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!Download Book ♨ Rose Blanche ☢ Best Ebook, Rose Blanche Author Roberto Innocenti This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Rose Blanche, Essay By Roberto Innocenti Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Rose Blanche is a disturbing picture book that deals with the horrors of the holocaust, however it is not from the viewpoint we are familiar with This book is clever in many ways as it taps into the understanding or lack of of a young girl, Rose Blanche As the streets of her hometown fill up with soldiers and tanks Rose knows something serious is to occur After following one of the tanks into the forest Rose uncovers a Nazi concentration camp and forms a bond with the prisoners from across a razor sharp divide This book shows the compassion and kindness of Rose as she tries to alleviate the hunger pains felt by many, but she is only a child.Unfortunately, on one visit Rose meets her demise as she is violently shot in the forest Leaving no one to come to the aid of the prisoners and a distraught mother As time passes the field where blood was shed soon returns to a glorious meadow of flowers, similar to that of Flanders Fields.This is a harrowing yet moving story, which is suitable for older children However, I heed caution as the images depicted and the discussions that can arise from this book are of a very sensitive nature and children may not understand all of its elements.Ideally this book would need to be unpacked and explored with reference to it s historical context It has strong cross curricular links with writing and History, as well as PSHE and philosophy for children From my experience when teaching this book to year six it deeply affected some of the children A handful were upset by the atrocities, whilst others were simply intrigued as to why such an act could even occur Either way the class learned something that allowed them to think and empathise. I have just read this picture book and I think that it is a great book for upper key stage two to read as a class text The images really helped to make the story realistic and I think it had of an impact on the reader actually being able to see the realities of the war This might not have been as clear if the text was written as a novel and had limited pictures available The text would be a good resource to use when studying world war 2 as I think that the images would be a good discussion point that the teacher could build onto. A charming little book, I bought because I like Ian McEwan s writing But I had to realize, that there is not so much text in it, because first of all it s a picture book As charming the illustrations are, the issue isn t pleasant at all It s the story of a little girl, Rose Blanche, who lives during the WWII in Germany She watches the enthusiasm for war in her town and after a while she discovers a concentration camp She begins to smugggle food to the children living there The illustrations are very detailed, the texts for examples on the facades of the houses are in German and clothes and architecture are so well observed that I tend to say the setting is Bavaria.The lines of Ian McEwan are very unobtrusive, never drawing too much attention from the pictures.The only thing I don t understand is the girl s name Rose Blanche doesn t sound German at all I found a note in the book that the story is based on a story of Christophe Gallaz Gallaz seems to be a swiss writer, but it doesn t explain the name But there is also a German edition with the title Rosa Weiss.I also looked up for the illustrator, Roberto Innocenti He seems to be succesful in Italy and Rosa Blanche, regarded as on of the first children books, which deals wiht the Holocaust, caused some controversies I don t agree with the critics It s important to tell children about the things happened in this time And this book does it in a clear but sensitive way Innocenti illustrated another children book about this time, Erikas Geschichte, which I also want to read. This intense and moving picture book about the Holocaust will silence readers with its realism The illustrations employ darkening hues of red, brown, green, and gray to depict the horror and gloom of the war But in the middle of the escalating madness, the title character of Rose Blanche remains vivid and distinct as a symbol of hope with her pink dress and the red ribbon in her hair But her colors also begin to fade as she looks on at the demolished concentration camp The book jacket quotes Innocenti saying that he wanted to illustrate how a child experiences war without really understanding it He succeeds immeasurably, and the text is equally compelling with its unembellished descriptions that document what happened during the Holocaust In all its sadness, the ending image of rebirth with spring provides hope, as not even death and barbed wire can keep the crocuses and flowers from burgeoning Just as the spirit of Rose cannot be suppressed, neither can nature. A young German girl discovers the horrors of WWII.A gripping, haunting, and compassionate story Young Rose Blanche lives in a small German village and one day witnesses the fear of a young boy being held by Nazi soldiers Wanting to know why he was so afraid and what was going to happen to him, she follows tanks deep into the forest There, she discovers a hidden concentration camp filled with starving women and children This book depicts her compassion and efforts to help alleviate their hunger as it shows the horrors of this time period The illustrations are remarkable and will keep you lingering on each page The ending is left for the reader to decide as a shot is fired and Rose s mother is kept waiting for her to return home.I m not sure at what age I would introduce this book I actually read this last year to a group of 6th graders As you can imagine, most laughed and asked if I was reading a children s picture book But, by the end, they were captivated I think it is a great introduction to the atrocities of the Holocaust and War and also a wonderful depiction viewed from one child s perspective The illustrations easily show the desolation while symbolizing Rose as their hope Highly recommend. Blanche, R Rose Blanche The Creative Company 1985.Rose Blanche is about a young girl living in Germany at the time of World War II and the Nazi regime One day she follows a truck after they arrest a young boy and finds a concentration camp Rose begins to bring food that she slips to the prisoners, until one day the Allies come On the day they come Rose is walking to the camp, only to find it destroyed, and she is then killed by a stray bullet.While this may look like a picture book is not for young children at all I would say reading level would be sixth grade and up, maybe fifth grade depending on the class The pictures are very detailed, while the text is fairly simple I really liked how different this picture book was, and it might not be something I would have in my classroom, but it is a book I would like to have on my shelf at home. From August 2011 This is a short and heartbreaking story about a little girl living in a small German town in the midst of World War II The schoolgirl witnesses a boy being apprehended and forcibly put in a truck by Fascist soldiers one day She decides to follow the vehicle and discovers it has led her to a concentration camp, where there are starving children behind the barbed wire From then on, Rose Blanche secretly squirrels away food to bring to the Jewish inmates, even as she wastes away day by day The images do most of the storytelling, with Roberto Innoncenti s gorgeous and astoundingly detailed watercolour illustrations, which seem to fairly leap off the page, even as they depict the grim reality of that place and time Innocenti, who hails from Italy, was the recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration in 2008, an award which is presented every other year to both a living author and to an illustrator whose complete works have made a lasting contribution to children s literature Of course, it s hard to say I enjoyed this book exactly, but it manages to portray some harsh realities, yet with restraint and compassion, and would probably be an entirely appropriate introduction to children of young age to an important part of our collective history. Wow This book is such a raw and emotional read I think the perspective this book is from A German Child is quite rare, from the books I ve read The only one remotely similar I d say is The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas I thought the shift from the start of life in Nazi Germany compared to the end, was huge There is so much to discuss with this book and it s definitely suitable for UKS2 Y6 I thought it was a very well written text to convey what the life of a German child could ve been like in that time period. A sad but necessary book The detailed pictures tell much of the story The muted tones speak to the normalacy of this place at an such an extraordinary time flashes of red and pink seem banners of hope and fear, respectively The ending shocked me and left me deeply moved, showing the personal cost of war in a world which spins on, and in which we must reflect on the horrors of the past This is a book which will stick with me for some time.