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This is an absolutely fascinating biography I hve not reasd any novels by Rosamond Lehman yet However I now feel that this biography will have given me a greater understanding of the woman she was Her life was a tirbulant one Married twice, and having had several lovers, a couple of whom were several years her junior, she lived a life that exposed her to a lot of heartache I always love the old photographs in these biography s and this one certainly has some good ones, an I know I spend far too long scrutinizing them, trying to get a handle on people who are long dead What is equally fascinating are the number of famous names that litter the pages, names such as, Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey, Julia Strachey, Stevie Smith and Katherine Mansfield This is the second Selina Hastings Biography I have read, and I think I should be putting the third on to my wish list now. I m not sure when I started reading Rosamond Lehmann by Selena Hastings I think it was at least two years ago and about a third of the way through the book I became really frustrated I was confused by Rosamond s life What was going on with all the affairs I mean where was the woman who wrote Dusty Answer and A Note In Music in all this domestic mess What did she actually think she was doing I finally picked it up again this year and with time to really read the book I decided rightly or wrongly that Hastings was being a little backward in coming forward in revealing Lehmann s true nature or perhaps I just didn t pick up her clues However by the time Lehmann embarks on the affair with C.D Lewis there is no denying the egomaniacal behaviour I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally read this passage about Rosamund s personality When Cecil was away, Rosamond talked obsessively about her situation, bemoaning Cecil s failure to leave his wife, and endlessly asking for advice on how to make him marry her Dadie recalled once typical weekend, when he, Maurice Bowra and Barbara Warner were at the Manor House and there was a great discussion about her whole relationship with Cecil.In a way Cecil was a cruel fellow and a feeble fellow I was devoted to him, but he was a cruel man really, and a vain man and highly sexyWe all said exactly the same thing Half a loaf is better than no bread For God s sake, hang on to Cecil who adores you, and with whom you ve got so much common.Let him do what he likes, but enjoy the half you ve got She paid no attention It may have been after this occasion that Bowra, exasperated, told Edith Sitwell that if she Rosamond had one affair, he was either going into the lunatic asylum or was going to shoot himself, because he couldn t stand being kept up all night while R examined her and everybody else s motives So now I understood She threw so much of herself into each relationship it is a wonder that she was able to write the books she did I appreciated Hastings descriptions of each book and I now know without having to read several of them that my incomparable book by Rosamond Lehmann is the matchless A Note in Music This biography is highly recommended for fans of Rosamond Lehmann s fiction. This is a thorough, entertaining, and well written biography Hastings does draw some unavoidable parallels between Lehmann s life and her novels, but she stays away from too much biographical criticism Her handling of Lehmann s later life spiritualism, which started at the death of Lehmann s beloved daughter Sally, is also very good, showing respect for Lehmann s beliefs but also showing how Lehmann unconsciously began to use those beliefs to feed her own ego for instance, saying that Cecil Day Lewis had visited her from the afterlife in order to implore her forgiveness for how he d treated her. A well written and interesting bio on writer, Rosamund Lehman, who is rarely mentioned today As with the author s previous biographies on S Maugham and Mitford, this one is meticulously researched perhaps her best. Selina Hastings creates a vivid and compelling picture of Rosamond Lehmann, a figure in time as part of the Bloomsbury literary set and then out of time as towards the end of her life she became obsessed with spiritualism and past grievances.As always with Hastings, the detailed material is well marshalled, offering a thorough account of Lehman s life and work I would however have welcomed placing of Lehmann s novels and short stories in their literary and historical context That said, the rich and nuanced description of Lehmann s private life is of the highest biographical quality. This was a proper biography of Beatrix s sister that I read for background research I found it really useful as it outlined many of the sources she used in writing it which will also be of use to me I learned about Bea s childhood and parents, apparently she was her father s favourite and, unlike Rosamond, played with the poor children next door The biography tended to focus on Rosamond s romantic relationships that it did her friends and family There were hints of things that were very interesting to me While it mentioned quite explicitly about the homosexuality of John, and their male homosexual friends very little was said about the sexuality of the women Indeed there was only one sentence about Bea having relationships with both men and women And a mention that she had a friend who she d had a relationship with for 15 years, which left me unclear if it was a relationship or a friendship I assumed relationship as Bea left her nearly everything in her will, her sister disputed it and didn t want the friend to come to Bea s funeral despite being the one who nursed her in the last month of her life I must admit it did not make me think very highly of Rosamond |Kindle ☫ Rosamond Lehmann: A Life ♣ The Life Of Rosamond Lehmann Was As Romantic And Harrowing As That Of Any Of Her Fictional Heroines Her First Novel, The Shocking Dusty Answer, Became Wildly Successful Launching Her Career As A Novelist And, Just As Her Novels Depicted The Tempestuous Lives Of Her Heroines, Rosamond S Personal Life Would Be Full Of Heartbreaking Affairs And Lost LovesEscaping From A Disastrous Early Marriage Rosamond Moved Right Into The Heart Of Bloomsbury Society With Wogan Philipps Later On She Would Embark On The Most Important Love Affair Of Her Life, With The Poet Cecil Day Lewis Nine Years Later He Abandoned Her For A Young Actress A Betrayal From Which She Would Never RecoverSelina Hastings Masterfully Creates A Portrait Of A Woman Whose Dramatic Life, Work And Relationships Criss Crossed The Cultural, Literary And Political Landscape Of England In The Middle Of The Twentieth Century Probably deserves stars for its author, but I wanted to feel sympathy for the subject as I have enjoyedd her novels so much and I began to be very irritated by her snobbery and neediness Only felt sympathy when she suffered loss.Perhaps I should have stuck with ner novels. I ve already recommended Hastings s great bios of Nancy Mitford and Somerset Maugham, this, of the lesser known Rosamund Lehmann is also excellent