic relations.The main character s, Jess, distinctive nature, while stupendous in her bondage with her grandfather, fell flat in an inestimable amount of occurrences, predominantly as I personally cannot employ an elaboration upon her character that would involve any feature proficiently adept in attributing her either a personality or an intrinsic essence other than the actuality of her penchant for swimming Her one dimensional characterization stood at opposing grounds with that of her grandfather, in which his was rather much profound that it barricaded the forthcoming buildup of Jess s character itself He was persistently portrayed in picturesque descriptions of natural sightings, his character tautly interlinked with a painting of which the entirety of the basis of his characterization is situated, and which, altogether, allocates him a sense of exclusivity to the predilections and disposition of his character s curvature composition Aside from those two, Jess s mother was merely a name, formulating a cardboard material accompanied by her otherwise vexed father.Additionally, the book fell victim to the detrimental case of show don t tell , in which it committed to the latter and left the former on the wayside for its constituents to be gnawed at by the detriments of ill structure The majority of the parts which were presumed to convey some sentimentality to the reader were informed to them instead of sketched within an illustrative figure, purloining, in turn, the imaginative capacity of the reader himself It felt as though the author was attempting through desperate and urgent methods to communicate his point in a matter verging on the periphery of profusion and overabundance, in which the readers were robbed of the opportunity to conjure their own cognitive illustration of the thematic compositions due to the superfluity of exhaustive description of the elements sustaining their own set of metaphorical aura as a substitution for the images portrayed I was rather fond of what the River Boy stood for, but the author kept importuning the reader with superfluous attempts to jog their remembrance of his bearing semblance to the grandfather over and over and over again that it was eventually reduced into an atom of negligent essentiality I m not extensively ignorant of the actuality of its being a middle grade book, and that it is originally intended for the absorption and consumption of young readers, but it is with immense gratification and indulgence that I proclaim that young readers are not mere imbeciles who cannot subtract the crucial profundity within a book through the symbolic elements of it in other words, they can efficiently pinpoint the allegories implemented if the aforementioned representations are delivered in utmost clarity Therefore, the River Boy was delivered well, perfectly well, in fact, that I personally did not find it arduous to become cognizant of its underlying conveyance, but to keep pushing the notion sort of eroded its own significance and substantial quality.To say the least, the book merely found scarcity in the subtlety that accompanies the deliverance of the notion and consensus of coming to terms with the impending menace and unwarranted alterations of death, and for it to be nailed time and again within the desk of ideological transference further reinforces the author s impeding of the narrative itself and imposing his own set of notions to it Had it not been hauled with the author s intent persistence that one fully becomes cognizant of his own idea, the percipience and altruistic insight of the novel would have invoked its own profound impact, as the reader would be putting the pieces of the concept of death along with Jess s trials of her own apprehension, instead of grasping its meaning before she does.With that being elucidated upon, it goes without a shadow of a doubt that I appreciate the premise of the book It is within my deep rooted belief that it had, at one point, resonated with me, as I m still trying to decipher the complexity of death s own constitution, as it allows the reader to understand that death is not constantly a means through which termination is met, but could also be an introductory access point to a new beginning. There are no endings to anything, like happily ever after is still a going on thing, an end is just a period to end the sentence to start a new one The book River Boy by Tim Bowler is about how an end can be a start to anyone, even if you die and end your life, but story about you would still continue People would still have memory about you, the traces of you all around the world would still be there, your achievement, and your dream, would still exist in the world no matter if you still exist or not This book is about a new start after the end, how everything would still go on even after everything ended This book is about a girl who is on her blooming youth and her grandfather who is standing on the life of cliff, going to a trip together The girl who s flower is just about to be in blossom, and her grandfather who s flower is about to fade away, together their emotion get entangled over her grandfather s dream in his youth, the River Boy River Boy was a book that took me to a flashback trip to the start of my life, and compare myself back then with myself who currently exist now, how I changed according to what my dream was My dream was used to be an artist when I was a tiny little girl, but now I want to be a veterinarian However, artist is still my dream as well because it was something I wanted to be when I was young, it was still a dream by me It has not ended, and I just started a new sentence, without knowing if I wrote a comma or period on the last one or not I can not know if I would go back to it or not, but one thing that I am very sure is that, it would still be going on. There is a book that reminds readers about grandpa every time we read it The book is called River Boy by Tim Bowler In this novel, the author expertly engages the reader through the use of interesting chapter breaks, words that explain situation, and foreshadowing, which occur throughout the story.This book has interesting chapter breaks where the author breaks chapter at the moment where readers would wonder what will happen on the next chapter.For example, on last sentence of chapter 4 Grandpa has another heart attack and clap s a hand to his chest 59 makes reader to wonder what will happen on the next chapter For another example, on the last part of the chapter 12 where it says Then, to her surprise, she heard quiet voice behind her Why are you crying 148 Bowler This also makes reader to wonder who is talking to Jess also what will happen on the next chapter These chapter breaks make readers to wonder what will happen in the next chapter.The author chose interesting words to explain the situation which makes readers to feel realistic For example, the part where Jess tries to find who is looking at her, She whirled around, her eyes darting over the river, the banks, the lane, 45 makes readers to imagine Jess face expression when she is trying to find someone who is looking at her For another example, the parts that explain how Jess feels when she had not heard the voice of River Boy but then the racing waters and her own sorrows had so overwhelmed her, she had known little else She felt a rush of embarrassment at being so unprepared, 149 makes readers to feel as same as how Jess feels The author have chosen interesting words to explain the situation effectively.This book also has an interesting foreshadowing This book makes readers to guess what would those sentence mean For example, on the part where Jess arrived at the sea after a long swimming, The day was almost done, and she knew her journey was over Just as Grandpa s was, too 214 shows that after Jess and River Boy finally got to the sea but, River Boy disappear So we could think that grandpa would die after he accomplished his dream of swimming all the way through the river to the sea by River Boy This is the strongest foreshadowing throughout the story Even it is just a one sentence, it is the most important sentence in the story River Boy by Tim Bowler, expertly engages the reader through the use of interesting chapter breaks, metaphors, and allusion, which occur throughout the story This story could be the most influential story in life It has great story and a lot of different lessons.Bowler, Tim River Boy New York Oxford UP, 1997 Print. A lot of my friends say this is a boring book, but I absolutely disagree.This is a beautiful story I was touched by Jess s love for her grandpa and her willingness to help him fulfill his wish view spoiler The last chapters made my heart ache I have lost loved ones in my life before, and I know how hard it is to let go and move on, so I can totally relate to Jess hide spoiler Opini oJess uma adolescente que adora nadar, adora a sensa o de furar a gua, de quebrar a resist ncia do elemento aqu tico e dar bra adas atr s de bra adas at sentir que o seu corpo j n o aguenta mais Vive com os pais e o av paterno, com quem tem uma rela o especial, nica No in cio da narrativa, enquanto Jess faz umas piscinas atr s das outras, o seu av sente se mal, tem um ataque card aco que o vai debilitar seriamente e deix lo com poucas hip teses de sobreviver por muito tempo mais Mesmo assim, obriga o filho e a nora a manterem os planos de passar f rias no local onde nasceu para que possa levar em diante a sua ltima vontade Ser a , junto a um rio que viu o seu av crescer e perder a fam lia num inc ndio, que Jess se deparar com a cruel evid ncia de que o velho rezing o e de temperamento tempestuoso que ama incondicionalmente n o regressar a casa, e que a sua morte ser uma perda devastadora para si e para o seu pai Contudo, os ltimos momentos que desfrutar ao lado do seu av ser o tamb m cruciais para conhec lo ainda melhor, para entender que aquele rio que corre junto da casa de campo onde est o alojados, que a atrai com um magnetismo a que n o resiste, teve um papel important ssimo na inf ncia e juventude do anci o e que aquele jovem que lhe aparece em recorrente vis es lhe anseia contar isso muito mais.Esta leitura foi, como o s o todas as obras que abordam a rela o especial entre av s e netos, muito pessoal e pintou se de uma explos o de sentimentos e l grimas Com esta leitura, regressei minha inf ncia, rela o estreita e nica que tive com os meus velhinhos e senti os sempre muito pertinho de mim Senti como se fosse minha a dor de Jess perante a certeza de que o seu av n o estaria por muito mais tempo com ela, sofri por ela e por mim e acompanhei de n na garganta os ltimos momentos de cumplicidade, de amor, de travessura e de carinho de uma liga o que, apesar de rompida pela morte, nunca se desfaz, nunca abandona o neto ou a neta que teve o privil gio de conviver com av s e av s rezing es ou af veis, analfabetos ou letrados, travessos ou amorosos por tudo o que referi e por mil e outras raz es que continuo apaixonada pela literatura infantil e juvenil, por narrativas curtinhas e simples, mas que me agarram, me agasalham e me agitam como o fazem muito poucas narrativas adultas E por tudo o que referi que recomendo e rogo que leiam esta e outras obras t o belas como esta NOTA 10 10 I read this book a number of years ago and was reminded of it today as I drove along a road which follows the river Usk As I gazed at the river I experienced my usual longing to be in the water swimming I have only once actually tried swimming in a river and I remember how this book drew me in with its tale of a young girl who finds it perfectly natural to swim in rivers and who is well equipped to do so.The general storyline is lovely, very real and believable and the surreal supernatural elements slide in among the mundanities with the ease I would like to be able to slide into river water.The book flows and as Jess follows her river, we follow a river of narrative as cool and exhilarating as the wild water and share her journey of discovery This is one of those children s books that are probably even better read as an adult to fully comprehend the layers and nuances as well as for the simple enjoyment of a story well told. {Free Pdf} Ø River Boy ⚽ She Needed To Swim To Be Deprived Of Swimming Would Be Like A Perverse Kind Of Drowning She Loved The Sensation Of Power And Speed, The Feeling Of Glistening In A Bed Of Foam Jess Is A Passionate Distance Swimmer, And Has Been Looking For A Unique Water Challenge To Test Her Endurance But When Her Adored Grandfather, An Irascible Artist, Suffers A Heart Attack, She Focuses All Her Energy On Making Him Well Though Weak And Perhaps Dying, Her Grandfather Insists That The Family Still Take Their Planned Vacation A Trip To The Rural Countryside Where He Spent His Boyhood There, Jess Finds A River That Is Perfect For Swimming, The Same River That Is The Inspiration For Her Grandfather S Latest Painting, Titled River Boy As The Shadowy Image Of A Boy Takes Shape On Her Grandfather S Canvas, Jess Encounters Her Own River Boy, A Mysterious Young Man Who Seems To Be Able To Swim As Well As She Does In Discovering How The Two River Boys Are Related, Jess Finds Both The Swimming Challenge She Has Been Searching For And A Graceful Way To Cope With Her Grandfather S Passing British Author Tim Bowler Gently Illustrates The Fear Of A Loved One S Passing By Using A River S Timeless Flow As A Metaphor For The Journey Of Life Teens Will Relate To Jess S Frustration With Her Lack Of Control Over Her Grandfather S Situation, While Being Moved To A Better Understanding And Acceptance Of Death River Boy Is The Winner Of The Carnegie Medal For Excellence In Children S Literature Ages And OlderJennifer Hubert All about a girl coming to terms with her Grandpa dying Amazing approach to death for children and young adolescents And if you teach English, it is full of some wonderful phrases and similes that jump out of the page at you